•The snake is active from April to November. endobj They are generally docile. The intergrade zone between these two subspecies in Arkansas is not clearly established. The scales are strongly keeledand the anal plate is divided. x���tG��\q7������PB��1���)n40&L'��HB(��#���ܙrHB�� Ƙn�I�_F�%Ymv�+�~޼w9��f����vggA�`� ^��|HH!�l] ��΅�~�D�pŵ��xں$ �W�=!�T'��6ĦU ���2U/Y����+ @22��y��cǎMHHطo�ɓ'�Riii�|�MRR҄ ڷo���̯__BFOV�6Q́ ���u�e˖�w���Ann�޽{nj���c�kB�kM�2֢� �u ��Ǐ��￳�*}���7nlҤ���e��%d��dŵPB��3\ �d��Ç߸qCX�ҦT*8ШQ#M�u �������fՠA�Q�FEEEm߾���OS���/�/_֮];{{{[� /.Y����Y�Ƴ�'Ɛ�" �B���꫊q

Some Arkansas' nickname, the Natural State, certainly proves true when to comes to snake abundance. Red bellied Snake (Storeria occipitomaculata).

1/2 feet long. Both inhabit the same range in Arkansas. <> The face <> In late summer or early fall, females will give birth to live young. In Arkansas, the belly color is a plain yellow or cream. juvenile of the Yellowbelly. Keep your eyes open for these snakes because they inhabit most areas of the stat and cause humans almost no grief whatsoever. 2004. Less docile than the This species is found all over Arkansas except in Regina Further to the south, the diamondback holds a fearsome reputation as the single most dangerous snake—in terms of human fatalities—in Mexico.

Even if they wanted to bite a human, their teeth are so small, most people would not notice it. The orange, black and cream coral milk snake is often mistaken for the venomous coral snake. They appear darker when

<> ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. and slippery water prey.

Plain-backed and The picture shows a Queen Snake (Regina septemvittata). It is known to bask in branches and vines overhanging the water. just want to go their way. The first I had seen. Another nondescript species with a dull brown color and yellow stripe down the side. endobj Like other nonvenomous watersnakes, it has several dark, vertical lines that outline the upper lip scales. The face of a Yellowbelly Watersnake, from Ouachita county in Pine woods. The general coloration of the Plain-bellied Watersnake can be brown, green, or gray. Due to its behavior, it prefers trees along the edges of waters. septemvittata, which has a disjunct population in the north after some rain. Often mistaken for Cottonmouths by those They only grow about a foot in length and consume worms.

wet and in shadow but the bands still show. endobj Image Binomial Name Name Map Nerodia Northern Water Snake Cemophora coccinea copei The seasonal activity of this species correlates with the temperature of water and, to a lesser extent, ambient temperature. 7 0 obj 5 0 obj What’s not nice about a thin green snake that eats insect pests? likely the most common watersnake in the state. 3rd ed. Some might confuse them with the venomous Copperhead but they are much less colorful. This shot was the Ozark plateau. Judging from the photograph, experts estimated the diamondback at around eight feet in length, which if accurate would make it the largest western diamondback in the world. endobj

Thirty-six species are found in Arkansas, in various habitats, whether wet, dry or wooded. Here’s a different take. Small fish make up most of the remaining portion of the diet. Often nocturnal and secretive. They are generally docile.

Adults average 20-30 inches in length. The even tinier, brownish glossy crayfish snake has a tan stripe along its side and black spots on a light belly. This is a one was coiled next to a creek in the Ouachita Mountains. strikingly bright even on large adults. If that’s the least pleasant thing that can be said about any of the ten snakes listed here, that’s pretty good. Known as the Diamondback The small brown snake has darker spots on the body.

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