That took a lot of plastic and time.

Shorter ones can be done in an hour, while longer ones could take several. Take any one of the strings and run it counterclockwise past one string. I have also taught several people to do them, but it is definitely much harder when I cannot help them face-to-face. If you know how to do the box braid, you do the same steps. Things might look a bit messy still, and that’s okay! By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. Remember, changing the lanyard very slightly and repeating it will give you a whole new look. Keep the ends parallel to each other. Both laces should be laying flat, one over the other. 4. It should be much easier to put the knots together. Depending on the length of string you cut in the beginning, you can spend as little as twenty minutes or many many hours putting knots together.

11 months ago. Thx for teaching us!!! Thinner gimp and boondoggle laces will yield more length in the final product. To tie it, first complete one more lanyard knot, but do not pull it tight. 1.

If you enjoy making lanyards, you may also enjoy making patterns with perler beads ( or making jewelry with beads (! 3. Take the one on the top right and move it down. Finally, take the string on the left top and pass it over the first string, but under the second. This step will explain how to switch things up. Cut the strings to whatever length you like. Then once more. Stop before you run out of material, as you will need to tie-off your end to secure your stitching. Repeat step 3, but turn your ends so they are running diagonally across the square instead of straight across. There are a lot of different varieties of lanyards you can make, some more advanced than others, but here are a few ideas to get you started on this enjoyable hobby.

Take any one of the strings and run it counterclockwise past one string. Start by finding the center of each lace. To make a box lanyard, first cross the centers of 2 equal lengths of material so they’re in the shape of a plus sign. You can find all the materials you need at your local craft store.

A ring. Only adults should use this method. All it takes is a little patience! 2. You have completed your very own lanyard! Can you help? Securing your lanyard hook allows you to maintain a tight tension while you're braiding, making the process easier. Apply a small bead of glue to the base of each end. Reply

It is a great way to pass the time, completely safe, and the results are very impressive. You can cut them as long as you'd like, but bear in mind that with thick craft lace about 3 feet (1 m) of craft lace will yield about 3 inches (7.6 cm) of lanyard. Now imagine they are coming not from a common center but from the four sides of a square. by Dylan Spencer.

Before, your laces should have stayed on the same side of their other end. Cut one string, then measure it against the other for length.

Any brand will work. Pull the ends firmly now that you have it started. Each time you fold your laces over, you should be threading the others through them so that they are all holding each other’s ends down securely.

Thinner gimp and boondoggle laces will yield more length in the final product. Securing your lanyard strands at the end with a clip or keychain may make it easier to thread. wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. Did you make this project? If not, tie one more knot. B. One notice: Beware of twists! Grab the other end of the bottom strand and do the same thing, then weave one end of the top strand over the first loop it meets and under the second loop. I have tried doing the square weave following (or trying to) instructions from several other places and have always failed. Note that the loop your second top strand went. 171.

I made a lanyard, which seems to me a very useful alternative to string in many applications. To create this article, 88 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. on Step 2. A granny knot basically consists of two half knots: cross the strands, wrap your top strand around your back strand, and then repeat this for the ends of the half knot you've just created. I hope you guys have fun doing this.

To create this article, 88 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. I only know the one you have here an s circle weave. Supplies. Also, lanyards have a variety of uses, such as offering a great way to secure keys, cell phones, badges, or whistles. Before I start I want to say I have no clue why they are called lanyards, SO this is not what they are supposed to be! I see bracelets and belt in the last photos and would like to know how to make them. 6 years ago Lanyard string. The small ones I can do in a couple class periods, while I remember dragging some enormous ones around for a week. This comes in a variety of colors, usually in 100-yard spools. Tested. Repeat this for all four strands, pulling each strand tight when they're all through, and then trim the strands to your desired length. Pull this tight against the ring. They are very common at camps,especially with the Boy Scouts, who love knots. Check periodically to make sure your stitch looks right before continuing. The finished product will look much smoother. Thank you. Patience. The top strand will need to be folded down, fold your left strand toward the right, move the bottom strand up, and take the final strand over the first strand and under the other. Make sure the strand you're weaving isn't the one you just weaved through a loop and draw it toward the center. It should be directly over the "box" you just created. The biggest that I ever made was 6x6. As you become more experienced, you can do many tricks and twists to make a more interesting lanyard, and I might make another Instructable about these later. I hope you enjoyed this project, and please vote for me in the contest! What is the string to make the lanyard called? I originally started doing these at camp, and i thought of them when I was looking for something to post that hadn't been done already. Next, weave the other end of the top strand over the first loop it meets and under the second. Start with a short one till you get the hang of it and are sure you wont give up halfway through. Explore › Arts & Crafts. Continue making knots until there are 8-10 of them. If you do this right, the entire lanyard will look the same from every side. Amazon's Choice for plastic lanyard string. I encourage you to keep experimenting- there are many more techniques and styles than the ones I have covered here. For now, keep working until you have only about 2-3 inches of lace left. Plastic lacing crafts have been around for a long time, with names as colorful as their plastic pieces. For boondoggle, 3 to 4 yards is a good length for a beginner's lanyard.

