Videos. X Factor is a fantastic site, I enjoy logging in and watching the new videos. Featuring the best team roping training videos from experts like JoJo Lemond, Ryan Motes, Charly Crawford, and Jackie Crawford. ", Cole Ivy "My wife got it for me. We make it our goal to provide at least 24 new videos each and every month.

Digital Editions. The Heeling fundamentals provide a step by step blueprint that ensures you are getting the basics before progressing to steps you aren't ready for. We hope that you will consider upgrading to a Pro Membership to help support us so that we can continue to bring you amazing roping videos whether you enjoy watching full ropings or are trying to learn to dominate your number. Texas Championships 2019 Open Division Classic Rope Heel-O-Matic Training Systems That's over 2 hours of exclusive footage every month added to our membership area. ... Dec 10, 2019. The WildFire XX emerged bigger and stronger with updates specifically designed for ropers of all skill levels plus hospitality and a venue that is second to none.. From the makers of Driven, Epic, and Legend comes Driven 2.0. © 2020 X Factor Roping. The "Big-Four". Exclusive practice footage you won't find anywhere else so you can see exactly how to practice like the pros. The slow motion videos have really helped my in understanding position and horsemanship. Our videos have some of the best instructors like Joseph Harrison, Ryan Motes, Jojo Lemond, and more.

My favorite part about the site is by far the Facebook coaching group. X Factor Roping features professionally filmed team roping training videos that break down the best tips and techniques from the pros. All Rights Reserved. The Pro Members library currently has over 1,500 videos including full ropings, instructional videos, highlights, exclusive rodeo runs, interviews, and more. I love X Factor, it has helped me work on everything from dummy work to horsemanship. I just watched this part today and the life story part, wow!!! Upcoming Ropings. Patrick Smith's DRIVEN DVD has a solid 12 minutes of Rodeo Runs & almost 7 minutes of uniquely filmed Practice Runs. Circle T Arena - Hamilton, Texas, Wildfire XXII January 30 - February 2, 2020 We go behind the scenes with exclusive pre and post roping interviews with the competitors, winners, and the producers. Home. We want to continue to provide the best online roping resources so that people around the world have access to our library of instructional videos and amazing coaches. Contact Us.

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X Factor Team Roping aims to be the #1 online roping resource. This site was designed with the .com. In this inspiring DVD along with detailed roping instruction, Patrick talks about what it takes to make a career out of Rodeo.

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