Pokémon Insurgence provides players with limitless options and opportunities to enjoy, and there’s 720 Pokémon, generation 1-6, spread throughout that game to do battle with and catch if you so wish. Furthermore, Insurgence shakes the traditional Pokémon adventure up with a gritty storyline filled with cultist leaders and Pokémon experimentation. We did! Pokémon Reborn is the first game on this list that isn't a ROM.

Since then, the inhabitants of Aevium have been slowly rebuilding and restoring peace to the land. If that doesn’t sound cool enough, Phoenix Rising also offers a variety of impressive features that are not found in any other Pokémon game. The 20 Most Popular Video Games Right Now, The Best Pokemon Emerald Cheats (GameShark Codes), The 20 Best Selling PS4 Games of All Time, The 30 Biggest Open World Maps in Video Game History, The 35 Best GTA 5 Cheats on PS4/PS3 & Xbox, The 15 Best Call of Duty Games of All Time Ranked. Pokémon Sage started out as a collaborative project on 4chan’s /vp/ (Pokémon) board with the purpose of designing an original set of Pokémon. This has resulted in a majority of Pokémon games, at least the mainline series, feeling somewhat timeless and capable of appealing to a wide demographic of players across all ages and backgrounds. Train Pikachu and ward off mean sparrows yourself with this fan-made game. Pokemon Mega Adventure is one of the best Pokemon fan games completed version to play now. Most impressive is how much original content has been packed into Sage’s brief demo which ends once you’ve acquired the third gym badge. Set in a completely new location called the Torren region, the game sees you exploring a war-torn world where Pokémon-worshipping cults fight for world domination. Cults and thugs have infiltrated the region and are all fighting for world domination.

Besides new maps, quests and storylines for you to enjoy, trainers are able to explore the two different halves of the map, Western & Eastern, which each have their own unique storylines and missions to conquer! The game features explorable 3D environments where players are able to interact with and battle other trainers and Pokémon, from around the world, in real-time.

Described as feeling like the “Dark Souls of Pokémon”, Dark Rising follows a young trainer in the Core Region.

Best Upcoming PS4 Games 2020 (And Beyond), The Best Nintendo Switch Controllers (2020 Reviews). So far, we’ve only included 2D sprite-based Pokémon fan games on this list; however, there are a few 3D Pokémon fan games worth mentioning.

The game features a medley of Pokémon from Generations 1-4 and introduces new mini-games, TMs, and Gas/Sound/Fairy elemental typings. The game plot starts when you sleep and have a strange dream. Pokemon fan made games, as the name suggests, is created by fans.

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The game features over 150 original Pokémon, plus some new “nuclear” additions.

Reborn features 18 different gyms to do battle in, one for each type, and also introduces Field Effects. The game features a roster of over 800 different Pokémon from Gen 1-7 and has been updated to include Mega-Evolutions, Alolan Pokémon forms, and even an appearance from Ash’s Greninja.

The game boasts tons of cool features, like mini-games, elemental types and the awesome ability to play as your Pokémon! For more context, learn what emulation is and how it works. As well as the 16 badges up for grabs, trainers are also able to compete in two Pokémon leagues and a World Championship, so you certainly won’t get bored with this one any time soon. The Difference Between Fan Made Pokemon Games and Pokemon ROM Hacks Fan Made Pokemon Games.

Pokémon 3D is an interesting fan-made game that simulates the Pokémon world in a 3D pop-up kind of way. The best split-screen PS4 games are a perfect choice if you want to... What are the best split-screen Xbox One games?

For years, Pokémon has managed to capture the hearts and minds of many players by offering a consistent yet addictive gameplay loop centered on catching, battling, and raising a massive roster of 800+ different creatures.

Uranium is a very popular fan-made game and you may never see any other perfect game created by fans similar to official series. A list of fan-made Pokemon Games made for PC, available for download.

Additionally, players can battle, trade, and even form teams with other players online. Here are the best free fan-made Pokémon games you can play right now. The cycle of updates and new releases is nearly constant.

The game includes some exciting new, and highly-requested features, like trainer-customisation, mega evolutions, secret bases and creative delta species, which give players the ability to mix two species of Pokémon together to create a brand new Pokémon! The game also introduces a special Pokémon class called Delta, which are essentially different typing/coloration combinations of existing Pokémon species. For example, you can expect to see choice-based outcomes that have an overall effect on the story, a quest-system that organizes in-game events, and, skill-trees, which have perks deisnged for different players styles. I was a huge fan of the animated series growing up, so Pokémon Ash Gray is a pleasant trip down memory lane. With a series of career paths set up for your trainer, you can be a War Party Leader, a Military General, a Safari Zone Warden, and more. The game begins with the son/daughter of the famous Dragon Trainer, Lance, playing in a mine-cart, when all of a sudden the mine-cart loses control and rocket’s down an old track into the region of Naljo. For example, trainers could be a War Party Leader, a Military General, a Safari Zone Warden and many, many more. Pokémon Reborn is a desktop game, rather than a Game Boy Advance ROM. Attempting to uncover the events of a nuclear explosion in the Tandor region, a young Pokémon trainer sets off on his journey, but quickly faces some strange occurrences and an irradiated Pokémon. The difficulty level is set to 11, which is super difficult, so good luck trying to get to the first gym leader, as we’re pretty sure you’ll get wiped out countless times before you do. I was a huge fan of the animated series growing up, so Pokémon Ash Gray is a pleasant trip down memory lane.

It doesn’t include any custom-made Pokemon, so it only includes the creatures from the original series. Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S – Which Should I Choose? However, Pokémon 3D is still going strong today, so head over to the new site and give it a bash if you want to try something different! Pokémon Reborn is the first fan-made game on the list that isn’t a ROM, instead, it’s made in an RPG Maker. When he's not talking about business or marketing, you'll find him on a beach or in the gym.

The track leads them into the Naljo region, a previously unexplored area obsessed with industrialization.

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