Sppdstats.com is the next step from the South Park Phone Destroyer spreadsheet. Changelog. South Park™ comes to mobile! I feel Mimsy is actually a Top Tier. 4) Mind control should not be wasted and is important to keep it for those pesky fucking Dougies.

I've created a tier list for all fighter units based on time per each hit on an enemy.

Just in the rly top tiers you don't see him so often and even on those you see ppl using it sometimes. It’s up to you because you are running the meta deck. This is super interesting.

What even...? Other than that I feel it is solid. hide.

Shouldnt barrel dougie be at least mid tier? (Up to rank 20 so far anyways). SPPD Blogs . Or at the very least you should be able to see unit attack speed values on their cards instead of it being a hidden stat... Sally is not a fighter And the bird can't attack. It’s faster to use and mobile friendly! Sppdstats.com is the next step from the South Park Phone Destroyer spreadsheet.

Are you a top player and do you want to help players build their decks? Sally wasn't supposed to be there, as I explained in the post. I decided to create a website and here it is! report.

Marine Clyde especially is a super high cost for what he offers.

I disagree with awesome o and gnomes. It’s faster to use and mobile friendly! Have Space Token dropped off after the first two ranged units behind Zen, so Token can rush in to Zen’s rescue, meanwhile have Mr. Hankey charging up his ability so that once Space Warrior Token has used his charge once, he can do it again with the help of Mr. Hankey. Also, the content on this website should not be viewed by anyone. 57. This tier list is based on what you (Insert New Kids Name) will see when going up against another player based on themes. I’m glad if nothing else my Tier list inspired you to make this one and now I can kick back and utilize this one. Some of you know me on the discord, some of you may know me from reddit posts. Good list. If u look at ppl in ranks up to 40 basically everyone runs him in adventure. He offers good synergy with fireball and Marine Craig (who as you pointed out, once leveled up is incredibly good). I don't have many copies of both, but I'm wanting to level both of these up.

South Park: Phone Destroyer™ lets you team up with all your favorite characters as you’ve never seen them before! Visitors are fast and op with ATK boost. It’s a balance deck. Example - If playing against a fantasy player, you will always see them play butters & Kenny (Top Tier) sometimes, the variant will play Cock Magic (Mid Tier) and seldom if not ever will you see someone play Kyle of the Drow Elves (Low Tier), Advance Shaman Token went from Mid Tier to Top Tier (Due to Purify nerf, this is now the best card to cleanse), Sci-Fi Poison went from Mid Tier to Top Tier, Sci-Fi Alien Queen Red went from Mid Tier to Top Tier, Sci-Fi Mecha-Timmy went from Mid Tier to Top Tier, Mystic Hercules Clyde was added to Mid Tier, Mystic Poseidon Stan went from Mid Tier to Top Tier, Mystic Power Bind went from Mid Tier to Top Tier.

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