The region is named after Mystery Lake, a lake that feeds into Carter Hydro Dam.

A frozen corpse or a backpack can be found inside and searched for what little loot it may contain. Characters Derailment consists of a small train wreck near the center of the Mystery Lake region. “Ideal for new players. This is an interactive map. Doom 3: locker and door codes to open every door and locker in the game. The raised path to the door can give you some time to either shoot an approaching wolf or return indoors. Deadfall Area's sole interest is a ruined building which may contain some loot and a still usable stove. The first map is the entire map of The Long Dark. The lake cabins are two collections of three cabins in Mystery Lake. You might also like “there is no game“. The Camp Office is a good source of materials and other resources for the player to collect. A lonely maple sapling can be harvested here. Once killed, she will not be replaced for the remainder of that game. Adjacent to the Trapper's Homestead is a small abandoned barn and due further south is Max's Last Stand. Out of ice and along the highway you can spot predators at a distance, making it a perfect place for not getting ambushed by wolves and bears. Trapper's Homestead is accessible from a path to the east and a difficult path to the north-east. It has 16 locations to loot, including the connector mine with Crumbling Highway. The Trapper's Homestead in Mystery Lake. Using coffee or sleeping can prevent the player from becoming stranded in the Ravine Basin due to exhaustion. No

Fishing huts with doors will keep out bears and wolves when closed. The Train Loading Area is where lumber was once loaded onto trains to be transported elsewhere. You can find a distress pistol, some flare shells, a human corpse, a deer carcass, rabbits, cattail stalks, a cairn, some other random loot and a full sheltered cave with an improvised bed inside.

Trapper's Homestead is a location in the south-western corner of Mystery Lake. There is a frozen corpse outside. This was shared by Hinterland studio some time ago. Valuable supplies may be scavenged from the Trapper' Homestead, including a hunting rifle along with ammunition. Answered all the questions that I need. Carter Hydro Dam is a small hydroelectric dam containing two generation turbines. Mystery Lake is the primary region in The Long Dark map. Thank you. It is difficult to access. It is unknown if bears will enter fishing huts without doors. Valuable supplies can be found inside the cabins which also provide good protection from the elements. Wolves patrol the clear cut area, this can be a drain on flares or ammunition as you can't simply turn around and hide in the house if the wolf is in aggression range. It is located just west of Train Bridge and north-east of Derailment. The area has several fishing huts and two islands with houses, one is jackrabbit Island and the other is Misanthrope’s Homestead. A balance between wilderness and man-made shelters, resources, and wildlife.”- In-game description; It is first available in survival mode. Most fishing huts lack doors, but wolves will not enter regardless. A single hunting stand resides on the side of the pond. The lookout is reached from clear cut by following the sign up the mountain trail. Mystery Lake is one of the primary regions in The Long Dark and the first available for play in Survival mode. Timberwolf Mountain features every kind of wildlife. Sept 2014. Why it's Huge? His proximity to Trapper's Homestead hints that he was the previous owner. liegt der Rätselsee mit Fischerhütten zum Eisangeln und diversen Ferienhäuschen am Seeufer. It has a lot of good buildings including the Trapper’s Cabin. Thanks for telling us. Forlorn Muskeg has only a few sheltered areas and structures, but most of them are destroyed. There are only 5 or so nearby buildings to be searched, so if you have searched these a very long trek must be made to gain additional supplies. Bahria University official GPA Calculator for the new grading policy. It also contains work bench, a fire barrel, and often has excellent loot. The Camp Office has two entrances (front and back) and two floors. Only go to Timberwolf Mountain if you are geared up and have everything to stay fed and warm.

It also has a Quonset Gas Station. The interior of Trapper's Homestead is filled with valuable supplies. Carter Hydro Dam in The Long Dark maps can hardly be called home. The ice covering the frigid waters may be thin near the coast’s outer edge. The Ravine is home to many animals. The Long Dark maps: All region maps (2020) with a handy guide. This means by the time you reach the bottom of the path you may be cold already. The region is named after Mystery Lake, a lake fed by the release of water from Carter Hydro Dam. Nördlich der Schienen finden sich ein ausgedehntes Rodungs- Gebiet, ein Förster- Aussichtsturm und im Nordwesten die Hütte des Pelzjägers. It is a tough place to travel if you are in the mountains. I believe the last time these maps were updated was 2017 or 2018 and the author of the maps stopped making them because of the cartography ability. Locations The forestry lookout does not make an ideal base, it is especially cold when exiting due to the high altitude. Like Timberwolf Mountain There are almost zero places to sleep. It is a region that connects Mystery lake to Pleasant Valley. This region is at the end of Coastal Highway, by passing through the Commuter’s Lament, and then onward through Crumbling Highway and No.

