They are weird indeed, looking like snails with spirals and old-style biplanes. return false; Join a community with a new generation of fans, This Email is already registered in Simkl, You can choose a password length of not more than 50 characters. They left in the honorifics which, in this case, are primarily “-sama.” Can I just tell you how NICE it is to *see* Alty say “Para-sama” when she’s saying it? Thanks for your generally positive review of an anime that I like a lot.

*yuri-goggles off*And it becomes harder and harder to like anything other than the characters in this series, since most of it is all about them and not those cool airships, or the twin suns, or the ancient ruins, or the WHOLE DAMN WAR THAT SETS THE WORLD ON FIRE! Then email the folks at Media Blasters and let them know what they did right – and what they can improve. They didn’t just send me a copy of Simoun to review – they sent me the very first copy to be printed in the US.

Do not forget to switch keyboard layout to the English. Later, in the extras, “-chan” is used as well. Erk. many will be able to carry on, even knowing that they are the only real © 2013Layout design by Lissa Pattillo How am I supposed to make them my waifus if they later on transform to men? The music remains brilliant.

(The wife reminds me that I also still hate the character designs, especially Neviril’s sex-doll mouth. Extras – 6. Definitely “do” there, not “to”. :-). return false; Lesbians are fine, transvestites are not. I’ll be glad to look it over. Simoun episode 1 In the world of Daikuuriku, everyone is born female, and chooses which sex they wish to become at age 17. give a rough summary of my enjoyment while watching this, admire my The story revolves around what could have been, what happened and how Neviril can’t move on. The story remains fascinating. And I still get teary-eyed at that episode. I was so certain that I’d be disappointed watching Simoun this time around. I love the ridiculous contrast between our beautiful peaceful sun-filled country and the enemy’s pollution-ridden world of darkness and filth. When, after all that, I have loved a series, I want to be able to wholeheartedly suggest it to other people – not only other people who are also already fans, but to people who may not have ever seen the original. Well, the usual thing from Media Blasters – no inserts, which made me sad, because I had asked to have inserts of the cover art that we lost as mini-posters or something. Okazu Hero Roll. Either way, I think it would add some value. 1 decade ago Where can i watch Simoun online English dubbed? If you still hate it after this volume, fine. The artwork can be considered great and the classical European instruments used in the soundtrack do sound great and all. I had already seen it raw, but I had missed a lot that went on in the background.

you can see, it kinda jumped up and down. automatically converted into the image Story – 8

And by doing so, I establish my own understanding of the series. We’re not dealing here just with the characters’ transition from childhood to adult status, but with what is really the end of a civilization. ^_^. ^^. I do editing on the side. The characters there were amazing, the setting was fleshed-out, the production values were great. This has to be up there for one of the nicest looking DVDs I own. I thought that overall the anime had a feeling of melancholy. For whatever reason, it just hit my sweet spots. XD, Guess it’s time for a Yuri shopping spree soon. Some users flagged this comment as containing a spoiler. windowOpen.close(); Okazu by Erica Friedmanis licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non, Commercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. I double-checked the Japanese official website and the Japanese credits – Rodoreamon. lol. the skies using these Simoun. Character designer Asako Nishida wrote the romanji “Aaeru” on one of her pinup sketches – clearly there are some differences of opinion. Here’s the dilemma – I loved Simoun. of blood and pain that these previously innocent girls are taking, how Thumbs up.

Does anyone ever care about the directing or the pacing? Okay, that all having been said, let me cut to the chase – overall, I think Media Blasters did a very good job with Simoun. And the cover art is signed by everyone who worked on it. And as we all know, all-female cast in modern anime means shoujo-ai stuff. And guess what, a bunch of hormone-crazy chicks do more work than millions of soldiers. // If there's another sharing window open, close it. I will check this out thanks to the review. Also, I’d really like to see a Romaji version of the opening and ending themes. paintskills: Okazu Glossary of Terms, Subcribe to Okazu or Sponsor a Review Topic is a specific subject of discussion. Those are very good, especially for a series made by Studio DEEN, my personal worst studio of all times (yes, even worse than GONZO, believe it or not). Another case where the chick flavor is more important than everything else. She *must* be a lesbian, she’s unhealthily obsessing about her ex. I mean just think of the Aria anime for example. You can paste URL of the image inside Can’t say that she’s just interested in him for his great personality…not yet, anyway. Well i will begin with how I ended watching this anime.Well there was a time when i watched several animes with various genres having as main tags action, horror, psychological, adventure etc some of them realy were interesting and I enjoyed watching them some of them not.I longed for something else and after searching for a new anime to watch i ended with Simoun.After reading the introduction and made a first impression i said to myself "i think i shoud give it a try" and im so glad that i took this decision because i dont regret that i seen it.Story: The story was very well developed but still it had some holes in it and some unclear stuff but as whole it was pretty good.Also in the begining when stuff are a bit unclear i had the feeling that this might become a very complicated story but after passing through episodes i started to understand.As the story develops more and more stuff are revealed which realy surprized me.What i liked so much at this anime was the ending even though some of the main charas died most of the Tempest Choir members survived the war and followed their path some of them choose their gender others didnt in other words a happy ending for an anime that gives the impression that it will be tragicaly.Animation: Well in terms of animation Simoun is of course above average but i wasnt so pleased with the character design since the production year was 2006 i expected an anime with a better animation in terms of character design.Sound: Only one thing i can complain at sound is that the background sounds were kinda lame and realy hard to bear but the ending song and especially the opening song (Ishikawa Chiaki - Utsukushii kereba sore de ii) compensate for the crapy background sounds.Characters: The most interesting point in Simoun is that there is a complete focus on character development.As the story develops the number of characters increases.Im very pleased with how my favorite characters were developed: Neviril, Aaeru, Dominura and Mamina but especially Aaeru the headstrong character which helped the growth of the other characters especially Neviril.Despite the fact that the main characters were developed very good the character development still has some holes.Overall: As an overall this anime in the begining was kinda hard to watch since it leaves a feeling of boredomness but as the story develops more and more stuff were revealed and it got pretty interesting.It gave me a hunger of knowledge more exactly the curiosity of how it will eventually end.I dont regret watching this anime at all especially because of the suitable ending.~Just my thoughts and feel free to post comments~Here are some pictures:And some videos:This one with the opening song Ishikawa Chiaki - Utsukushi Kereba Sore de Ii:~Enjoy and Cya around~.

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