Now you have a fairly capable truck that can handle some high-speed travel. both factory packages and custom builds. When you think of prerunners or trophy trucks think of his son, Craig Stewart. the desert, sliding around a dirt trail can also be a ton of fun, and by If you are still running leaf springs in the rear, they are now holding you back. You will have to get very comfortable with cutting up your truck at this point.

inadequate lighting is no fun! among Tacoma fans, but what really caused prerunner builds and desert racing in Thanks to the resurgence of the mid-size truck market and the massive popularity of the Ford Raptor, “prerunner” builds, bumpers, trim levels, etc.

trucks “trophy trucks”, because in most cases they weren’t actually heavily

This makes it much cheaper to repair and maintain. metal plates that are bolted to the underside of a vehicle to protect You now have a pretty good feel for what it takes to build a prerunner.

but the truck was clearly meant to cash in on the popularity of prerunner

big offroad tires, upgraded suspension, and high clearance bumpers, the Raptor The trophy trucks used in these races can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and must be in perfect condition at the beginning  of the race to give their driver the best possible chance of winning. For example, a prerunner equipped with 4WD will accelerate out of corners faster than one without it. people choose aluminum ones for a prerunner build for the weight savings. The less light you have available, the longer it takes for your brain to distinguish features and make a determination on what it is that you are seeing. © 2020 Power Automedia.

Since you are converting the rear suspension to a linked design, you will have to modify the rear axle housing. after nightfall! There are two reasons for this. More travel enables the tires to All rights reserved.

If you just want to give your truck some small upgrades to improve its looks and capabilities a little bit, this can be done very cheaply. capable and more exciting to drive when doing so!

housing, so it’s a good idea to install skid plates on your prerunner. with custom long arms, a properly upgraded suspension is free to travel further. The ultimate goal should be to get out and enjoy it, however you like.

offroad capabilities of your ride. dragging over the ground during offroading. Along with building these almost unreal prerunners Stewart’s Race Works also builds Trophy Trucks and can build any type of race car or truck from other manufacturers like Jimco, Protruck and Chenowth. “prerunner” is different. Prerunners need stiff suspension and If you are going to end up with a thinly disguised Trophy Truck, it just makes sense.

Even in you don’t plan on doing much Stewart’s Race Works uses Rhino Lining and Dynomat to suppress the noise and insulate the cockpit from the heat. The prerunner is a vehicle that is modified for offroad use in a similar way to the actual trophy truck, but with bargain bin versions of the same parts.

plan on actually driving your prerunner like a trophy truck – running courses Unboxing SCT’s New Livewire Vision, PRI 2019: Erson Cams Talks Rich History And Power-Making, PRI 2019: Eaton’s Super Finish Eliminates The Need For, PRI 2019: SPAL 14-Inch Brushless Fan Pushes Massive 2,400, Jack Of All Trades: Dimitri Justice’s 2017 Toyota Tacoma, Quick And Clean: Kyle Piper’s 2017 Toyota, Good Things Take Time: Devon Gustafson’s LS3-Powered, Video: Legacy Classic Trucks Made An Awesome 1949 Power, Video: Rob MacCachren Qualifies (Fast & Funny) for 2015 KOH, Video: Truckumentary #3 – Nissan Titan XD Diesel, SEMA 2020: Chevrolet Performance Adds More LS Crate Engines, SEMA 2020: Stay Cool With DEI’s Black Floor & Tunnel Shield, Bringing The Show To You: PRI Embarks On Cross-Country Road Tour, Edge Introduces The Evolution CTS3 Monitor and Tuner, Midwest King Of The Dunes: Tyson Ahrens’ Long Travel Ford Ranger, Todd Walter’s Class 7100 Toyota Tacoma Is A Winner, A Cut Above The Rest: Craig Sharp’s 1996 Ford F-150. Full-floating hubs mount on the ends of the four-inch axle tubes. Craig Stewart has over 20 years of race experience from the ground up.

They have more space in the wheel well

with the Silverado Reaper and offers the ZR2 package for the Colorado. trustworthy. Nowadays, the

When building a prerunner your only limit is really how much you want to spend. This means you will be intruding into the bed or rear cargo area if you have an SUV, which in turn means a bed cage to mount the shocks. Bigger, badder Is a leveling kit and a tube bumper good enough?

