Belly button oiling benefits isn’t something you will find in the latest magazine but they should. The main benefit to oiling the belly button is that the navel knows which of our blood vessels is drying, so it gushes out the oil in the same artery. (2) And it turns out that science backs this up, studies have shown systemic bioavailability of medications via navel administration. The belly button is the source of energy connected to other parts of the body; to the mouth, the skin and even to health concerns like menstrual cramps. Since ancient times, people have searched for a fountain of youth, a way to heal all ailments and stay forever young. Hope you don’t have to run to the toilet in the next 20 minutes? Belly button oiling benefits include reducing the signs of aging. I’d love to hear from you via a message or comment below.

Recommended oil: Coconut. Well, I have news for you! The belly button or navel is a magical and wonderful part of our body. Did you know that one drop of peppermint oil is equal to 20 cups of peppermint tea! These contain no fillers, and work on an emotional level as well as a physical level. In almost every aspect of our lives, we seek evidence from the experts in their various fields regarding our day-to-day lives. This blend is made up of grapefruit, lemon, peppermint, ginger and cinnamon. Say what? Smart and Sassy® works to stop your feelings of wanting to eat, and those late night or mid-afternoon sugar cravings. To sum up, the navel is the powerhouse of the body and acts like a doctor in many ways. Recommended oil: Neem. ake up to 3 drops 3 times a day for optimum use. Ayurvedic experts practiced this method to get optimum relief from various ailments. Grapefruit is one oil that you can drop into your water to help with sugar cravings, boosting your mood, improving cellulite, and stopping over eating. According to Ayurveda, the Navel Chakra or swadhisthana is a major source of energy and imagination. Keep in mind when ingesting oils, that you need to stay hydrated. Applying oil to your belly button reduces the appearance of wrinkles and under eye circles. I use dōTERRA because they provide the purest and best quality oils. Regulates Blood Sugar.

I never believed you could ‘lose wight’ or ‘boost metabolism’ using an oil, but after discovering dōTERRA, I realised anything is possible! For fever, take 3 spoons of mustard oil+2 cloves+Pinch of salt and mix all ingredients nicely. Digestzen® is specifically created for dōTERRA and is a blend of oils that aid digestion. To ease fatigue, add 2 drops of thyme oil to warm bath water.

For over 5,000 years, people in India have followed the Ayurveda to promote wellness and vitality. Yep! Adding oils to this spot can influence your fertility, whether you’re a man or woman. Apply oil to the belly button is often considered more potent a remedy than topical application. In Australia, company’s are allowed to label 100% Pure Essential Oil and only have 3% of the actual oil in that bottle… scary…. Recommended oil: Peppermint Essential oil diluted with Olive Oil.

Keep checking back as I share with you my experiences along the way. So, Apply few drops of Neem oil on belly button to get pimples free clear skin. Thyme oil is an expectorant, which means it can help remove mucus from your airways and lungs. Share with me your experiences with essential oils and how they’ve helped you – physically or emotionally! If you have any questions about signing up, samples, or more info, please send me a message or comment below. Peppermint is another great, pure oil that aids digestion. It’s not going to make you drop 10kgs in a week, but Smart and Sassy® is your best friend to help you stick to that diet and increase your willpower! Recommended oil: Coconut. Belly button oiling can help speed up hair growth. To use Digestzen® apply it straight onto your tummy and rub it in using clockwise circular motions around your bellybutton.

Similar to the above process, belly button oiling can alleviate stomach pain by releasing the pressure off the belly area. From dryness of the eyes, poor vision, chapped lips, weight loss, fertility, infections, glowing youthful skin, healthy hair, joint pain, and more, oiling your belly button can provide a ton of health benefits. While archaeologists doubt there ever was a “fountain,” there exist ancient secrets to staying healthy. If you want to get rid of dark spots and scars, then apply lemon oil at night. I love doing this with peppermint, because it has such a refreshing taste, and it gives you a boost of energy too! Another way to use this oil is to drop 1-2 drops in your water (glass/SS bottle or cup, NOT plastic*), and sip on it. And they can help with digestion too? Oiling your belly button is an Ayurvedic practice. Keep in mind when ingesting oils, that you need to stay hydrated. Your email address will not be published. So don’t sit there sipping a tea and hoping it helps, simply drink one drop of peppermint oil and you’ll be as good as new! Thyme essential oil also can work as a diuretic, removing excess water and salt which can also lower blood pressure and reduce weight.

Recommended oil: Ginger Essential oil diluted with Olive Oil. Many other brands are filled with chemicals and other fragrance fillers to sell the oil cheaper to you. Fennel is another oil used to cut sugar cravings and aid digestive functions (not sure if you want to ingest this one)! Thyme oil has been shown to have benefits for several conditions, and to support heart and oral health.

Belly button oiling benefits isn’t something you will find in the latest magazine but they should. Do Vertical Ridges on Nails Mean A Vitamin Deficiency? How this works is once inserted into the belly button, oil is easily absorbed and effortlessly distributed throughout the body, thanks to through lines formed in its umbilical cord heyday. First off, let me say that I’m talking about using the pure, therapeutic grade dōTERRA essential oils here. Heck yeah! Lemon is a great source of vitamin C that removes face pigmentation and brightens your skin tone. Enter your email address and be the first to hear about our latest blogs! But it doesn’t work like that.. doTERRA is so PURE that the effects of the fruits and plants are potent! Recommended oil: Castor. My dōTERRA journey is only just beginning, but I’m excited to explore the oils more.

Olive oil in your belly button causes certain beneficial changes in your metabolism during and after digestion. Have you ever eaten something and felt it in your gut straight away? And they can help with digestion too? (3). It may be beneficial when used with other overall health programs. Warm oil is recommended for oiling the belly button as it soothes and calms Vata dosha. These include ginger, peppermint, tarragon, fennel, caraway, coriander and anise. Applying oil on belly button helps treat acne quickly. Benefits of Putting Neem Oil on Navel. To do this, you have to drink an extra glass of water for each glass that’s mixed with any essential oil. You can take up to 3 drops 3 times a day for optimum use. Cure acne and pimples; Remove dark and white spots; Clear and fair skin; Even skin tone; 5). Your belly button was once connected you to your mother!

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