The following modifications are currently in place: Oxbow's wooded campsites are open year-round. Bring along plenty of snacks and/or a picnic.

It's a State Park. I pay the park fees gladly for the opportunity to put down a picnic blanket, without worry of dog poop; next to a shady tree without the smell of dog urine. Located within the scenic and old growth-laden Sandy River Gorge, the 1000-acre Oxbow Regional Park possesses all the right trimmings: an old growth forest, 12 miles of trails, and lots of camping, picnic areas, and playgrounds. Explore 12 miles of trails through Oxbow's ancient forests.

Dogs just like to play too much.

Also, please subscribe to our email list to learn about upcoming trips and offers. 3010 SE Oxbow Parkway, Gresham, 503-663-4708. I imagine a huge frat party with drunk people floating on inner-tubes with a beer cooler being toted close behind.

Backpackers and hikers alike enjoy wildflowers around the lake at the height of summer, but the real draw for swimmers is the 25-foot-deep swimming hole at the southern end of the lake. Explore 12 miles of trails through Oxbow's ancient forests. Thanks for your comment, and thanks for reading my article. No restrooms or showers. I was just going to post it, and let other folks comment, because I like to avoid political discussions on a family site. . This is a great place to go if you want to just sit in a camp chair and talk quietly to your family. Siouxon Falls plunges into the creek at the two-mile mark and is among the creek’s most popular swimming holes, but Siouxon Creek also collects in deep emerald pools elsewhere along the way, giving hikers plenty of options for cooling off. Metro's Oxbow Regional Park provides a perfect launch point for swimming, kayaking, rafting or fishing in the majestic Sandy River Gorge. Oxbow Regional Park Campground Description Oxbow Regional Park is a 1,000 acre metro park located near Gresham, Oregon in the Sandy River Gorge Scenic area.

Group camping, tenting and primitive campsites are also available.

Reserve a camping spot for the night, and gather around the fire for nature activities and music.

Oceanside, Oregon on November 26th, 2007. MAKE SURE YOUR SITE MEETS YOUR CAMPING NEEDS.

Go past the truck stop to the light and turn right on 257th Drive. Take a little day trip and swim, fish, boat, or hike along the 15-miles of lush hiking trails of Oxbow Regional Park. Firewood is not available for purchase at the park. However, who wants a bunch of smoke drifting toward your kids who are enjoying the beach?

For obvious reasons, I spend a great deal of time at parks. Thanks for the comments Jennifer. Concerning the dog issue, I don't necessarily think there should be an outright ban on dogs in the entire park (I just reread what I wrote).

The park is open from 6:30 a.m. to legal sunset. The clear, running waters are surrounded by some of the most beautiful old-growth forest in the Portland area, and the dense undergrowth only adds to the trail’s ethereal charm.

The park and roadway is clean, well preserved and easy to navigate. People shouldn't smoke outside around children.

The rangers….Who are not rangers at all… Ask people for Drivers Licences and ID's if they are driving to fast, caught with a beer or talking too loud. With a few exceptions, you’ll likely contend with throngs of like-minded swimmers at these (or just about any other notable) destinations. There’s really no such thing as a “hidden gem” when it comes to swimming holes in Oregon, but Serene Lake comes close.

I have gone there ever since I was a young kid and always enjoyed the park and swimming.

Learn how Metro uses voter investments to protect water quality, restore fish and wildlife habitat, and improve access to nature.

They already ban it on hiking trails, which is a nice touch. Smokers should be considerate and dog owners liable for their pets. Subscribe to the Packit Gourmet newsletter for insider discounts, product updates & travel tips. See the nationally designated Wild and Scenic Sandy River. Featured image provided by Matthew Macpherson.

Why can't people just keep their unruly poundfinds on a leash? These two rules coupled with attentive park rangers make Oxbow one of the most family friendly parks around.

Bays Lake is especially popular for a peninsula outcropping that is fun to swim out to, and Scout Lake provides one of the best Mount Jefferson views in the park. We're on Facebook at: please become a fan.

Screaming noisy kids!

And as a bonus, those who tackle the trail will be treated to views of looming fir trees, pristine views of Cascade peaks, and untouched mountain lakes. Nearby, Three Pools demands less work and attracts more visitors, but the 3.5-mile hike to Opal Pool is worth the extra effort. Thank you, and Take Care!!

I don't think we'd ever agree on the smoking issue.

Check-in instructions are posted in the campground. Drones, model planes, model boats and other remote-controlled vehicles are not allowed. The Opal Creek Wilderness might be a solid two hours from Portland, but the Northwest wonder nevertheless offers some of the most vibrant, brilliantly emerald-green swimming pools in the state. Each of Oxbow's campsites include a picnic table, fire pit and cooking grill; one restroom/shower building with hot and cold running water, heated-air hand dryers, radiant floor heating and flush toilets. The park does have an amphitheater, boat launch ramp and playground. Despite the heroic efforts of camp counselors, a 12-year-old girl drowned while swimming in the Sandy River near Oxbow Park Friday afternoon, Aug. 21.