You may now disregard the color-specific aspects of the process (which were included for clarity) because what matters is the position and sequence of the weaving. We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free.

Lanyards sometimes take awhile. Then put it under the string of the same color on the other side and bring it up through the middle. All of the other knots could be done in your sleep compared to this one. This article has been viewed 676,435 times.

Using two different colors will be easier at first while you're learning the crown sinnet method. C. (Pictured) Tie each strand in a knot, as close to the base of the craft as you can manage (it might take a few tries). Cross the laces in an X at their center point, under the accessory. It doesn't matter, just your personal aesthetics. 14 Steps. Lanyards are great.

Finally, the last string is (again) different to make it symmetrical. To learn how to make a diamond braid lanyard, scroll down! I recommend about a foot or two of each color (or do both the same color) on the first lanyard. This will make a keychain-sized lanyard. First, you have to lay out your string. This was so easy!!! But if you don’t want trailing ends or want to be absolutely sure it won’t loosen, you have a few options. Here, you will fold it over to the opposite side of its other end (if the other end is usually on the right when you fold them over, fold so it is on the left- see photos.). Participated in the Make-to-Learn Youth Contest. Are you using the most basic 2-string weave, or attempting to replicate one of the designs only pictured in the last picture? Look at my edited picture.

The woven laces will be less than a quarter of their original length, so make sure to start with enough.

Thread the accessory onto both laces until it is in the middle of the lengths of lacing. Please add them or do some more instructables on how to make them. Now that the first knot is done, you truly have a (warped) square. Even the most experienced people sometimes find themselves backing up a few knots to straighten out a twist. Although it could tear, don't be scared to pull tight. Simply do the same thing over again, laying each string down to form the same pattern. To learn how to make a diamond braid lanyard, scroll down!

The possibilities are endless. Your two ends for the top strand should now be facing the same direction. I find it at hobby lobby for 2.27 a 100 yd roll. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 676,435 times. The wikiHow Video Team also followed the article's instructions and verified that they work. You can make a lanyard without one without any problem, but if you omit one at the beginning, you will NEVER be able to get it on at the end if you change your mind.3. Warning: Hot glue is a serious burn hazard, and takes practice to use neatly- for safety and best results, do not allow children under 13 to use it, and always supervise even the older kids. Plastic lacing in your favorite colors (Here I am using the two strand method, I chose two different colors to make it easy to tell them apart), Any accessories for the finished product (clasp or keyring), (optional) Hot glue or lighter to permanently seal the finished product. You should put more weaves on here.

They can be used as keychains, ID badge holders, lamp pull-cords, bracelets, replacement zipper pulls, and just about anything else. This is the EASIEST thing ever to make! They can be really long or practically in the knot. EXCELLENT instructions and pictures. To tie it, first complete one more lanyard knot, but do not pull it tight.

Thanks for sharing your skills with the rest of us! Your work will look more crisp and neat if you do.

It will take a matter of minutes to learn the basics; completing a craft can take 20 minutes and upward depending on how complex you want to go and how much practice you have. % of people told us that this article helped them. The first knot is unquestionably the hardest one. Make sure the string is on the left-hand side. It is very hard to describe, so please look at the pictures as I walk you through it. I did it and it’s so much fun for a rainy day activity! Take the string that you just went around and do the same thing. If you want to keep it simple and finish up, see step 8. This one took about 15 minutes, including the pictures.

Embed. Hot glue works best. By using our site, you agree to our. In doing this project, I learned to make a useful tool for many things. Last Updated: March 8, 2020 wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. Looks great! This page will teach you how to weave plastic lacing- what you use it for is up to your imagination! Gently tug on each end until it is snug, but not too tight. It isn't very difficult, just a little lime-consuming.

If you want to combine stitches -- that is, switch from a box style to a diamond style -- all you need to do is change your weaving pattern accordingly! That is how to start the box braid, and you just keep doing the same steps with the 4 strands until you are done.

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