I love this YL oil but stopped using it because of its cost. [1] The second oldest of six children, Young grew up in a Mormon household[1] and attended high school in Challis, Idaho. The oil also refers to the highest purity oil being produced. Infrared light is shone through a sample, the relative absorption of light from the other side is measured and compared to historical data and standards. [7][13][14] In 2005, the clinic settled a lawsuit with a patient who claimed that they were given infusions of vitamin C that caused near-fatal kidney failure.

However, I have looked at the list of oils in each blend (YL vs REVIVE), and YL Stress Away includes lime, vanilla, copaiba, lavender, cedarwood, and ocotea.

Promise™. REVIVE’S products are 3rd party tested. GC/MS quality reports are also available for download on this website. All the best! They offer a “Compare to MLMs” section where you can easily cross-compare your favorite MLM blends to REVIVE’s alternative options. The way it does this is a little more complicated than we need to worry about for our purposes.

In addition, doTerra also produces a number of pre-blended oils that can be used for a variety of uses from cleaning to diffusing to topical use.

For some plants, Young Living owns their own farms across the world. Plus, there's all these definitions and things to know, like using a carrier oil or diffusing. A quick note: in order to avoid showing you tons of ads on our blog, this article contains affiliate links. Customer service is a crucial part of any business, and the essential oil biz is no different. Have you tried REVIVE essential oils before? Below you can see the comparison of two oils, with the top one clearly being pure, while the bottom one was adulterated with some other oil. Essential oils prices at REVIVE are fair, not too steep but also not too good to be true. Even though essential oils containing synthetics, fillers, and fragrances can last for years, they still contain toxins. Hi Kao, thank you for your comment and opinion. I use essential oils from Revive, doTerra and Rocky Mountain. * Prices as on Amazon.com or supplier’s website(s) at the time of writing and subject to change without notice. If a company can’t get the sourcing and distillation right with that oil (aka if the lavender oil has been clearly adulterated) it’s a bit worrisome for that brand’s other oils too—many of which have more complex manufacturing processes. That said, internal use of essential oils is not something I ever personally advocate for (or do!

Now, the criteria by which they require their oils to be CPTG is still quite impressive and thorough, but it is important to understand it's not an official certification granted by a third party, such as Certified Organic certifications. Can I use REVIVE Essential Oils Internally?

These independent testers have specialization to quality and purity assurance and ensure that the essential oils met the industry standards. Aura Cacia is a unique company compared to the others we are looking at because rather than their organization being structured either as a regular corporation or an MLM (every other EO company in the space), they are actually a subsidiary Frontier Co-Op, a member owned co-operative. Heavy Metal and Pesticide testing are two other tests that may be carried out to determine if there are any harmful contaminants present in the oils. Hot off the press, everything you want to know about REVIVE essential oils!

Are the biggest essential oil makers adulterating their oils with dangerous chemicals? It’s not only one brand that has it all.

It’s a fun program with lessons and schedules, to learn about essential oils. Personally, I was absolutely satisfied with the essential oils and carrier oils I tested from REVIVE and give them my full recommendation.

It's expensive to source high quality ingredients, process and store them correctly, and unless you're doing so in enormous quantities, it will be hard to keep your costs extremely low. 3rd party testing easy to download from website. Aura Cacia produces USDA Certified Organic oils, which do come with a bit of a stiffer price tag, but we always prefer an organic product for many reasons.

I’m sure there are blending techniques and sourcing factors that come into play when doing an exact comparison. The oils are strong and fragrant and only a few drops of essential oil are needed in your diffuser to get a good whiff of their amazing blends.

And of course, none of that matters if the customer reviews are poor - if the people buying them don't even like them! I prefer Plant Therapy they are not as huge and use better quality oils in my opinion. REVIVE GUARANTEE FREE SHIPPING & FREE RETURNS . Their customer service is also top notch, with a thirty day no questions asked return policy. Their resulting oils are 100% pure, aromatic oils from a wide variety of different source plants to provide what we believe is the largest selection on the market. Your email address will not be published. Synthetics, fillers, or even fragrances are sometimes used to produce therapeutic essential oils. For example, some from Young Living, some from Revive? QTY. I have loved every bottle of Revive oil I have received and I have even subscribed to your quarterly boxes. Laundry products, cleaning products, perfumes, air fresheners, and colognes are among these products. Although not all brands use these ingredients, some brands are known to contain them. This might be obvious, but a good way to know if you're oil is pure is how it smells! It turns out the purity and quality that REVIVE promotes isn’t actually true. They offer a solid product line-up of single oils, blends, sets, roll-ons, diffusers, carrier oils and accessories. Rocky Mountain Oils. As a company, they manufacture and distribute over 1,400 natural foods, dietary supplements, and personal care products. REVIVE makes MLM quality oils available to all because they are not a multi-level-marketing company and are therefore able to sell to you at fair prices.