Native Americans occasionally use the park too, for Salmon Ceremonies (Oxbow hosts the Salmon People one one week-end each year but use the park on their own, too), and then you smoke of sage, cedar and sometimes sweetgrass wafts through the air. Services include: dumping station, boat …

I respect and appreciate your difference in opinion, and I'm sure there are many who would agree with you. Picnic reservations are closed until further notice. Track animals on the river's sandy beaches, where mink, beavers, black bears and other wildlife come to drink. Some smokers think it's fine to smoke right next to their kids or even in the same car. Moose Creek Regional Park is located 4 miles North and 1.5 miles West of Oxbow.

I'm not trying to set the rules. A word of caution: There’s no such thing as a “secret” swimming hole in Oregon anymore. Outdoor activities include boating, canoeing, kayaking, swimming and fishing. I don't expect you to agree with me. If you have one, bring your Bob Jogging Stroller and load it up with all your gear. Then earth would be such a great place…just for you! There are also two vault restrooms.

Give it all a rest. A long walk down a trail to …

Go past the truck stop to the light and turn right on 257th Drive. The scenery isn’t to be scoffed at, either. Situated on the north side of Mount Jefferson, the park is home to breathtaking wildflowers, dense forest, scenic mountain views, and pristine alpine lakes. Sorry Lance. Please use a JavaScript enabled browser in order to access the full functionality of this site. Restrooms are closed. Finally, if your kids are really good swimmers, you may want to bring some inflatable rafts or boats to use out in the current. Agreed!

The biggest surprises happen when I think a place is just going to be awful, and it turns out being the exact opposite. 40 Reviews #1 of 8 things to do in Gresham. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Metro is taking steps to protect its staff, the community and you.

With the rangers’ continued enforcement of the rules, this park will remain a fun place for families to visit. 38 reviews of Oxbow Regional Park "Despite its location on the outskirts of Gresham (I know what you're thinking!)

Most Oregonians know better than to expect summer before the 4th of July. OXBOW REGIONAL PARK Oxbow Regional Park, not far from Portland, is popular for its kayaking, swimming, and tubing opportunities. No smoking??

Share your time and make a difference at Metro parks by, Parking fee is $5 per car or $7 per bus (free with. Site details and tent pad sizes can be viewed online by clicking on the site name. For information and reservations about group picnic areas, call 503-663-4708 or visit

Wash your hands before and after your visit. We hope you'll subscribe to our RSS feed.

Portable restrooms are available. Oxbow Regional Park is surrounded on three sides by the Sandy River (which starts on Mount Hood), affording swimmers plenty of cool respites from the summer sun. So you actually care more about your furnishings that your own lungs.

Recommended Ages:  A great park for all ages, especially if you’re camping. The campground at Oxbow Regional Park is open with modifications and accepting reservations. Yes, on the beach, I wish people wouldn't smoke, but it's just my personal opinion. Learn in an outdoor classroom about tracking, mushrooms and other topics.

To ensure your trip is both fun and safe, please plan ahead. Located just east of Portland along the undammed Sandy River, Oxbow Regional Park is the closest taste of the Gorge you can get from the city. This 1,000 acre nature preserve is just ten miles east of Troutdale on the Sandy River.

It really helps when you make those videos so i can get a clear picture of the park im visiting!!

Written by Matt Wastradowski for RootsRated. But your willing to inhale that crap right into your lungs! Your browser does not support JavaScript! Check-in instructions are posted in the campground. The hike is also close to a handful of sandy beaches, hidden waterfalls, and deep green pools, providing a cool break to hikers who’ve worked up a sweat along the way.

It's the same question with smoking and kids.

I think that if you wants a special area set aside for those that choose to smoke (which I do not by the way) or have a dog (which I do), then mabye what you really want is your own private island where you can dictate the actions of others. In the article, I'm just saying I think it's a good thing that dogs are not allowed and that people cannot smoke on trails.

Registration and cost: $8 per vehicle; $12 per bus. Oxbow Regional Park is a 1,000-acre (4.0 km 2) natural area park located ten miles (16 km) southeast of Troutdale along the Sandy River in the U.S. state of Oregon.Owned and operated by Metro regional government, it hosts a yearly festival celebrating salmon. Page content has changed.

Therefore, I'm obviously a bit biased. The campground at Oxbow Regional Park is open with modifications and accepting reservations. 4. Period!

For more information, call 503-797-1850.”. No restrooms or showers.

4. However, in Portland, it seems to work for the most part.

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