MY PERSONAL OBSERVATIONS AND COMMENTS REGARDING THE UPHEAVAL DOME: In the spring of 2019 I explored the Upheaval Dome structure. Compactional deformation bands in Wingate Sandstone; additional evidence of an impact origin for Upheaval Dome, GEOLOGY OF THE UPHEAVAL DOME IMPACT STRUCTURE, SOUTHEAST UTAH.

This is how we spontaneously landed at this incredible vortex… It was a cool dry evening in the desert of Sedona just a few days earlier. Final confirmation of an impact origin for the Upheaval Dome Impact Crater came in March 2008 (Buchner 2008) when shocked quartz grains in sandstones of the Jurassic Kayenta Formation were discovered.

When meteorites collide with the earth, they leave impact craters like the well-known one in Arizona. Or it could be an artifact of the way the circuit connects with the volcano subsurface, where it can’t be seen, producing an effect similar to the diagram. It is about eight thousand feet across and over one thousand feet deep. Structurally, the feature exhibits an outer annular, inward-dipping monocline that defines the extent of the structure. In the image below are highlighted areas of extreme current bending and inductive discharges that flare from the bends in flame-like patterns, creating fractal chaos between and around the Green and Colorado Rivers near the junction. Reactive power is a two way street. This occurs when the de-saturated zones left by inflow currents leave mesa’s behind as landscape around is sputtered away. One to two kilometers of erosion has stripped away the surface features revealing the strongly faulted core of the crater. So this is very big lightning. That was an example of reactive power spitting out. In nearby Canyonlands National Park, separated with Arches National Park by a mere 45 minutes, you must see the Upheaval Dome. Upheaval Dome – Linton RohrMr. Another example of the Hall Effect is displayed in these images of the famous “Gila Bend” in the Gila River. Dence M. R., Grieve R. A. F., and Robertson P. B., Terrestrial impact structures: Principal characteristics and energy considerations. Scherler, D., Kenkmann, T. , Jahn, A., Structural record of an oblique impact, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 248, P. 43 – 53. It’s no coincidence that the bottleneck of a resonant, reactive discharge creates a bottleneck canyon with an arc-blasted basin behind, perfectly suitable for damming. The vectors represent Nature finding it’s own balance. Oblique black and white aerial photo of Upheaval Dome taken from aircraft. Chakra & Vortex Points of the Earth (World Sacred Sites) Chakra points and vortexes/vortices reflect the full spectrum of possibilities for humans to align and expand.

Planar deformation features, in quartz grains have been documented from within the Upheaval Dome Impact Crater, Utah, USA.

South of the junction is an arcing network of filamented canyons and mesas parallel to incoming line current, just before the bifurcation. Mechanical thickening of the stratigraphic section by conjugate thrust faults and ductile crowding structures adjacent to the opening transient crater remain from the crater excavation stage.

Oblique view of Upheaval Dome taken by a NASA astronaut aboard the International Space Station. The original impact origin hypothesis for Upheaval Dome is based on the following criteria (Buchner, 2008): Additional References for the Impact Hypothesis (pre shock metamorphic discovery), MY PERSONAL OBSERVATIONS AND COMMENTS REGARDING THE UPHEAVAL DOME, see my counter-hypothesis regarding this).

Chemistry, magnetism and the Coulomb force compete to rearrange the landscape. These magnitudes of mean stress are consistent with numerical model predictions of a meteoritic impact. The crater stands out as an anomalous circular feature in an area dominated by dramatic stream-cut canyons. 2008. Upheaval Dome is one of the first contact points and we were called there to understand how that would materialize through creating community in the area. The sudden grounding creates a new current vector. They diffuse through the land, changing the chemistry and reforming rock over some time, not at the lightning pace of a spark. Upheaval Dome crater from GOZooM looking north-west.

Wye connections are used for various reasons in high voltage transmission, one being to join three-phased circuits with ground. This breaks the bonds in crystalline rock, tearing it apart, heating and dissolving it. Inside this monocline, there is a 3.6 km diameter circular syncline surrounding a central uplifted area with a stratigraphic rise of ~250 m (Kenkmann et al., 2005). Scherler, D., Jahn, A. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) reveals that the amorphous lamellae are annealed and exhibit dense tangles of dislocations as well as trails of fluid inclusions.

These  canyons are scars from tendrils of charge that shot through this area, electrifying an aquifer, or wet layer of deposits and causing the land to sputter away from that layer, leaving already de-saturated areas behind. Exposed in the center of the structure is the Wingate Sandstone, surrounded by the Kayenta Formation, and Navajo Sandstone.

See Sputtering Canyons – Part 1, 2 and 3 for some background on sputtering. The scallops display the eddy of multiple vortex jet-streams as they make this turn. The investigated grains contain multiple sets of decorated planar deformation features. Deeply eroded by Upheaval Canyon, it is one of the best exposed impact craters on this planet offering excellent views of its structural features in both plan and profile. The supply line voltage vector remains straight, and a new line-to-ground voltage vector branches away. These deformation bands are additional evidence of an impact event at Upheaval Dome. As supply line current encounters a conductive path to the ground potential in the aquifer, the supply line voltage is affected.

The inner part of the central uplift forms a morphological depression that is ~1.4 km wide and 300 m deep (Buchner 2008). It takes energy from the ground connection to clone itself, and the clone takes a new current vector. Vortexes in USA by State; Global Vortex Map . Documentation of planar deformation features provides the definitive evidence for the impact origin of Upheaval Dome. Thanks Ian.

Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. For terrestrial craters larger than 2.4 km in diameter in crystalline rocks, the rim diameter is related to the impact energy. Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 33, Houston: CD-ROM 1037.

Returning to the annotated image of the Colorado system, there are two red ovals indicated. 2000. Pergamon, 1977.

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