EG oils are all tested in batches before bottling. Let me show you a map of the most popular essential oil brands in the United States. Not only can you buy essential oils at RMO, you’ll also find a comprehensive line-up of other natural wellness products in their online shop. REVIVE essential oils are packaged in a blue cardboard box with a little heart symbol on each side where the box gets opened. Their headquarters are in Pleasant Grove, Utah, with offices around the world. The founders believe in replacing toxic home and body products with natural, handmade alternatives that bring the same health and happiness to their customers that they've found. Here's an article we wrote up about more brands to stay away from and how to spot fakes for yourself. They are the perfect combination of affordability and quality, with public GC/MS reports available, a huge selection of oils and the same great blends as all the other big brands. Overall, this brand is making some awesome commitments to better, green business practices. Many essential oil companies don't even bother with trying, or they can't achieve it. Each letter representing a different core value within their commitment to quality. Our favourite Aura Cacia essential product is their roll-on kit, which contains a group of essential oils with a roller in place of a dropper to easily roll onto your neck, behind your ears or on your aches and pains to alleviate pain and discomfort stress, or even to improve your focus. As far as price is concerned, Young Living actually sits on the pricier end of the other brands on our list.

Though, there are some other factors as well like if they have ethical and sustainable practices. ), as I believe you need much more personalized guidance to engage in such practices, than what a website blog can offer. Young Living Essential Oils is one of the leading essential oil brands in the industry. This includes sandalwood from both Hawaii and India (which we prefer to the Hawaiian) and even Siberian Fir. Let's see if we can define GC/MS without getting too science-y so you know how to evaluate the quality of essential oils yourself.

Hi Mary, yes I have made a list of my top recommended essential oils books here: https://www.essentialoilhaven.com/aromatherapy-books/. It’s a perfect opportunity to think one could “run through the process twice” and distill the same plant materials more than one time. Rocky Mountain Oils is another unique essential company. ² The Shift Network “Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Summit 2018” https://essentialoilssummit.com/.

Their global botanical network encompasses farmers and distillers in 40 different countries. All of Eden's Garden's oils are guaranteed pure and therapeutic grade, so you can rest easy knowing you're not just buying snake oil, but a product that actually works.

It’d be just that one touch more convenient. I own from quite a few of these also.

on their products, though it appears from the video that they actually acquire their oils from the exact same supplier as Radha Beauty as both oils had very similar chemical footprints, containing both dihydrolinalool, and dihydrolinalyl acetate in similar percentages.

Most (hopefully all) essential oil companies do have their own internal quality control operating procedures, and some claim to have their products tested for quality and purity by third party laboratories. If you’d like to try REVIVE essential oils, please use this exclusive coupon code: EOHAVEN at checkout. What about you? Again, this is not a perfect test, and can vary depending on the essential oil (some are greasier than others) but it's a quick and easy way to check. Rocky Mountain Oils offers a 90-day no hassle 100% money back guarantee – even if your oils are opened! And, best of all, because over the last 20 years of growth, they've honed their procedures and manufacture much larger quantities, Eden's Garden oils are some of the most affordable you can get your hands on.

Mountain Rose Herbs also holds quite a few certifications and awards for their product sourcing, including a non-GMO project certification. My questions is, how do your oils never go out of stock? Sales reps for Young Living have to buy the products from the company, and are not paid until they either a) sell a product and receive commission or b) recruit other reps to distribute their products.

Independently tested and quality controlled using third party GC/MS testing.

REVIVE is geared towards creating 100% happy customers that enjoy their essential oils, and they pursue it with policies like free shipping & free returns. Quality control (QC) is an integral part of many industries, and it's no different for essential oil manufacturers. Or are they using the needles, where all the terpenes and other valuable compounds are?

[7] In 2004, the Utah Attorney General charged a clinic employee with practicing medicine without a license for conducting diagnostic tests and prescribing products to patients at Young's clinic between 2000 and 2002.

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