The Anery pictured above is of one of our 2010 Anery babies.

He had purchased the original Jungle from a zoo in Sweden. You can disable the usage of cookies by changing the settings of your browser. It has been determined that the Aztec gene is a Co-Dominant gene.

This is a recessive gene. The Salmon Hypo pictured above (which is also het for Leopard) is our female, Lucille. Report. When they are young their color is blood red, but as they age they tend to darken up and turn a brownish color. Leopard boas are also a small boa reaching only 5 feet or so at maturity. Their bodies are usually silver and their tails are a lavender color when they are first born.

The Jungle pictured above is our male Salmon Hypo Het Anery Jungle, Tarzan. The Albino gene is a recessive gene. £80. There are MANY more boa morphs out there than what we have listed here, and more are being added every year! 2011 Possible super hypo from Tom Burke's "Blue gene" line of boas. Try browsing the Boa Constrictors Index if you're looking for something specific. Share. The Snow boa is a double recessive animal because it displays both the Albino and the Anery recessive genes. Breeding Motleys together produces Super Motleys, and it has been determined that they are a Co-Dominant gene.

Super Sunglow Groovy Coral Pastel Cyclone PH Snow, Purple Super Hypo Jungle IMG 100% Het Sharp 50% Het Anery, Central American Hypo Het T+ Albino Possible Super Hypo/Possible Jungle, Pos Super Hypo 100% Blood 66% Anery Type 2, Pos Super GHOST ( Hypo Anery Type 2) 100% Blood Boa, Super Hypo Red Russo Pastel 100% Het Blood, Hypo Hog Island Poss Super Hypo 100% Het Sharp 66% Het Blood. A Florida breeder named it Motley because the pattern looked like the pattern on a Motley cornsnake.

A super Hypo snake is a combination of TWO Co-dominate genes. Hans bred these further and determined that the Leopard gene is a recessive gene. By browsing our website without changing the browser settings you grant us permission to store that information on your device. These Super Hypo Orangetails are a deep red / orange with little to no speckles. There are currently 2 main "lines" of hypos - the Salmon line and the Orangetail line.

I have continued that practice & I am currently up to 5 generations of selective breeding to produce the best & most beautifull examples of these wonderfull boas. There are thought to be T positive and T negative albinos (Tyrosinase positive/negative), although definitive testing has yet to be completed.
The first Hypo Sonora Boas came into the country via automobile & were confiscated at the Mexico / U.S. border. They bought the original male from a school teacher who had the snake as a classroom pet. Please provide additional details so we can answer your question quickly.

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