I am a born Hindu Brahmin. Buddhism has inherited a lot from Hinduism, the main change being that it is primarily atheistic. When the Vedas were put down, they were not made to convince anyone or only speak for a certain group of people, instead they were simply telling us the truth, of how it is, it wasn’t an argument, just a statement of facts. I assessed myself if I am doing anything wrong for them (some of my Christian friends) to behave this way. Your statement that only religions that are non-exclucivist are pacifistic is false and does not stand up to proper examination or historical analysis.

I have written previously about how Hindu-like revelations spring up in spiritual people from other traditions. You really should have some clear statement of beliefs on the site. I felt that if I don’t do a particular ritual, things won’t go right for me. It is the final resting place of no return for the liberated souls (muktas) where all the souls are equally divine (divya), bright (tejomaya) and luminescent (prakāsh-yukta), equidistant from God, and forever enjoy the bliss of God. He has a fierce side called Rudra. That is the logical fallacy of “appeal to popularity” @jenifer Something that Hinduism warns against? I do respect all religions (but do not tolerate religious extremism). There is nothing in the belief itself that would make you question its continued existance. Nevertheless here Hinduism has something the Abrahamic religions suffer from in their strict adherence to a literal “Word of God” when they come to defending their own religious beliefs in our modern secular world. I see shamainsm as perhaps an early stage of the Sanatana dharma evolving through revelation. I will have to add Eckart Tolle to my reading list. Kailash Bhuyan, Kailash, Regardless of whether a religion claims to be the only truth or not, violence can result. Though it is no excuse it does follow the murder of a respected Swami and his followers in a temple by Christians.

Upanishads or the later parts of the Vedas are considered as the direct revelation of God to Brahmā and great rishis at the beginning of the creation. You have reached your limit for free articles this month. As we fight disinformation and misinformation, and keep apace with the happenings, we need to commit greater resources to news gathering operations. How can both be right? Your attempt to say Christianity is traced back to the beginning of humankind is false once again.The earth is around 14 billion years old.

The difference, meaning separation or individuality, between one jiv and another jiv. Defining and describing the nature of the Self and of the Supreme Brahman is the aim of the Upanishads. But if one studies the scriptural sayings very minutely one would immediately know that Brahm and Parabrahm are not the same but two different entities.

It causes attractions for the two objects. I am nobody to say their way is wrong. What a thought to wish on someone you don’t even know.! Everyone in my country is geared towards becoming more western and ditching the old beliefs. No one can be like Purushottam (God) but one can be and has to be like Brahm for the ultimate liberation (Ātyantik Mukti). To enable wide dissemination of news that is in public interest, we have increased the number of articles that can be read free, and extended free trial periods. The minute imperfections remained concealed or unexplained in other philosophies are explained by Swaminarayan philosophy. Pradhan is described in the scriptures as the material cause of brahmand. This extremely cool (mahāshital), pleasant (sukhmaya), extremely bright (atishay tejomaya), infinite (anant), and limitless or beyond any limits (apār) luminescent light (tej) of Aksharbrahm is known as Chidākāsh. I am not spiritually void. It is obvious that if there are many brahmands and each brahmand is governed by its own super-soul, then there are possibilities of existence of many super-souls. Madhavacharya stressed of having a strict ontological (tāttvik) distinction between God, called Vishnu (also known as Krishna or Hari), and the individual souls. The body consists of 24 elements, of which prān, in general, is the topmost (physiological) element. But let us say he knew about the Catholic Church and had an inclination it could be true, but chose not to explore it, that is a different case. Luckily for the Jivatma, the incarnations of the Supreme Brahman — when He assumes a form and manifests attributes that are recognisable (Saguna), especially extraordinary compassion and kindness towards the devout — are valuable opportunities to realise Him. We became friends and had similar goals. I described how Hinduism is validated by a constant flow of revelation, even from people from other religious backgrounds. His wife name is parvathi. These did not claim to be the only truth.

Christianity does not advocate violence or hatred towards non-believers, and I can assure you that you cannot find that in any official teaching of the Catholic Church. Religion(without the supernatural aspect) is the set of laws made in the history and Law is the contemporary version of the same. Love for others is the basis of all religions. Literally speaking, the word satya means true, real, genuine, honest, sincere, the world of Brahman or the highest world (satyalok), an epoch (satya-yug), and water (life support).

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