As you may have guessed from the previous section, this desk is not the classic flimsy particleboard we associate with Ikea products. However, getting a table with better weight capacity and features is recommended for those that can stretch their budget. If you’ve been looking for a new desk to add to your home you may know that there are a lot of options to consider. Whilst you could describe it as minimal, I think most would go with cheap. IKEA Skarsta Custom Desk Top. Only the latest versions of these documents are available for download. Once again, though, this is Ikea we’re talking about. It scratched. Chances are good that if you are thinking about an Ikea desk you are aware that it’s not going to be perfect and it’s probably not going to be your forever desk. You’ll probably want a desk that matches the color scheme of your home and blends in with the rest of your décor. Check regularly that all assembly fastenings are properly tightened and retighten when necessary. This means that there may sometimes be differences between the documents you download and the versions that come with the product. Yes, you really do. Learn more about the quality of our sustainably sourced wood, how our desk tops are priced, our process, delivery timescales and more on our FAQ and About pages. Change store.

Here are some great deals. We have free 48 hour cancellations. As you would expect from a table as plain as IKEA SKARSTA, it isn’t too expensive. Hopefully, you like cranking, because it takes quite a lot of turns for the desk to go from its lowest to its highest state. In this Ikea Skarsta review, we’re going to lay out all the good stuff (and all the not-so-good stuff) related to this adjustable desk. There are other aspects to buying a desk too, and you’ll probably want something that matches your exact preferences. The Ikea Skarsta doesn’t have any electronics, though.

Please contact the Information Counter. If the hand winder is a real issue for you, and I understand it might be, the only option for me would be to go with the Idåsen.

It makes us squint, and when we do that for a long time, it’s not uncommon that a headache comes knocking”, says Anthony. My experience is based on what you would assume is the around average height (6 foot), probably the sweet spot for this product. In short, the IKEA SKARSTA desk is an amazing option for anyone looking for a cheap and simple table. The table is stable enough to ensure that you never feel it wobble, meaning you can work in peace without being disturbed or distracted. The desk is quite stable thanks to its feet which are made from steel. To raise or lower the desk, you're going to need to do some cranking. If you want something more premium, check out the Vari Electric Standing Desk, which starts at $550. At its highest state, the desk’s top is a little less than 4ft from the ground. Since you’ll likely be raising and lowering the desktop, you’ll need plenty of cable slack, which will make cable management an absolute nightmare. Stock availability is updated every 20 minutes. The desktop is 63 x 31.5in and a little less than 1in thick. While the table is prone to damage, you don’t have to worry. How to get into a flow state while working from home. If you want something that has all the features the Skarsta is missing, we recommend building your own FlexiSpot desk. 230 EUR is still quite much for the Skarsta table though. Since the entire structure is metal, you’ll most likely need to use tape or other sticky stuff to attach the cables to the thin legs. “The good news is that small, thought-out details that don’t cost a fortune, can make a huge difference in our daily work – and improve our health and well-being in the long run.”. As I’ve said a few times now, the high-quality build materials of the Ikea Skarsta give me the impression that this desk as a whole will stand the test of time. See also: Need a laptop for working from home? Cookies help us deliver our Services. As I said, some other hybrid sit/stand desks have electronics built-in for raising or lowering. It allows you to use it as a “normal” sitting desk when you need one and then quickly convert it into a standing desk when necessary. This product has been developed and tested for office use. Related: How to get into a flow state while working from home. Agreed with Elmer that you will need to offset the top slightly to accomodate the turning of the crank. There is a crank under the top of the desk which will be pulled out and adjusted at any time in order to change the height.

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