Here are their basic tenets: This is pretty universal among Republicans. The Republicans claim to be the first party to favour environmental issues when President Nixon pushed for a Clean Air Act which was duly passed by Congress. They are more interested in controlling sexual behavior than in reducing the number of abortions. 's' : ''}}. You are right that Conservatives believe that States have the rights accorded by the Tenth Amendment to control their own affairs which are not specically enumerated in the Constitution.

The following is taken from the 1995 Republican Party’s history of … Our central government has no business in my church, unless FEDERAL law is being broken or compromised. flashcard set{{course.flashcardSetCoun > 1 ? But if the president made any effort to understand his opponents or appreciate their world view, he might not seem so incapable of forging deals or so dismissive of the nearly half of the country that voted against him.

Sign Up For Our Newsletter Answer: People probably want to get rid of guns because they are so often used to kill people and they think that will help.

When a voter votes for his party's candidate and they lose, then those voters also lost their representation for the office in congress because the other party will not advance the legislation important to the other party. They vote they way they do because of religion. The conservatives built something great and now your kind want it destroyed and believe somehow things will get better! I just saw this well written hub, but a few, inconstancies. You are right to realize that ONLY the free market has ever lifted mankind above daily drudgery. However, I wrote that they are generally accepting only of the Judeo-Christian belief system, which is true.

Question: Who is the the leader of the Green Party? Let's take a look through some of their policies and see what these differences really mean for American politics. One of the best examples of this policy came from the presidency of Ronald Reagan in the 1980s. It is meant to make democrats believe that all republicans are evil and hateful. I don't feel that these beliefs are from Republicans of yesteryear.

I think that the news media has moved so far too the left that they are distorting what people think. Question: Why doesn't Donald Trump believe in most of the typical Republican things besides immigration stances? Log in here for access.

I might add that such persons are only "Republicans" by default. An error occurred trying to load this video.

As recently as John McCain, he was not for deporting grandma, whose life had been here. crankalicious (author) from Colorado on October 09, 2012: And of course I don't think Republicans as a group support either the KKK or Nazis. 2 years later the GOP allowed Cheney to be a back room president to GWB's front man position. Republicans state that this is a Christian nation.

Then the banks, in search of more perfection, packaged the mortgages as “guaranteed” low-to-no risk investments. A Republican would say that relying on the government to solve problems is a crutch that makes people lazy and feel entitled to receive things without working for them.

Your point about evolution is really nonsensical. History of the Republican Party. Our constitution says nothing about political parties, but nonetheless, they have become an extremely important aspect of our political process.

That's how that sentence is constructed. The party supported low taxes for most of its existence, but this became more pronounced during the 80s with the entry of Reaganomics. That part of the bible does not need translating. Finally, I believe that the Republican Party is the best vehicle for translating these ideals into positive and successful principles of government.”. Since just, moral Republicans don’t agree with smoking pot I’m guessing you don’t agree with the many States allowing the use of medical marijuana. I do not say “small” government, because we passed that point decades ago. You are correct that the private sector has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that only it produces prosperity in any society on earth. Plus, get practice tests, quizzes, and personalized coaching to help you So are you going to accuse the republicans of being nazis also? Here's a government question for you: which article of the US Constitution outlines our policy on political parties? Have a question about our comment policies? It is bad enough that we are misunderstood and hated by people in other countries who are lied to by their dictators because they hope to destroy our us and our freedoms - It is absolutely tragic that we have people in this country trying to divide us for political gain using the same dreadful tactics. Over time, more people from the South began to join the party, and after a decade or so their influence on the party’s belief was seen clearly.

That's a Democratic program. If you really believe these things and feel so much anger and hatred for other people perhaps you should stop listening to Rush Limbaugh and Chris Mathews, turn off the TV and computer, and walk outside and shake hands with your neighbors.

Reagan believed that local governments knew what their community wanted more than Washington and he pushed for a development in the powers of local government.

There are plenty more I could post, but I happened to come across both of these today. There's not a Repulican alive who feels that every recipient of a social program is lazy. Do you believe it is the child’s fault for not having the means to an end? The Republicans claim to be the party of tax cuts. Most of this confuses republicans and conservatives, which are not necessarily the same.

Of course not. You can sum up what the republicans believe very quickly in a couple of sentences. They supported TARP and the various schemes to increase home "ownership". Republicans support the position of the NRA and do not believe in gun control. Now they own the mess this country is in thanks to allowing a world class grifter to do as he pleases on our tax dollars. Of course not. CTWeekly delivers the best content from to your inbox each week.

You are right in your proposition that any government should not tax its people more than ten percent of its wages. True, a few who really do believe in limiting the scope and power of government breakthrough from time-to-time (some elements of the Tea Party have hastened this) but they are still the insurgency not the majority.

Fixing the economy means giving breaks to the wealthy so that they can privately invest in the economy, and letting businesses make the economic decisions they feel are best. It will NEVER feel right for me to ostracize a sect simply because they are different than me… must be the tolerance Jesus taught me and lest we forget the Father will be the ultimate Judger. Republicans absolutely believe in and cherish separation of church and state because they believe in religious freedom.

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