Cool! Welcome back to another edition of The Pitch, my column where I openly submit ideas to Hollywood and fans on existing properties. All good things must come to an end. A bit of a shame; I remember it fondly enough. The Science Fiction channel had morphed into the Sci-Fi channel and cable TV was starting to produce original content that actually had a budget. They loved them some Adrian Paul. However, it left absolutely no room for a sequel.

In the first season, they didn’t bother with a duel every week.

And I forgot to mention that I had never heard of She-Wolf of London. They inherit an antique shop from him that had been selling cursed antiques.

“C’mon guys, you can do a good episode this week!”. Read more.

And finding the “right girl” was proving a quite a bit tougher for us than it had for our Dads. The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne looked promising at first.

The Pitch: Is It Too Big A Leap For Quantum Leap? That is on clear display in this edition of KIMT’s Weekend Remake Throwdown as we see the failure of a creator to adapt his own work to the big screen get topped by remakers who fail to understand why he failed. This Throwdown goes to “Pet Sematary” (1989). Nick Knight was a detective in the Toronto police force.

Reviewed in the United States on … But it was usually playing in the old Monster Chiller Horror Theater timeslot of 10:30 on a Saturday night and if there wasn’t a party to go to that night it killed the time. Seriously, what sort of uber-controlling jerk does that? Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. She-Wolf of London used a title from a classic horror movie and repurposed it. This is where your .dmp files are going each time you download. There were now sixty channels and they were hungry for new content. The basic plot involves a whole lot of waiting around where nothing actually happens until almost the very end.

It wasn’t a bad little horror show by the standards of its day. I never heard of that one. Both films, though, struggle with the fact that both spend about 75% of their runtime just waiting for the big ending. I kinda watched it like a cubs fan…cheering the actors along. That Fogg and Passepartout were both real people. The original “Pet Sematary” is a like a super-sized episode of the TV show “Tales from the Darkside.” It looks and feels like a TV movie for the most part, though a pretty good one thanks to the direction of Mary Lambert and the standout performance by Fred Gwynne. Highlander: Endgame, was just that.

The resemblance to the Friday the 13th movies began and ended with the title. It’s one of those fake out horror flick conclusions where the villain is defeated but then returns at the end for a final scare. The stories just didn’t need it. But while the original mostly sticks the landing, the remake flies off course and crashes into a ditch. He could also act and looked like he fell off the cover of a bodice-ripping, romance novel. It was a tired cliché in 1989 but the original “Pet Sematary” wasn’t exactly Shakespeare to start with. Originally the show was titled The 13th Hour and the producer changed it because Friday 13th can’t be legally trademarked and it might chump a few fans of Jason into giving it a look. Its ultimate problem was that it was clearly treading a path that was a little too well-trodden.

In the 1989 version, Louis kills his resurrected kid but not before his wife dies. So we whiled away the time, waiting for better days that were never going to come, with early computer games, actual human interaction, and bad Nineties dark fantasy shows. And Fractalrabbit is quite mistaken. Also, stupid fun was Cleopatra 2525. Based on White Wolf’s Vampire the Masquerade: Kindred the Embraced.

When Nick would work a case, he would be reminded of something that happened centuries ago and the B story would take place in the flashbacks (put a pin in that one, we are circling back to it). With Kevin Sorbo, Lisa Ryder, Laura Bertram, Gordon Michael Woolvett.

“Pet Sematary” (2019) actually fixes a lot of the problems of the original but in a way that results in an inferior film. Even though it started in 2000 and ran for two seasons, it was of the same breed as these 90s shows. Intriguing. For argument sakes, it’s a Pitch letter. Yeah, the moments where the kid is making a mean face look dumb but even by the standards of today’s horror-saturated pop culture, there is some messed up stuff in “Pet Sematary” (1989).

Strip all of that away and you are left with plotting which can be rather pedestrian.

When my “life-crushing” responsibilities were laughable compared to what they are now; the Nineties. Nineties shows were indeed cheap which meant they had to be shot anywhere but Los Angeles and different locations brought some fresh perspectives. Dale Midkiff after his final meeting with the writers of "Time Trax." This thing has been sitting in the woods for decades and the local English teacher has NEVER gone out to fix that sign? Anyway…”Pet Sematary” (1989) is about big city doctor Louis Creed (Dale Midkiff) moving his wife and two kids to small town Maine. REPOST: 10/092020 Okay, I needed to get Atheist Christmas Carol and the last movie of a certain trilogy out my head. But we were hand waving that away with mumbles about, economic downturns and not having gotten into the right industry at the right time. The entire series was on a streaming service a few years ago, so I was able to actually see them all.

The remake’s version of Jud (John Lithgow) is much less of a windup exposition machine but he’s not a tenth as memorable as the original.

