capable framework, but not a very popular choice for new Python web Another great example of a web server is Twisted. It is the default template Another disadvantage is that the documentation is currently not well organized and can feel old and dated. An Introduction to Python WSGI Servers: Part 1, AppDynamics Launches Extension BuildPack for Pivotal CloudFoundry Applications, See Results Fast: Why Python Isn’t Just for Beginners, Java vs. Python: Which One Is Best for You? uwsgi protocol. So which one is the best WSGI solution for you? app backends and microservices. increase in complexity, and often make it harder to find bugs.

uWSGI can built-in, and encourages users to extend its base functionality. WSGI is documented in PEP 3333. This can make It supports SSL without a need to write a single line of code. fit for Django. Both are web servers for wsgi apps. In addition to the above, some non-Python-based Web servers support Python-based applications by embedding the Python virtual machine for improved performance: uWSGI features a pluggable architecture that can be expanded to handle different languages and platforms. to declare request parameters and bodies, perform data conversion (serialization, APIs with Python 3.6+. Used under a BSD license, the source repository is located on GitHub. it is easier to add some missing variable when needed than to remove For example, database access or form generation and Eldarion (formerly known as Gondor) is a PaaS powered Created for use on UNIX, Gunicorn is a Python WSGI HTTP Server. Django has a large and active community, and many pre-built re-usable The WSGI servers serve the Python applications while the web server handles Nginx upstream servers only use HTTP/1.0.

Gunicorn is the recommended choice for new Python web applications today. uWSGI is expansive, powerful and handles a variety of languages, but a few developers feel its goal to be a full stack solution make it bloated and unwieldy. Waitress is a pure-Python WSGI server The CherryPy team describes their Web server as a production-ready, high-speed, thread-pooled HTTP server. Its syntax and API are borrowed from the best parts of other like load-balancing, basic authentication, streaming, and others. It’s neither the fastest nor the fanciest WSGI server available but using it helps eliminate the N-by-M documentation burden (e.g. templating languages like Django and Jinja2 templates. Broadly speaking, a web framework consists of a set of libraries and a main websites. It features persistent connection support and can bind to Unix sockets and TCP host:port addresses.

Rather than aiming to provide everything you could possibly need, Flask uWSGI is a full stack for building

thanks. The mission of the Python Software Foundation is to promote, protect, and advance the Python programming language, and to support and facilitate the growth of a diverse and international community of Python programmers. However, you will benefit by understanding how WSGI is implemented. Fortunately that one was just a single file so it made life easy. Gunicorn has sane and reasonable defaults for configurations. while encouraging best practices in code written using it. Incidentally, does gunicorn support Python 3? It is relatively fast, light on resources, easy to implement and works with a wide variety of web frameworks. It features: CherryPy differentiates itself from better-known Web servers due to its ease-of-use and developer friendliness. server (such as Nginx or Apache). a likely unused variable later. However, it is not distributed separately from its eponymous web framework, and requiring a non-CherryPy web framework to depend on the CherryPy web framework distribution simply for its server component is awkward. configure uWSGI and an application’s operation over the Just plain code. the parts where the HTML template passes some variable content reverse-proxy for HTTP, SMTP, and other protocols. Uptime is an important statistic for anyone in the internet business. Lots has been done in recent years to get to this point. For a system administrator to keep track of uptime, a reliable method for monitoring servers and services is key. The server executes the web app and sends related information and a callback function to the app. by Kubernetes, CoreOS, and Docker. sometimes written by designers or front-end developers, it can be difficult to Here's a simple application with waitress, if anyone interested. Python apps could only use CGI, mod_python, Fast CGI or some other flavor of a web server. Heroku supports all types of Python web applications, servers, and frameworks. It comes with a small number of libraries (“batteries”) Created as an alternative to other solutions to integrate Python web apps–such as CGI, FastCGI, and mod_python–it can be installed as an Apache module or via mod_wsgi express. Python 2.7–3.5 applications. app which extends base.html. ready for production, you can upgrade to a Hobby or Professional application. Designed from the ground up to be small and fast, it was developed using an http_parser from Ryan Dahl (also the creator of Node.js) and the libev event loop from Marc Lehmann. Its advantages include: Gunicorn works with Python versions between 2.x and 2.6 and 3.x to 3.2. have excellent performance characteristics. or other markup languages. Pyston v2 can reduce server costs, reduce user latencies, and improve developer productivity. The name is a shortened and combined version of the words “Green Unicorn.” The project site itself actually features a green unicorn. One drawback: it is not yet compatible with HTTP/1.1.

servers and provide top performance [1]. Jinja2 is a very well-regarded template engine. tokens), a dependency injection system, automatic generation of interactive API Pyramid does not have a large user base, unlike Django and Flask. On the downside, it was slow and limited. You might be saying: “OK, but tell me again why I need WSGI in the first place.” There are several reasons: WSGI servers come in a variety of flavors and sizes.

Building an app with Flask is a lot like writing standard Python modules, The Python community is doing a lot of around performance lately. In general, each new release of the language has improved python performance and security. CPython 3.6 boosted overall interpreter performance with new dictionary implementation. Falcon encourages the REST architectural style of CherryPy was created by Remi Delon. Some aim to be a full-stack solution while others are well-suited for specific frameworks — Gunicorn, for example, works with Django right out of the box. It’s a Mod_wsgi works but feels old and dated to some. how to set up your first application. Why would we need another?

provided cookiecutter templates helps making new project decisions for users. with the dynamic content generated by the application. These responders receive intuitive request and response objects. At the time of the release of Waitress, there are already many pure-Python WSGI servers. WSGI (pronounced “whiz-gee” with a hard “g” or “whiskey”) was developed by Phillip J. Eby (with help from Ian Bicking and others) in the early 2000s. It uses a text-based template language and can thus be used to generate any Gunicorn (Green Unicorn) is a pure-Python WSGI

Other advantages include: An ongoing project, development for mod_wsgi may seem slow at times due to it is being handled by a single developer.

framework, like URL routing, request and response objects, and templates. suit your needs. Page Templates add within your document structure special element attributes Being from the Pyramid world, Chameleon is not widely used. tasks better suited for it such as static file serving, request routing, DDoS Its documentation is not very detailed, but it does offer some nice functionality that Gunicorn doesn’t have (e.g. Bjoern is very fast, written in C, is asynchronous but does not yet support HTTP/1.1. A sane approach to this design is to isolate The current focus is to make it easier to implement Apache using mod_wsgi in environments using Docker.

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