Exactly what I wanted, exactly when I wanted it. document.write("

"); Old toms weigh around 33-36 pounds and hens around 18-20 lbs. Baby turkeys ARE called poults, not chicks.

Welp Hatchery of Iowa is a chicken hatchery that sells day-old poultry including chickens, turkeys, pheasants, geese, and ducks. }if(SizeManager.check_is_mobile()) { Trarlgon east Caltex 8-930am


"); We can handle all sizes of poultry orders and can ship any anywhere in the United States throughout the year. document.write(" "); I replied stating I would take the "chicks" as it was close and I really wanted them. PASTURE RAISED

Would be great for the Xmas table nice big bird, or someone who is not afraid of him and can show aggression back when required.

Please do your research before contacting us.

Plus couple more nests due in next couple of weeks. So as stated on my site if the usps fails to stand by a claim I will refund for any losses, even tho you did not do your part and provide proof of loss. The steps to find the current Android OS version vary by device. document.write(" "); PICK UP IN LONGWARRY Ordered 20 Sweetgrass Turkeys from this business on 3/8/13/ I had initial communication with them on the first day and then hurd nothing from them again. document.write(""); Absolutely adorable Guinea Fowl 9 x Guinea Fowl Keets available for $15 each. Bourbon Red. document.write("googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-828655358825645286-oop'); });"); Starting at $15 each. Also available 6 week old turkey poults light sweetgrass colours, they are off heat $22 each Or 2 week olds $17 each Pure black bantam Langshan point of lay pullets 6 months old and laying $30 each Cross breed young chickens, sexed, $80. $80 each Please keep in mind they are NOT suited or permitted for a suburban back yard, they need acreage.

document.write(""); We don't even start shipping till the end of April or first of May each season. You also said I sent you 7 that were a week old, you know very well that I only sent 4 that were a week old, the rest were day olds. One year old male Turkey for sale. (Chickens and sheep not for sale), Wanted: Saturday 17th Sunday 18th west south central and east Gippsland, Buying roosters and all types of poultry ducks geese turkeys $100 And we have two of his babies for sale 4 weeks old. I also have proof from paypal that I refunded your money for the 4 losses on Aug,15. One is already about 8 inches tall and about 10 inches from tip of beak to end of tail feathers has he stands. }. $24 each. The Sweetgrass genotype is (b'b' cgcg) Black winged bronze based with gray. Show us your support with a small donation to help us keep this site up for future generations to come. All breeds and prices are listed and please read the ad befo, COAST PUREBRED POULTRY CHICKENS CHICKS NO CALLS! They start laying in Sept and Finish in March/April each year. Turkey females $65 each Clint Brown. 1. We hope you find our site a valuable resource for turkey color genetics info. Pigeons from $6 I developed my strain from the Sweetgrass Farms' line in Big Timber,MT.

Twenty poults arrived alive and in good health. They breed 100% true to color/pattern. Narragansett Ros McMillan Virginia . You were originally scheduled for mid May as your first possible ship date with the latest date that you said you would accept shipment being the end of June. Ready to breed. Beautiful Big Boy Turkey Tom silver in colour great with chickens and other poultry . Located at Blayney NSW.

They sent directions on how to start the poults which was wonderful. Big sale on Saturday 7th November from 6.00 a.m. Chinese goslings turkey chicks pullets Langshan bantams fertile eggs !

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