Kroot Guns are significantly heavier than the Kroot Rifle, and thus must be mounted on the back of a lumbering Krootox. As you quoted from page 29 Tau Empires, the seeker missile shot is resolved normally in all regards except with the stated BS change (not a modifier but a stated level). A Heavy Railgun is a larger version of the standard Railgun and is usually only mounted on the Manta and AX-1-0 variant of the Tiger Shark aircraft. These targets do not have to be within line of sight of the operator, as once the target has been acquired, the missiles are able to effectively home in on it, manoeuvring their thrusters to propel them around any intervening terrain as they hunt the enemy down to an explosive conclusion.

Flamers are also lethal weapons when used by Crisis Battlesuits fighting in dense terrain. This made the weapon far more dangerous, and it now has a significantly larger area of effect. EMP Blasters are issued exclusively to XV46-4 Vanguard Commander Variant Void Battlesuits. They usually have short ranges, but are more dangerous the closer they are used to the target. They are commonly shoulder or arm-mounted and function using a relatively simple multiple missile delivery system. Honour Blades are typically used to settle disputes between Ethereal Caste members in highly stylised, bloodless duels that are more coordinated co-meditation than combat. [2] The guidance system will adjust the missile's maneuvering fins to ensure the correct pulse pattern is being followed which, combined with the missile's speed, allows for extreme accuracy even at long ranges. Larger targets such as bulky infantry, monstrous creatures and vehicles inevitably suffer proportionally greater harm from Pulse Submunitions Cannons as they can be struck with a wave of near-simultaneous detonations, magnifying the blast and ripping them apart. Fusion Blasters can also be used to eliminate heavy armoured enemy infantry, as the sheer heat will melt all kinds of armour as well as the wearer. This and a torrent of other targetting information then is fed into the Fire Caste Cadre's tactical network and becomes available on the wider T'au electronic battle network, relaying ranges to the marked target, triangulating optimum firing trajectories and superimposing aiming vectors.

Kroot Rifles are commonly fitted with blades near the barrel and stock, which are a throwback to early traditional Kroot fighting staves. A Smart Missile System is an advanced weapon system that fires clusters of small missiles, each guided by a Drone processor unit built into its warhead, intended for use against masses of enemy infantry, particularly those hiding in cover. One by one, the secrets of the galaxy will become ours, and all the worlds touched by the light of our star will know the joy of the Greater Good. Warhammer 40k Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Equalizers are carried in pairs. This makes them suitable for taking on enemy armoured vehicles from unexpected directions before a full Hunter Cadre arrives to deal with the situation. A Fusion Torch is a short-ranged and very high-powered Melta cutting tool, utilising an atomic fusion reaction to generate an immensely hot beam capable of cutting through even the thickest of bulkheads and barriers. Pulse Weapons operate by utilising pulsed induction fields to propel lethal micro-bursts of plasma over long ranges. As a dedicated elite infantry killer, enemy units that manage to survive a Rail Rifle fusillade often find themselves pinned down, unable to do anything in the face of such deadly fire. Pulse Weapons such as the Pulse Rifle and Pulse Carbine are issued as standard arms to every frontline Fire Warrior.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Due to this, the Seeker Missile is far less accurate when fired this way, and does not benefit from the additional targeting data needed to allow it to strike with its full potential. Seeker Missiles are a Tau missile system similar in concept to the Imperial Hunter-killer Missile. The Phased Plasma-Flamer can be fired in two modes: single canister which only uses a single barrel, and full rotation which uses all three barrels to generate an extended flame burst with the drawback of a small potential for danger and damage to the Battlesuit itself. Pulse Submunitions Rifles were first developed as primary T'au Battlesuit weapon systems for the XV9 Hazard Battlesuit to complement its battlefield role as close-ranged fire support, and thus far have not been deployed on any other T'au weapons platforms. By arming XV88s with High-yield Missile Pods, the Battlesuits sacrificed range and damage for the ability to lay down faster barrages that proved more than adequate in destroying the crude scrap-armoured Ork vehicles.

Photon Grenades are designed to be used in a situation where enemy forces advance too close to a T'au firing line.

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