Unplug the receiver's power cord from the back of the receiver or from the wall outlet. Start troubleshooting at the connection between the receiver and home router. Any problem communicating with the DRM server. You have tuned in to a channel that is not a part of your Shaw Direct subscription package. The receiver is connected to the Shaw On Demand servers successfully, but we're not able to return the requested data. If they are all affected — or you have just one box and no access — contact Shaw technical support for assistance. For accurate pricing information, please select your region below: Codes are shortcuts that can be used to quickly access and manage your SmartVoice features. Attention! The service is off.

Be careful not to move the dish when you brush it off and your signal should return very quickly. The location provided by your internet connection does not appear to be within Canada. Attention! I just got this service roughly five days ago and haven't been able to access On Demand yet, I keep getting this error code as well, tried resetting and establishing a network connection. Due to viewing area restrictions and/or agreements with sporting leagues such as the National Hockey League (NHL), this program is not accessible in your viewing area. An unexpected VOD error has occurred. Please try again. Lift telephone handset at the location to which you want to retrieve the call.

Please verify your connectivity and try again later.

You are operating in Multi-User mode and have tuned in to a channel that exceeds the parental control rating lock of the current user’s profile. This issue typically occurs when you have ordered HD content through the online store (found at vod.shaw.ca) for streaming through your TV box, stopped the content, and then attempted to resume it at a later time. ©2020 Shaw Communications. You may need our technical support agent to resolve this issue. ", You tune to a channel and a message appears on the screen that says: "A subscription is required to view this program. CFB on: calls to the hunt group will go to number setup in group admin portal for Call Forward Busy. In some instances, such as a when you tune in to a non-subscribed US network, you may find the same program on an alternative channel. This can occur with the onset of extreme weather conditions such a very heavy rainfall that blocks the sky completely or a snowstorm that has covered the dish entirely in snow. Video on Demand connection troubleshooting tips, How to connect your receiver and modem with Ethernet cable, Internet connectivity is not detected. Hi Mister Tillman. My sandbox account and the sample code was working just fine till the other day. But in the off chance that your browser cache is responsible for this error, follow the steps of clearing your browser cache.

Error messages can appear when you are trying to access Shaw On Demand content. Wait approximately 10-15 minutes for the Interactive Guide (including Shaw On Demand) to be restored. You can't change channels, bring up the Option menu, or turn off your receiver. Code: Description of use: Call Forwarding Always Activation 72: Lift telephone handset and press 72. If you set up your Shaw email account correctly and you created a strong email password, you should be able to avoid the most common security issues. The announcement plays "Voice message waiting indicator has been cleared.". Replace telephone handset. Learn about X1 Error Code: RDK-03036 - Unable to Find Your Player. Call Forwarding Always Deactivation 73: Lift telephone handset and press 73. Unscrew the coaxial cable connection from the back of the TV box. For more help, please visit www.shawdirect.ca/vod on your computer. If you are connected with a powerline bridge, ensure that both your receiver has a tight connection as well as the powerline bridge connected to your modem. This has been happening for days...we have just recently had, Ok this was solved by Shaw personnel...they just had to flip a switch and activate, I get a message unable to load...for 5 days now...and no help from shaw...guess it's nor a priority right now. An unexpected VOD error has occurred. Shaw Direct On Demand connection issues can be a result of cable, hardware or other connection issues. You are not currently subscribed to this channel, This program has been locked by your current user settings, This program has been blacked out in your area, Troubleshooting satellite receiver not authorized or not subscribed errors, Troubleshooting tips for intermittent satellite signal.

Reseating adjusts how the coaxial cable is connected to the device and wall outlet. For more help, please visit, Network error connecting to content server, We are having trouble communicating with the Shaw On Demand servers. Please contact customer support. All rights reserved. ©2020 Shaw Communications. Solved: When we attempt to go to Shaw on Demand, we get error code 64417! Once plugged back in, give it 15-20 minutes to re-sync all settings, then try to view a program on demand again. It should work on the 2nd try. An unexpected VOD error has occurred. This process occurs during the late night hours so that it won't interrupt your regular viewing. Call routing depends on your Call Forward Busy setting: CFB off: calls to the hunt group receive busy treatment. Please try again. Attention! Please wait. For help, please visit. Attention! Attention! © 2020 Shaw Satellite G.P., All Rights Reserved. Follow these steps to troubleshoot the following error codes: 33330, 33319, 33344, 33405, 33419, or 33629. From blackout notifications to lost signal messages, error messages may appear for a number of reasons. If you are able to view channel 999, jot down the number displayed in the bottom right-hand side of your screen and share this number with the support representative, if asked. If your IP address is not allowed to connect to the Shaw On Demand servers. Please try again. How to connect your receiver and modem with Ethernet cable, Video on Demand connection error messages. License Not Available(Item Out of Window, or Not Subscribed). Replace telephone handset. Attention! This message means a license is not available for the receiver to order the asset you have selected. If this message persists, check your connectivity or contact customer support. Detach the power cable from your TV box. Enter # to transfer directly to your own voicemail or enter the extension and # to transfer to another user's voicemail. Your satellite dish has moved or become blocked and is no longer picking up signal from the satellite.

Please ensure your receiver has satellite signal and current Guide data, and then try again. You are receiving a software update. You are connected to your voice mail retrieval menu. Please try again later. Enter phone number to which calls are forwarded. Hi, > slow when there are lots of relay log to read. This process occurs during the late night hours in order to not interrupt your regular viewing. I'm not sure I understand what you consider to be a bug here. The entire process should take between 15 to 90 minutes (you can check this time as illustrated in Item 2, below). Sports blackouts are put in place by sports leagues and are completely beyond the control of Shaw Direct or other television providers.

Leave unplugged for 30 seconds and plug back in. Asset is already being streamed on another device. Use these connection tips to troubleshoot your Video on Demand connection issues. Detach the power cable from the back of the unit, and from the wall outlet or power bar.

Replace telephone handset.

It may be a Shaw-side issue. You may need to wait up to 10 minutes to resume playback.

Sign in to My Shaw and check that your bill and account are up-to-date. @lstefanucci @Cathy121 @whatt Try rebooting your cable box by disconnecting the power for 15-30 seconds, then plugging it back in. © 2020 Shaw Satellite G.P., All Rights Reserved. We are having trouble reaching the Shaw On Demand servers. Reseat the cable. If you have more than one TV box in your home, check to see if they are all affected by the same issue. Ok this was solved by Shaw personnel...they just had to flip a switch and activate . Usually, trying again in a few minutes will resolve. S. Error Code>, D. Error Code>.

VOD authentication has failed. If you don't find any issues with your account, please contact Shaw technical support. If you happen turn on your receiver during the code download you should see the screen below on your TV. Enter your location for accurate product availability. Please try again, or contact customer support if this error persists. The service is on. If not forwarding properly, contact technical support. Direct Voice Mail Transfer 55 Error codes 13402, 22474 or 22484 indicate an account-related issue. If your connection to Shaw Direct On Demand has been lost, please check the following: Verify that the Ethernet cable is connected tightly to the back of your receiver and your modem.. If you are still seeing the same error, get in touch with our technical support team here, so they can run some additional diagnostics. Please check your network connection and network settings.For more help, please visit. Your satellite system is not connected properly. It must be the only active call. You tune to a channel and your television only displays a black screen with a text banner that says: "Attention.

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