I have been using a Shaw Hitron modem/router for a number of years. It might help to restore your modem to its factory settings. Check to see: Try closing apps and reducing the number of connected devices, to see if performance improves for the devices still connected. Several times this evening the 5G SSID disappeared from mobile devices while the 2.4 SSID remains on our Hitron CGNM-2250 - SHW. If you have the BlueCurve Gateway, we recommend you restart it using the BlueCurve Home app or My Shaw App. The result: SAME Problem - computers drops signal which connects to 5G. I was advised to replace my modem.

Steps to solve this problem:1. That is certainly odd. if your devices are running bandwidth-heavy programs (e.g. Disable 2.4 channelThe result: SAME Problem - computers drops signal which connects to 5G, Real solution:1. streaming, downloading), Convenient for devices relying on higher data and speed, such as streaming devices and smart TVs. Before I wait on hold and go through repeating the same old, same old troubleshooting steps that level 1 tech support insist I do, I want to ensure there isn't a firmware issue. If it is already in a central location and you're still getting dead spots, you may consider, your Wi-Fi network into every corner of your home using extenders like the BlueCurve Pods from Shaw. It has been set up to extend both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. There have been reports of these devices causing the 5G network to disappear. All rights reserved. It might help to restore your modem to its factory settings. For example, when everyone is arriving home from work or school, and more devices are now active in the home environment. The quickest way to do this is online using My Shaw. Same problem. When your WiFi network appears in the list of available networks on your device, try connecting to it to see if it works. Buy a good router2. Alternatively, you can restart your Shaw modem by removing and reconnecting the power: Although Shaw does not support third party routers, if you have a wireless router (common brands include: D-Link, Netgear, Linksys and Belkin) connected to your Shaw Internet modem, read Power cycle your equipment, For better WiFi coverage, the modem should be in a central location in your home, or central to where you most often use the Internet. Although rare, the software on the modem could cause issues. Restore your modem's settings. ©2020 Shaw Communications. We recently had internet 300 installed in our home. Thank you for reaching out! Has anyone encountered this problem? Push and hold the button with a paperclip or pin and hold for 15 seconds. Same problem. It is normal to experience slower speeds if you have many devices connected at once, or one device consistently uploading/downloading substantial amounts of data. If iPhone 12 5G is not working, you should know about the Dual SIM Mode restrictions. If you want to restore your modem back to its factory settings: Not what you're looking for? More suitable for devices that don’t rely on fast speeds, such as non-streaming smart devices like thermostats, voice assistants, light bulbs, and security cameras. Hitron 5GHz WiFi band disappearing each day when used with WiFi Extender. It is possible your modem may be faulty and a swap is required. Although rare, the software on the modem could cause issues. The only short term solution I have is to reboot the router. 5 GHz frequency can carry more data and supply faster speed, but it has less coverage and is affected more easily by common obstacles. Pods won't increase speeds, but they will increase Wi-Fi range, for more details read the article, Troubleshooting: Fix home WiFi network issues with BlueCurve Home, Troubleshooting: Network name (SSID) does not appear in network list, How To: Connect a computer directly to the modem, How To: Improve Internet speed by restarting your modem.

I disabled WiFi on the Hitron and am using the WiFi from my personal router (Netgear), my devices work so much better this way. Check Dual SIM Mode Settings. Switch SHAW router to Bridge mode.

Switch SHAW router to Bridge mode I've noticed the Hitron is lacking in WiFi performance. Hi you have a "personal" router you could use, set that router in "AP" (Access Point) mode and connect it to the hitron. I would recommend a factory PIN hole reset with the steps here to see if the issues are still prevalent after the reset (clears all settings). They sent out a tech to replace the modem last week.

My router's hardware version is 1A, software version is Has anybody else experienced this problem and have any long term solutions?

Remove extender2. Buy a good router 2. When selecting your WiFi network on a device, you might have a choice between 5GHz and 2.4 GHz frequencies which should be decided based on the location, distance, and requirements of your devices.

Pods won't increase speeds, but they will increase Wi-Fi range, for more details read the article Shaw WiFi Pods FAQ. This is really a pain. Watch the modem lights flash and, after a few moments, remain lit. I restarted the router each time and that seems to have remedied the issue until it returns about an hour later. Several times a day now, I need to reboot the hitron device to get 5G to come back. I finally called Shaw support a few weeks ago and they couldn't trouble shoot the problem. Granted, if there was a recent update there might not be much info (at this time).

However, the signal strength in the basement has never been very strong. My issues have been resolved in as much the problem is no longer present. Go back to Settings → Cellular → Cellular Data Options, and check if 5G is showing up. Can you try a factory reset so it is under stock settings to see if it becomes more stable? After setting up both 2.4 and 5g networks (renaming -2.4G and -5G after each SSID), we noticed that absolutely none of our devices can connect to 2.4G, only 5G. Do you know why WiFi speakers or WiFi security cameras might cause the 5G network to disappear. Looks like this was one of those issues Shaw didn't want to disclose to the public. All rights reserved. Otherwise, a modem swap may be needed. My Internet isn't working — is there an outage in my area? To work well, your Shaw modem should be positioned where there is the least physical interference. The Hitron I have is set to the default "Gateway" mode since in "Bridge" mode I kept getting internet freezes (sometimes 3 times a day) and would have to power cycle the Hitron, in "Gateway" mode everything seems to be working well and have not had any freezes since. Steps to solve this problem: 1. how many devices are connected to your home WiFi network? Hey @darcy_norman, it may be a modem issue. However, this will also reset your default password and network name to those found on the sticker on the back of your modem. Many WiFi issues can be corrected by simply restarting your modem. Unplug the power cable from the back of the WiFi Modem. Shortly after setting this up I noticed that my 5 GHz network band name (both my original 5G and 5G_EXT names) would drop from being visible in all Mac & PC devices. Note: BlueCurve Gateway supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, but these won't appear separately in lists of available networks.

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