Writing coach: Welcome. Silvio says this cannot be overlooked, and his recommendation is to blackball Ralph from the club. [the dean of a college that Meadow is applying to is asking Tony for a $50,000 donation]. Ralph Cifaretto: No, I did NOT! Christopher Moltisanti: [grabs hold of Ralph's hair and it comes clean off - it's a wig he's been wearing all along to hide his baldness] Aahh! You remember your first blowjob? Carmine Lupertazzi: One other thing though. Tony punches Ralph, knocking him across the kitchen.

Tony Soprano: Don't blame f***ing paulie, Makazian comes to me and tells me Nutley PD has got a description make and of the car, why don't you leave a f***ing urine sample next time? Tom Fiske: [of AJ's latest paper] The usual. Carmela Soprano: You've heard the term "comfort food".

Tony Soprano: Ask your friend there on the wall. Tony Soprano: So what?! Ralph is devastated, and turns to Father Intintola for guidance, becoming remorseful about his many sins. Agent Dwight Harris: Damn! The two have a fistfight]. Paulie Walnuts: He tried to kill himself? This story about these kids in some Iraqi hospital. Mikey Palmice: [sighs] That's a Braun, babe.

Tony Soprano: That's not nice. I presume you got a family. He killed sixteen Czechoslovakians. Tony Soprano: Whaddaya, whaddaya want, John? Livia Soprano: Power? When Silvio Dante, Paulie Gualtieri, Tony, and Christopher Moltisanti discover her corpse laying outside, Silvio instructs Chris to cover it up with a sheet, while the others bring Ralph back outside to explain himself on Tony's command. I can hear it in everything you're sayin'.

Christopher Moltisanti: You ever feel like nothin' good was ever gonna happen to you?

JoJo Palmice: Another kitchen appliance.

You want to get sent to Iraq? Anthony 'Tony' Soprano Sr.: [Remains silent], Silvio Dante: Take, Paulie for example you know perfectly well guys like him don't kick up their full percent to you, you look the other way, it's the price of doing business, by you cutting him some slack now that his "out of the closet" it'll be just the excuse for guys to go off the reservation and start holding back some serious money. Christopher Moltisanti: You don't listen to the president? There are men in the can better looking than my sister. From now on, I'm gonna rely on you more and more, 'cause you're the only one I can fully trust. Adriana La Cerva: Is Tony still actin' all mean? Web. They drop us off and go on their way. Anthony 'Tony' Soprano Sr.: I called you here, 'cause I got something to tell you. You musta seen that one. Phil Leotardo: Captain? was smoking weed on his confirmation] Get back in there to your guests! Eventually during the Pie-O-My incident (see below) after meeting with Tony and delivering his taste for his work, Ralph encountered Silvio, Chrissy and Paulie.

I am nobody's darling. And I'm gonna put a bullet in his f***in' mummy head! What if Jerry Lewis heard you talkin' like that? Carter Chong: "Now he's not crying," the nurse says, "Just wait till we get the pacifier out of his ass.". Ralphie's crew becomes the highest earning crew of the family, mainly due to Ralph running the lucrative Esplanade construction project. Soprano, Jr.: Really? Anthony 'Tony' Soprano Sr.: Lithium, Prozac. Silvio Dante: What the f*** are you doing? John 'Johnny Sack' Sacrimoni: He's got a right to be here. Christopher Moltisanti: F***in' chaos! I always thought Ralphie was so funny. Christopher Moltisanti: Why the f*** would Pussy run? The shrink was in the f***in' witness chair.

Tony Soprano: Well you know about us wiseguys? You know the power that you have.

Real estate manager of the DiMeo Family That's the worst kind of bet. Dr Jennifer Melfi: Giving the beating or taking it? Salvatore 'Big Pussy' Bompensiero: A lot. If you'd been born after those feminists, you woulda been the real gangster. I know Dad was no choir boy, but maybe with a little bit of support... Livia Soprano: Oh, Mr. Dolan: What, am I supposed to be afraid?

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