A = Hardwired connections; B = K bus; C = Diagnostic DS2 bus; D = CAN bus, 1 Fuse 15A â€“ Permanent feed2 Fusible link 100A3 Fuse 50A4 Air suspension relay5 Compressor and motor6 Temperature sensor7 HP exhaust valve8 Exhaust valve9 Control switch, 10 Body control Unit (BCU)11 Air suspension ECU12 Driver door module (Access mode switch), 13 Reservoir pressure sensor14 Valve block15 Front cross link valve16 Rear cross link valve17 LH rear height sensor18 RH rear height sensor19 LH front height sensor20 RH front height sensor21 ABS ECU22 Instrument pack23 Diagnostic socket. . You can test this by simply trying to blow through it. Land Rover®; Remove the cover gently remembering the orientation of the spring. Compressor … make sure you catch the clips as you remove them as they can be tricky to get to if they fall below the carpet. Air supplied to inflate the air springs passes through the air dryer. The pressure limiting valve also operates when the exhaust pilot valve is opened, allowing air returning from the air springs to be exhausted.

Discovery 3/4 2004-2010 — Range Rover Sport 2004-2010 — Range Rover L322 2006-2009, RQG500071 RQG500072 RQG500080 RQG500090 RQG500060 RQG500061 RQG500062 RQG500070  LR044360 LR01530 LR015303 LR023964 LR010376 LR045251 UUB504700 VUB504700RQG000017 RQG000018 RQG000019, Your email address will not be published.

Other code diagnosis   =   Resorvoir pipe air leak /Gallery Pipe air leak/Intake filter blocked or restricted/Intake pipe blocked or restricted / Air suspension intake silencer blocked or restricted /Air suspension intake silencer blocked or restricted / corner valve stuck open /pressure sensor fault/ Electric motor burnt out / Piston connecting rod broken or jammed. navigating back to us on the ebay system in the future can sometimes be a hit or miss experience as the ebay searching system can change on a hourly/daily basis. Exhaust valve 14. The compressor is used to supply air pressure to the air suspension reservoir.

Take flat headed screw driver and remove final filter at the base of the filter unit.

This is a guide for how we carried out this quick repair to elevate the suspension fault. TDI 2700cc / 4200cc v8 / 4400cc v8 / TDI 3600cc / TDI 3000cc / TDI 5000cc v8.

Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. The pressure limiting valve also operates when the exhaust pilot valve is opened, allowing air returning from the air springs to be exhausted. Your email address will not be published. AUDI® knowing them back to front inside & out! If your Land Rover Range Rover Sport has an air suspension fault with fault code C1A13-64 ‘Pressure does not decrease when venting gallery’, then there is a good change the following will be of help. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. xڽZߓ۶~�_��ΥSS �g2���鴩�޴ϊij�E��ݵ��J$�K-}�)S?�����o���ɯ��ʥ�N^�+͛�������Q�Ց~\�� �D�ov:i3�+��}�d&����N؅4%��B�U���w��W��=�h�A����tx�X?g��~��Oes*W�����Vu�(�}�5��^/��i[>oOٯ����������z����z��^��+k�+�c�]|ZN /י��\癶�0��A�K��_��~����ţ���ʹQ��s�6WY�[i���6ְ�z�y��y;{�����.2#���ş��/�A���

We understand their can be cheaper products elsewhere ! The electric motor drives a crank with an eccentric pin to which a connecting rod is attached. is the registered trade mark of Daimler AG. Other code Diagnosis =  Exhaust valve stuck closed/Exhaust valve does not hold minimum retention pressure/ Gallery pipe blocked or damaged / Pressure sensor fault / Air suspension exhaust silencer blocked or restricted / Air suspension exhaust pipe blocked or restricted / Reservoir valve block pipes incorrectly fitted (unions reversed), ————————————————————————————————————————————————————-.

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Once the top half is removed we can now access the air compressor pump and motor unit. 19 - Inlet air filter 20 - Pilot exhaust valve 21 - Exhaust 22 - Air silencer 23 - Pressure relief and exhaust valve 24 - Motor temperature sensor 25 - Electric motor OPERATING MODES The driver can manually select, using the air suspension switch, one of four ride states: ON-ROAD - this height is the normal operating height of the vehicle

We now illustrate at the beginning of our product descriptions for Hitachi and Dunlop/Amk compressors ! The valve is pneumatically operated, responding to air pressure applied to it to overcome pressure from a spring located behind the valve. It is a good idea at this point to tilt the filter unit on its end to remove any wayward drying beads.

If the compressor temperature rises above set limits, the ECU will inhibit compressor operation.

Connect a 12v positive feed from a car battery to the Red wire to the compressor and a feed from the negative terminal of the battery to the Black wire to the compressor. Pour new drying beads in to filter unit, level off the beads and fit the new felt filter on top.

1 Reservoir mounting screw â€“ front2 Reservoir mounting screw â€“ rear3 Air pressure sensor4 Reservoir, 5 Air hose connectors6 Hose â€“ reservoir pressure to valve block7 Valve block.

You can now test the Range Rover Sport’s suspension works correctly before building it all back up. Located in the same housing as the exhaust pilot valve is a pressure limiting valve which, on systems without an external pressure relief valve, protects the air springs from over inflation. Retain the two metal face plates and O-ring from around felt filter and dispose of old felt filter. Mercedes-Benz®

A proven product over many years .

Range Rover Sport Air Suspension Faults. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. When installing the top half of the suspension pump housing, make sure the lips of the bottom half and top half meet up perfectly all the way around the edge, then simply place the sprung clip on the top side and push on to the lower side with your finger. Porsche® Land Rover and Range Rover Air Suspension repair products. Ensure face plates are central to felt filter and that you can see 0-ring around the circumference of the filter, this mates to the filter wall, this is important to prevent air circumventing the filter.

Did you make this project? If this guide has been useful to you, please share a link to it on your social media, rather than copying it. stream

Then remove the spare wheel to see the plastic pump housing below.

! is the registered trade mark of Audi UK / Audi AG and the Volkswagen Group.

The valve is pneumatically operated, responding to air pressure applied to it to overcome pressure from a spring located behind the valve.

Landrover Freelander 2 door not locking, Lock…, MEMS 1.6 ECU pinout, MG Rover, Landrover, Morgan, MEMS 3 ECU pinout, MG Rover Landrover Lotus Caterham, Due to GDPR, we must notify that this site uses cookies.

The compressor has a temperature sensor located in its housing. Take the new filter with plastic surround from our kit and fit 0-ring in to the outer plastic part. Take a T27 Torx and unscrew the 6 bolts on the filter unit cover, the filter cover is spring loaded, take care when removing cover, remember which bolt fits which hole for re installation. Required fields are marked *, 4x4 AirSeals For example: a 1999-2002 part fits all years 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002. Oem Land Rover Discovery /RR Sport Oem Hitachi & Dunlop Aftermarket unit  or Oem Hitachi & Dunlop Aftermarket unit in the boot/trunk Range Rover L322 2005-20011 . We are an innovative manufacturing company in this field, all of our products are tailored towards the ‘Do It Yourself’ home mechanic. !

Land Rover Range Rover L322 2006 +, Range Rover Sport, Discovery 3 EAS Air Compressor Filter Drier Unit Repair Kit Instructions: Is your vehicles air suspension rising slowly, noisily, or perhaps failing to … We do not recommend this as a permanent fix, and if you follow the guide, then you do so completely at your own risk.

Pressure does not decrease when venting gallery = Compressor fault 95% of cases ,! Attached to the compressor is the air dryer which contains a silicate box for removing moisture from the compressed air.

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