Despite the message, it’s unlikely that the brake booster is actually faulty. Personally, I want Porsche to design a 991 GT2 road car with very radical weight reduction and have them move the engine forward like they did in the new RSR.

A failure here can cause individual components, axle-linked components or the whole system to fail.

These determine the operating conditions within the transmission.

Or do you have a faulty sensor? We’ve experienced an oil reading that went down when we added a quart! I'm looking at dropping a turbo in my cayman but so far the cost to power added ratio just doesn't make sense with most kits.

Porsche does not supply serviceable parts for the spoiler mechanism. I wanted to ask TPC owners how their car and view changes after the kit. The compressor is designed to run in short bursts to top off the tank.

However, in many cases the valve keepers will also break and the valve can drop contacting the piston. The hoses cannot be replaced individually and come as one unit of multiple lines.

The level of vacuum is monitored through a sensor and a drop in vacuum can cause the sensor to report the fault to the dashboard. Commonly, the actuators for the rear spoiler will fail causing the lopsided or failure to raise faults. Failure of these sensitive components is inevitable. There are two likely spots for this to occur – the front of the engine or the rear of the engine close to the transmission joint. Originally, this 928 had a 4.5, but it now sports 4.7-liters in displacement, and not because of some engine swap. Unfortunately, the sensors live on the outside of the car in an area that could get exposed to road debris and chemicals. I'm pretty certain the Panamera engine isn't anywhere near close to fitting. There's a reason why "small light weight" high power cars have AWD. It’s definitely worth going through the diagnostic process to identify why the spoiler is not working and eliminate all other possibilities before having to replace it. The ignition coils on the Porsche Panamera V8 have been updated a number of times.

Fuel pump failure on the Panamera is common.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, 986 Boxster S, 997 Carrera S,987 Cayman S. Cookies help us deliver our Services.

If the misfire moves with the coil, you have a coil problem. Interestingly, a shop that has a good degree of Mercedes Benz experience is a good bet. The oil is recycled to the sump, while the gas is passed through the combustion path to be burnt and cleaned by the catalytic converters. Most cars have multiple engine and transmission mounts. However, neglecting maintenance can cause issues – check your last service update with our recommended Panamera maintenance schedules.

VAG took multiple versions of the transmission and personalized them for their various car ranges. The most common fault set through a failure in this system is that of the brake booster fault. Don’t be surprised if the oil level sensor is not telling the truth but, make sure you are certain that the oil level is correct before ignoring the sensor and replacing it. The higher engine revs also enable the main pump to circulate enough coolant through the system and radiators while you drive. Failure of these sensors is very common. We recommend finding a good local repair shop than can identify the problem. Replacement units on the Panamera are very expensive. If you’re enjoying being parked in freeway traffic and your engine starts to get to warm, this could be the issue. The result from faults is often a new PDK, when in reality, an internal component swap would likely save the whole unit from being replaced.

If it were though, it would be a great idea. There is no manual backup of the tried and trusted dipstick – so did you overfill or under fill?

Over time the refrigerant from the AC system will find its way out of the hoses and joints. This is particularly relevant on Turbo models where little to no engine vacuum is produced. A complete lack of vacuum should be fairly obvious to diagnose.

Of course, replacing the plug and coil is the first step but, if the problem persists we’d recommend compression testing the cylinder involved.

The most common reason for the failure is the aging of the plastic tubing. At times the V8 engine in the early Porsche Panamera will report a CEL for codes associated with an incorrect valve lift on one of the two cylinder banks. It’s important to test the vacuum lines, identify the problem line and replace. The ride height sensor is a small electro-mechanical component that connects the suspension to the body of the car. Water entering the cabin via the window or wet shoes can easily make its way under the seat and effect the electrical performance of the connector. Two failing at the same time is unusual, so if you have a lower than normal ride height across one axle, do not assume leaking struts – see level sensors below. Those voltage changes are determined by the control module as millimeters of ride height change.

At higher torques, the clutches slip resulting in highly accelerated wear and early failure.

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