In this article, “Why Literature Matters”, the author, Dana Gioia, makes a claim that the level of interest of literature and reading in young Americans have decreased significantly in the past few years. In order to digest all the reading, we need volunteer to read. Reading is key for success. Thank you!!

Gioia expresses reasoning, includes evidence, and establishes word choice. ''I must study politics and war," he prophesied, so ''that our sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy." In an era of Twitter and texting, poetry matters more than ever, said Dana Gioia, poet laureate of California, former chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts, and author of five poetry collections. endobj

This is why reading is so important, to prevent future problems and create a healthy, productive society. “There is a type of criticism,” Gioia writes in his preface, that benefits from speaking in a public idiom to a mixed audience of both professional literati and general readers—groups that do not entirely share common assumptions. “Truth and beauty go together, so when you find something beautiful it is true, … poetry helps us find that,” he told TLC. He said poetry has been taught in a bland, uninspired way for years, which has marginalized it and turned many people away from poetry’s ability to enchant. Against the downturn in American literary compassion which encompasses the reading industry in a negative demeanor, in his article "Why literature matters", Dana Gioia has depicted reading as a core asset in any intellect-based society or civic spheres. High-Scoring Student Sample Essay for "Why Literature Matters" Argument Map "Gioia provides a strong logical argument that disconnection with the arts is troubling for America." Can Poetry Matter? Dana Gioia: Why Poetry Matters. I feel that reading is a very important activity that has become a lost art in a sense.

News. Literature will always be relevant. “Why Literature Matters” Posted on September 17, 2009.Filed under: Assignment | In class this week, we read an essay by Dana Gioia showing the cause and effect relationship that exists between reading and the development of “advanced literacy.”(Gioia) On the edublog, I have placed a short video of Gioia speaking on the cumulative effects of a declining reading rate in our country. American poetry now belongs to a subculture. “Words are misused, they’re inflated, they’re forgotten,” he said. The following passage is taken from Dana Gioia's ''Why Literature Matters'' piece, which appeared in the New York Times . <>

without it, you would have a hard time with science, math, and everything else.

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