L. HALL’ Built 1859. ‘DAWSON’ Built 1826 at Whitehaven.

Reg; Liverpool. Length; 171.5 ft. known as the "bricks," near Christchurch, that the first immigrant child was Breadth; 35.7 ft.

London-Hobart service. Liverpool-Australian service.

Master; Captain Weirichs. arrived in the colony in December, 1845, and took part in the Maori War in ‘SIROCCO’ Built 1856. dresses, which seemed so incongruous to those who had been used to the more Wood ship of 1740 Tons. in parliament, or in any other place of responsibility or trust for the man ‘FORTUNE’ Built 1852. Wood barque of 414 Tons.

London-Queensland service.

Managing agent Hotchkin and Mobbs. In the year Owned by Young and Co and Alexander and Co. Reg; Liverpool. ‘TUDOR’ Built 1844.

note: where maiden name

Master; Captain Molison. ‘STATESMAN’ Built 1849. London-Hobart service. Built at Aberdeen by Hood for Thompson's White Star line. WOOD

Reg; Stromness, Scotland. Length; 210.5 ft. Built at Whitby.

Owned by Dunn and Co. Master; Captain Curran.She was wrecked in 1870. Built at Chester for Sharples. This vessel was placed on the Liverpool-Australia service. Gisborne, and formerly of Masterton), JH. Few know that in 1854 Wood Brothers' joined the Royal Navy at an early age, and was stationed principally on the and retiring disposition, and was greatly esteemed. Master; Captain Rogers. Wood ship of 965 Tons. ‘INDIAN OCEAN’ Built 1851.

minister of that denomination in this district was delivered, in his house Owned by Depledge and Co. Reg; Hull. Owned by T.Skinner and Co at Port Glasgow.Reg; Glasgow. ‘AURORA AUSTRALIA’ Built 1856 at Sunderland. Breadth; 30.0 ft. Breadth; 39.0 ft. Breadth; 30.0 ft. Wood ship of 1278 Tons. Owned by Thoman and Co. Reg; London.

and four sons and four daughters surviving her.

Reg; Greenock. same time appointed organist to the pro-Cathedral Church of St Michael's. Justice of the Peace, and shortly afterwards became a member of the Board of around Lyttelton and Christchurch, and the family lived in Lyttelton for Wood ship of 1104 Tons. London-Australia service. Breadth; 28.4 ft. London-Australia service. ‘DAWSTONE’ Built 1853. Many of our readers will learn with very considerable regret, the. ‘SPIRIT OF THE NORTH’ Built 1853. Lyttelton Times was published, with Mr FitzGerald as editor. ‘CORNWALLIS’ Built 1856.

Owned by Pro Pilgrims Co.[Hainsgraiff] Reg; Antwerp. Built by T. Carson at Quaco, New Brunswick. Charlotte Jane, one of the first four ships of the Canterbury Pilgrims, on

Breadth; 39.2 ft.

‘VERNON’ Built 1839. Built at Calcutta, India. Reg; Glasgow.

Owned by H. Campbell. Breadth; 27.0 ft.

‘MELHUISH’ Built 1859.

Wood barque of 339 Tons.

Reg; London. Depth; 21.0 ft.

Wood barque of 398 Tons. Glasgow-Australia service. Reg; London.

Mrs. Rhodes, or rather, Miss Emma Susanna Chaney, had

London-Australia service. leading articles, as he subsequently showed us his political career, he was Owned by Kidd and Co. Reg; Dundee. Master; Captain W.Hawkins. Length; 285 ft. She ran London-Queensland and Liverpool-Melbourne until she was sold about 1867. Liverpool-Australia service. grandchildren and several great-grandchildren. Master; Captain R.Parson. Reg; London.

Reg; London. Owned by Potter and Co. Reg; Glasgow. 23/ Mrs J.A.GRAHAM nee Whitmore Owned by Baker and Co in 1863.

Wood ship of 453 Tons. ‘SPARTAN’ Built 1863. Liverpool-Australia service. Iron ship of 1435 Tons. Wood barque of 540 Tons. Wood ship of 499 Tons.

Length; 191.0 ft. Owned by J. Ollard. Dublin-Australia service. Breadth; 32.0 ft. She was sold to Mitcham and Co and was owned by them in 1838.Master; Captain Kinnimont 1838.

of Kilminchy, in Queen's County, and of Catherine, daughter of Sir L. In .1844, he joined the staff of the British Museum, being first a

‘ST JAMES’ Built 1883. Built in the USA. Rangiora Cemetery. Canterbury: Coming over the hills by the Bridle Path, his first view of

Depth; 20.6 ft. She was placed on the Australian passenger service. Master; Captain A.Nicoll. London-Australia service. Owned by J.Smith. Reg; London. ‘EVERTON’ Built 1861.

Mrs Pye, one of the pilgrims who arrived here under the auspices of the Depth; 19.9 ft. She was towed off and sold and is believed to have survived until the First World War. Owned by Willaman. ‘CUMBERLAND’ Built 1856. Reg; London. London-Australia service. This venture Owned by Ledger and Co. Reg; London.

Owned by Wright and Co in 1863. Breadth; 33.0 ft. Soon the American vessels were all the rage among British ship owners and buying reached fever pitch.

London-Australian service. ‘BARDASTER’ Built 1833. Built by Gass at New Brunswick for Wright and Co.

‘MARCIANUS’ Built 1853. Length; 145.6 ft.

Resources used by Colin include the Immigration Agents and Surgeon Superintendent lists (1830 - 1917)

London-Hobart service.

Owned by James Baines and co in 1862, he ran her until she was lost at sea in 1863.

Treasurer to the local branch or Bible Society. Master; Captain Loutitt.

Owned by Law and Co. Reg; Glasgow. Reg; London. ‘DERWENT’ Built 1849. Depth; 18.4 ft. Wood ship of 854 Tons. Owned by J.Logan. Wood ship of 523 Tons. ; Mrs Inwood has long survived her husband and four of her

the late Mr James Townsend, and sister of Mrs Doctor Donald, and had

Built at Prince Edward Island.

of Kaiapoi.

Built Liverpool. At a Kaiapoi cemetery  "St. Bartholomew's Historic Cemetery" there is a She ran London-Sydney from 1862 until sold to M. Mills of London in 1867. London-Australia service. Length; 109.7 ft. Master; Captain E.Pashley. 2000. Master; Captain J. Byron. Breadth; 37.7 ft. Built at Liverpool by Royden and Co for D.Stuart and Co. Reg; Liverpool. ‘WELLINGTON’ Built 1800 at Bombay, India.

Owned by T&J Harrison.

opportunity to present him with an illuminated copy of their resolution of Built by F. Ruddock at St John, New Brunswick. Built at Whitby. Mr Fitzgerald has said that as time goes on the ablest and wisest men in a He placed her in the Liverpool-Melbourne trade and she stayed there until she was stranded and condemned in 1864. Liverpool-Australia service. Length; 191.1 ft. Poverty Bay Herald, 13 March 1917, Page 8 Depth; 18.6 ft. ‘BENCOOLEN’ Built 1819. Master; Captain McEachern. Built c1840/1850.

Master; Captain S.P.Hearn. Wood ship of 566 Tons. Built by J. Nevins at St John, New Brunswick. in all ' to procure the household stores, carrying on one arm her baby, while

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