* Please spare me the true history of cable TV and how it actually was invented in the late Forties, (no one cares, stop being that guy), As long as we are chuggin’ the ‘memberberry wine, there was the War of the Worlds TV series. ( Log Out /  It went on for a hell of a lot longer than it should have. Born to be kings! I did end up kind of liking it. This spoke to Generation X for some reason. Nineties dark fantasy cable TV ended not with a bang but a whimper. Those heavily Canadian productions remind of the Hammer Productions. I liked Poltergeist: The Legacy very much. They literally have NOTHING to do with the movie. That wasn’t the case in the Nineties. Sort of a spec-script in column form. It had a lot of potential if given more seasons. Your comment almost fell through the cracks. I remember him being in exactly on episode, the one about the twins, which was also the only good one. Finally, the series was ended when the producers decided that Adrian Paul should take over for Christopher Lambert, (who was aging pretty badly for an Immortal), in the films.

The writing was still good enough but there were clouds on the horizon. In the theaters we have already seen revivals of classic and iconic series, like, Brian Trenchard Smith Puts the Pedal to the Metal with Drive Hard, Rachel Nichols is a Time-Traveling Cop in New Sci-Fi Show Continuum. Louis is then buried and revived and the movie closes with all three zombified family members and their undead cat surrounding the car where Louis’ youngest and still living child is hiding. The scripts became extremely formulaic and repetitive. Comment Report abuse. Jud is an a-hole who destroys Louis’ family because he can’t keep his damn mouth shut about the cursed Indian ground. Maybe if “Pet Sematary” (2019) had been some sort of bold reimaging of the original where such a dark conclusion served a purpose, it would be justifiable. ( Log Out /  “Pet Sematary” (2019) exists because Paramount Pictures needed to make a movie to fulfill its corporate release schedule, still owned the rights to the story, and the remake of “It” in 2017 made money so why the hell not? It was ordered up like a cheeseburger at a fast food restaurant and produced with about as much care.

A sociopath? And a remake of Dark Shadows? A lot of the subplots and back story have been pruned away to focus more attention on Louis’ wife (Amy Seimetz) and her guilt over her sister, but the result is the remake never quite figures out who its main character is supposed to be – Louis or his wife? 18 September 2017 ... Hollywood is filled with all sorts of gusto in trying to remake everything they can for newer generations. Through some kind of bizarre Hollywood alchemy, Highlander the Series was pitched and greenlit in 1992. Lambert takes the inherently unworkable concept of a killer toddler…I mean, any grown adult could simply punt the kid across the room…and creates some genuinely chilling and disturbing scenes. Now the big rule I came up with for this list is that the show had to be more or less forgotten and it had to be dark fantasy. Didn’t they have some lame mass amnesia explanation for why no one remembered? They weren’t very good by modern standards but there was a sort of charm to them. The premise looked fun. There was also “Freddy’s Nightmares,” which sounds really cool. And for that matter so must all indifferent things. But the remake is an utterly bog-standard horror flick that merely takes a by-now-even-more-exhausted cliché and turns the knob up to 11 to try and get some sort of rise out of viewers.

The boys can learn about measuring distance, planning, process control, programming and even telling time. Were they trying to set up a sequel about the continuing adventures of Louis’ zombie murder family? Captain Dylan Hunt and the crew of the Andromeda Ascendant set out on a mission to rebuild the Systems Commonwealth 300 years after its fall. However, when the show was new, there were a few years when the sound of Freddie Mercury singing out, “Here we are! Who finds that emotionally or dramatically satisfying? Seriously...there is some messed up stuff in this movie. Ha! Okay, I needed to get Atheist Christmas Carol and the last movie of a certain trilogy out my head. Two young Gen Xers got screwed by their older uncle. Now today, there are plenty of cheap shows that come and go constantly, and you might not hear about one until it had been canceled for years. Thanks for the post! Currently on the television front, Hawaii Five-o and Rockford Files are going to make debuts sometime this Fall in their respective networks. Brisco County Jr. Wasn’t that steam punk? An 8-10-year-old girl with a knife is much more realistically threatening than a two-year-old.

Nick finally gave up the struggle and handed his only friend a wooden stake. But the older child can also talk and has a more defined personality, which means the movie needs to do more to explain what went wrong with her resurrection and never figures out how to do that. Not realizing that the Boomers had managed to re-write the rulebook for Gen-X. Can’t figure out how that one slipped past me.

A loyal reader asks. Louis thinks it’s a strange thing to do and thinks it’s even stranger when the cat comes back the next day. He is trying to find a way out of being a vamp and into the light. And Gwynne uses a thick New England accent to tee up his exposition-heavy role and knock it out of the park.

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