Staying in this area for the night is not a good idea unless you have a bedroll  to sleep in the only indoor building in this region. Mystery Lake is one of the primary regions in The Long Dark and the first available for play in Survival mode.The region is named after Mystery Lake, a lake fed by the release of water from Carter Hydro Dam.A railway crosses the region and is mainly used in the summers supporting the local timber operation and lakeside recreation. Caution is advised when approaching Clearcut as wolves frequently roam the area. The Long Dark Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The deep cave near the waterfall and radio tower can also serve as a temporary shelter. Camp Office is a two-storey cabin located on the western side of Mystery Lake. Der Zufluss zum See führt nach Süd-Osten zum Carter Staudamm. This map will come in handy while passing the Pleasant Valley while playingÂ. It contains a bed, a wood stove, a workbench, and many containers. There may be some loot nearby to scavenge inside of containers scattered around the carriages. Several rear carriages of a train and a blocked entrance to a tunnel are all that can be found at the Tunnel Collapse. Fishing huts have an ice fishing hole, which you can use after breaking the ice cover of it. Ein guter Orientierungspunkt ist die Eisenbahnlinie, die ungefähr in Ost-West-Richtung quer über die Karte führt. Artificial Intelligence: Pros and cons of Artificial Intelligence. Small structures on the ice good for fishing. Risk of Rain 2 Mods handy guide | bests mods available so far. Forestry Lookout is a tall, wooden structure found in Mystery Lake. The main reason to go there is to reach the summit.

Unless you are looking for some specific items. Defiantly go there because it’s one of the coolest places to visit in the  game. Mystery Lake Beware aggressive bears and wolves that may wait just around the corner. The main reason to go there is to use it as second forge, allowing to save the trip all the way to Desolation Point. Timberwolf Mountain is the fifth region to be introduced in The Long Dark maps. A railway crosses the region and is mainly used in the summers supporting the local timber operation and lakeside recreation.

Valuable supplies can be scavenged from inside the camp but beware of wolves lurking nearby. The forestry lookout sits on a small hill to the north-east of the Unnamed Pond and south of clear cut. But, if you have spent some time in the long dark, you might have searched for the detailed map of all the regions in The Long Dark Game. It’s not a place for shelter besides some caves if you plan to go to Coastal Highway through Mystery Lake, leave early in the morning and make sure you complete the trip. Max is found laying face down, dead, and frozen in the snow. A wolf should spawn every 2-3 in-game days. Train Bridge is between Carter Hydro Dam and Train Loading Area. It contains bunk beds, wood stove, a radio, food, and a hunting rifle spawn. The Unnamed Pond is located south-south-west of the Forestry Lookout and far north-north-east of Trapper's Homestead. Train Loading Area is a location to the north in Mystery Lake. The region is mostly steep hills around a bay area. 26

However, it gives the idea of the overall land of the long dark game. How does WhatsApp make money? In terms of region difficulty, some may find the highway region easier than Mystery Lake due to vital resources and overall warmer temperatures. Beginner You might not need a map to go through the Crumbling Highway region of the long dark. Up to two wolves may be encountered around the train wreck. This region has 2 bears and 5-8 wolves patrolling within it. Other then Mountaineer’s Hut, Ice Fishing Hut is missing a door (so it’s also not warm). Sony's PlayStation 5: Release date and all you need to know about.

You probably need a map so you don’t miss any of that. There is no game; Step by step Walkthrough guide and some amazing facts and secrets. It connects to Mystery Lake through Ravine, Pleasant Valley and Desolation point through Crumbling Highway. Due to a wolf spawn located between the railroad tracks and the Camp Office, be wary of using this location as a safe house as it may cause a drain on your ammunition and/or items used to distract a wolf. In the event of an aurora touching any of the cords in the dam will inflict a burn and will damage the player. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Rail Tunnel entrance can be used to reach Forlorn Muskeg, and a cave near the Trapper's Homestead connects to a rope climbing recreation area of the Mountain Town region. Mystery Lake has many advantages including the great loot. On the other hand, this is a good location to farm a wolf as the office provides both quick shelter and a work bench. Norden ist links auf der Karte, nicht wie üblich oben.) A possible bear spawn is near here and a bear cave. Inside of the tunnel provides some shelter from the wind. The region is named after Mystery Lake, a lake fed by the release of water from Carter Hydro Dam. Nice one.

The interior is warm enough to keep you from freezing even during a blizzard. Both the Camp Office and the Trapper's Homestead make more adequate bases. It connects the three important regions, including the newest Forlorn Muskeg, Pleasant Valley, and Coastal Highway through Railway. Deadfall Area lies between the camp office, tunnel collapse, Trapper's Homestead and unnamed pond. Mystery Lake is the primary region in The Long Dark map. A cave near the Lake Trail in Mystery Lake. Hazards and Survivability

Difficulty The rope climb back is a very long one. It has the Mountaineer’s Hut, with a huge hole in the roof so it won’t be the warmest place you ever sleep in. Click the locations below to view them on the map. There is a wood stove inside to warm you and cook food The long trek down the mountain and back up again means any trip is time consuming. Mystery Lake is one of the primary regions in The Long Dark and the first available for play in the Sandbox.

The Carter Hydro Dam near the northeast end of the railroad provides a transition to the Pleasant Valley region. The Unnamed Pond is a location on the western side of Mystery Lake.

A railway crosses the region and is mainly used in the summers supporting the local timber operation and lakeside recreation.

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