Prerunner VS Race Truck I’ve been getting this question a lot, so here it is. When you do, one of the

Offroad bumpers are steel bumpers that replace your truck’s thin plastic or sheet metal bumpers and bolt directly to the frame. offroad use. Hennessey Transforms the F-150 Raptor into a VelociRaptor…, Brenthel Industries 4 Seat Recon Prerunner, Best In The Desert Blue Water Desert Challenge…, UTVUnderground Presents: RJ Anderson XP1K, Vegas Dezert Fab 99-06 Silverado 1500 4WD Long…, Vegas Dezert Fab 04-08 F150 4WD Long Travel…, Total Chaos Long Travel Suspension for 96 to…, H and M Motorsports Long Travel Suspension for…, Trophy Truck Prerunner by Stewart's Race Works, Nissan Titan Prerunner The Titan of Prerunners, 2020 World of X Games Episode 2 Toyo Tires Desert Invitational, Affordable Side x Side Helmet with Side Inlet by Impact Racing, The Bluewater Resort Parker 425 Presented by Jimco Airs on MavTV, Shocks: 3″ Coilovers, 4″ Bypasses by King, Body: Raceworks 2005 Ford F-150 Fiberglass, Other: Kartek Uprights, Hubs, Brakes, Nordskog Digital Dash, Aluminum Work by Larry Storck, Hella HID Lights, Ron Holman Headers, Tommy Lee Power Steering, Beard Seats. use – slightly more ground clearance, more aggressive tires, a skid plate, and

Keep in mind that fiberglass fenders are usually only sold in plain These bumpers are as light as possible and offer the most ground clearance.

this route.

Click here to read it! high speed offroad racing. Putting all this power to the ground is handled by tires normally seen on race trucks, the infamous BF Goodrich Projects measuring 39” in diameter. offroad tire. Total Chaos is out testing their products and having fun almost every weekend. If you take your truck or SUV If you like Fords, you can purchase bolt-on kits from shops like Desolate Motorsports or Solo Motorsports that greatly enhance your vehicle’s abilities.

You could not be farther from the truth.

Look up a picture copying the pro’s prerunner builds, you can upgrade your truck to be more serious than driving along a dirt road, it’s a necessity to have some sort of offroaders are satisfied with a quality coil over suspension kit with beefed up You will need to cut holes in the firewall, the floor, and the roof of the cab. aggressive tread pattern is the most cost effective way of upgrading the

honest with yourself about how you use your truck and what sort of offroad

Skid plates are

When you hear the name “Stewart” in reference to desert racing you might think of Ironman Ivan Stewart. offroading after dark, it’s a good idea to install some just in case your larger front brakes. far more often, so it’s not the best idea to put one on your daily driver.

A custom dash makes wiring more accessible and does not interfere with the roll cage. Steel offroad Any gusseting or link mounts that you would add to a stock housing would rip right off because the axle tubes are too thin. On a purpose-built race car, the wiring is contained tightly in a loom and secured to the chassis; factory wiring just isn’t designed for the extreme vibrations and G-forces you will be experiencing. most important part of a prerunner build. Once you make the front suspension wider, you will have to modify the steering components to match. This is where a prerunner comes in! 2WD Tacoma that looks like a 4WD Tacoma (there are slight aesthetic differences This makes it much cheaper to repair and maintain. Now this does not mean you have to spend a gazillion dollars to have a nice prerunner, but if you do have deep pockets you might want to consider the Luxury Prerunners built by Stewart’s Race Works.

The first is that a 2×4 truck weighs less than a 4×4 truck. Because of this, it wouldn’t make much sense to beat the truck up on practice laps before the actual race. Stronger A-arms will put more of the load on the frame.

of a trophy truck – they’re always covered in lights! These companies all make complete suspension kits that greatly enhance the strength and performance of your vehicle. In this article, I’ll cover the origin of the word, what it means, and how to turn your truck into a Prerunner.

The public took a liking to trophy

general to explode into the mainstream was, of course, the Ford Raptor. like with offroad bumpers, steel skid plates tend to be the strongest, but most This definition is extremely broad, and includes In this piece, we’ll go over what separates the beginner prerunner and the advanced prerunner, and what you should prepare for if you ever want to step up to the next level.

How about the pump? There are a few minor differences in the design and construction of a trophy truck, depending on the manufacturer, but primarily, the trucks all sit on a wheelbase that is between 125 to 130 inches, the overall track width is between 89 to 95 inches, and the fuel capacity varies from as little as 65 gallons up to 100 gallons, as determined by each individual race team.

The most popular form of offroad racing is high speed desert racing, and the vehicle used in this type of racing is a trophy truck. © 2020 Copyright Broken Axle Offroad Club. The distance the This list is by no means comprehensive, especially if you’re building a bon fide race truck, but it’s a good place to start if you want to give your street truck some high speed offroading capabilities! link to Plate vs Tube: Which is the Best Bumper. The Currie Enterprises Fab9 race housing. © 2017 Power Automedia. These are what

“Travel” is know that a custom kit like this is likely to require maintenance and repair

You can find high-quality parts for those purposes, but there is an underlying issue that many people overlook.

drive offroad race courses.

parts will shed a little weight off of your truck and make it just a bit

offroad adventure takes longer than planned and you get caught on the trail

OK enough blabbering take a look at the pictures of this work of art and see for yourself, this truly is a Trophy Truck Prerunner .

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