Oobi is a curious puppet with an eye for adventure. Not specifically for younger viewers

Even when he isn't the focus of an episode, Oobi shows up at the end to say the line. Tim and the other cast members were paid to visit a manicurist and get their nails touched up every week during production. His quiet, self-conscious personality is often contrasted with Uma and Kako's goofiness and arrogance. At the end of every episode, Oobi waves goodbye to the viewers while using his catchphrase: "Oobi, you, friends!" An important element in the series is Oobi's dream of becoming a piano player. For example, "Uma Preschool!" First appearance He was played by Tim Lagasse.

Oobi is the main character of the show.

Being a hand, Oobi needs to focus all of his energy on the music when he plays the piano. They have a lot of the same interests, like playing T-ball and taking care of pets.

Oobi is also friends with Frieda the Foot, a girl who happens to be a foot puppet instead of a hand. ".

Oobi is a role model to his little sister, Uma, who usually looks to him for guidance. Played by He has a good-natured attitude and is loyal to his friends. He explores the world around him in small steps and is always eager to learn something new.

Although he loves playing with it, he obsesses over keeping it in perfect condition, treating it more like a collectible than a toy. via YouTube Capture.Leave request for a oobi episode if you want This video is for any age audience that wants to watch it. Unlike most of the other puppets, he only wears accessories or clothing on special occasions. Grampu was able to fully repair the toy with the kids' help, and Uma even fixed its squeaky wheel with some oil. This video is for any age audience that wants to watch it.

His first choice for Oobi's name was "Pipo".

Sister: UmaGrandfather: GrampuAunt: Aunt Oota "Uma Preschool!" Oobi ran for 100 individual episodes over three seasons. On the one occasion that Oobi let Uma play with the car, she accidentally broke a loose wheel off and ended up destroying the whole thing while trying to fix it. is all about Uma's school life, but Oobi still pops up at the end to say it and wave goodbye to the audience.

However, their personalities are drastically different and balance each other out.


Grampu helped him realize that differences are good and people come in many shapes and sizes. His best friend is his next-door neighbor Kako, who visits Oobi's house so much that he is practically another member of the family. Gender

These aired in 2000 during commercial breaks on Noggin and Nickelodeon. Oobi's performer, Tim Lagasse, is a veteran puppeteer for Sesame Workshop. Four fingers act as Oobi's upper lip, while his thumb acts as his lower lip. Along with his piano lessons, Oobi is part of the community center singing group. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Male "Dance!"

Oobi's friendship with Kako has lasted since they were very young.

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