The collect Copper Ore (the main reason you came here), look for redish stone, as this will net you a fair amount of Copper Ore very quickly. It will only trigger once you've completed The Cave on Amber Island.

Here are everyone’s favorite items in My Time at Portia: We’ll be updating this post with more details as soon as new information surfaces. A single Sand Blocker requires: Once you've crafted them, travel over to the South Block, and install the Sand Blockers in the indicated locations. Further missions in its timeline are in chronological order. As you progress through the game, more Dee-Dee Stops will become available for placement.

Find another switch, which will lead you to the final room.

Digging over to these will net you a relic. The only bait available in the game are Caterpillars. Gust is very protective of his sister.

Gust's Lamp, which in on a rock near the forking passages. What you're going to do is ensure that you have the following Crafting Stations: You're also going to need a Level 2 Worktable. Chatting with Gust once a day can increase his relationship by 1 point, or 2 points with the Smooth Talk skill; subsequent chatting, on the same day, only results in the same conversation without any relationship gain. Check finished products in factory and replenish accordingly 3. Aside from working on your farm, My Time at Portia lets you mingle with the different townspeople.

Follow the townsfolk, as they will follow the path of the airship. There will be a massive hotpot that you will need to toss food into. community members have thanked the author. And with the bridge built, you'll be able to access Amber Island, where there are a couple of spots to use for play dates, a fishing spot and a few creatures to kill. Weight He'll give you the blueprint for Sand Blockers. Secondary Missions that should naturally occur during the main story are also included, but bear in mind that when they actually start may vary between players. You'll need to complete two tests to get your Builder's License. Crafting Leather can take a while. Antoine will tell you to go and talk to Gale. This mission will start upon leaving your Workshop in the morning. While he is inclined to slowly open up about her, getting too nosy about questions involving her will make him upset. Dr. Xu - 10 x Herbs or 5 x Herbal Mixture. YMMV / My Time at Portia Go To × Edit Locked. He also has a bed set up for QQ to lay in inside of A&G Construction during working hours. Spoiler tags have been used just to help manage the amount of information. He has a pet pig named QQ, who was given to him by his master to care for. Gust owns a pet pig named QQ, who was given to him by his master from Atara, whom he speaks affectionately of. If you do find and enter one of these rooms, you'll unlock. It's a useful weapon for this mission. Randomly gives you Gols. Papa Bear Aroma Apple +10. If you leave these gaps in your house, you won't regain all of your stamina upon waking up in the morning. Locate your Worktable in the yard, and interact with it. Gale will then call you to his office on the Monday, with a commission to craft a Removable Battery, to restore power to the Amber Island Cave (this initiates The Cave on Amber Island mission). And then on Month 1, Day 19, you'll be informed that it's the Day of the Bright Sun Festival.

You'll also be able to highlight three items at a time, instead of just one. Note: QQ and Liza are not part of his relationship network. Pinky will then attract your attention, and she'll coax you into following her to Amber Island. Several days later, you'll receive a letter inviting you to attend a Fireside meeting, where you'll be introduced to Mint (an NPC worth building a relationship with, only to the status Buddy). If a mission triggers multiple main missions, this will be indicated. Starting from outside the Commerce Guild, a large airship will fly over the town, occasionally dropping a number of gifts. All you need to do is survive one minute in a fight with either Sam, Arlo or Remington.

Then head over to the Assembly Station, and select the materials to place them. You'll receive a letter from Dawa, where he explains that he needs to plant trees in South Block, and needs you to craft Insulated Planter Boxes to put them in. If you select "I know who you are! Has lunch with Ginger, Gale and Russo. Secondary mission Once you've crafted them both, go back to the Commerce Guild and speak to Presley. Doing so will unlock.


The player can obtain a matching outfit from the Steam-exclusive Player Attire Package DLC, consisting of the Charming Spirit Top, Charming Spirit Bottom, and Charming Spirit Deerstalker.

You'll start by needing to find a Broom, then a Mop and then the Plunger. A few days after the last mission, Mint will send you a letter with a blueprint attached for The Driller.

Leave your workshop, and if you look to the stone wall opposite your workshop, you'll find a blue treasure chest. So head to the Tunnel for a bit of a conversation. These four missions will appear as commissions. Fiber Cloth can be purchased from the Clothing Store for 28 Gols each. The next morning, you'll receive a letter from the Civil Corps saying that you'll be able to update the Relic Scanner. It's safer for you to do so.

If the player chooses to dine at The Round Table with Gust during a play date or date, it is recommended to order dishes Gust will like.

9000 Exp, 2600 Gols, 200 Workshop Reputation.

Due to the amount you'll need to do, this mission is in the spoiler tags below. You won't be able to use the Dee-Dee Transport System until you've gone to the Collapsed Wasteland entrance. There are a couple of missions listed here that may not trigger until later/earlier than listed here. All times listed are estimates, unless otherwise noted.

So, in theory, you could co-inside this with getting a good gift for the Present for the Celebration secondary mission. You'll receive a letter from the Civil Corps asking for you to fix a leaky pipe that is inside WOW Industries. Make sure to pick the conversation option "Sure, sounds easy.". Missions Outside of the Main Story Timeline. The Rat King isn't hard to beat, just remember to use to dodge his larger attacks. With that done, you need to go and speak to Gale to complete the mission. Upon returning, he became devoted to his sister and family and started A&G Construction with Albert. Presley will inform you that in order to build this bridge, you will need to enter the Abandoned Ruin #1 to collect the materials that you will need.

There's one item worth getting, and it's in one of the three chests you can find before fighting the boss. The 4 commissions that will be placed are Rank B, and upon collecting one, you'll be given a recipe for the Street Light. So it's definitely easier to just survive the full minute. You'll also be rewarded for completing the mission.

If you can, bring a stash of Snake Berries (restores 10 HP) and Royal Honey (restores 15 HP) to replenish health, along with any Simple Ointment (restores 120 HP) you can afford to purchase from Dr. Xu. An example of this is Winter, he will mostly sit around his mother's grave. And if you wish, you can spend 20 Gols to reset the floor, but you don't need to do that yet. It also seems as though Gust's friendship has a bit of a breaking point, as he does express some annoyance with Albert's less than desirable traits, especially when told about things Albert has said about him without his knowledge.

If you haven't met her by then, the mission will trigger the day after you've met her. You'll start with a Water Bucket, then a Flower Pot and then finally a Cooking Pot.

Once you've crafted the Removable Battery, you're going to wait until the day is a Thursday to continue the mission.

More poses are unlocked by reaching higher relationship levels. 22 comments. Find anything you think is wrong with this walkthrough? To complete Paulie's commission, you're going to need (in total): Creating the Grinder is done on the Assembly Station. You are a builder. you'll lose relationship points with Gale. From here on out, the Tree Farm will be open, and for you, the Tree Farm will deliver wood and other items to your Resource Box (which is next to your mailbox) every day. +200 There are two ways of getting Caterpillars, either from gathering plants in the wild, or purchasing them from Sophie's Ranch for 4 Gols each (depending on market prices that day.) 1 x Copper Bar requires 3 x Copper Ore. You smelt the Ore in the Furnace. The Portia River will also be polluted too, as well as the fishing spots around Amber Island and by the waterfall.

inside. You won't be able to do all of them, as Higgins will take at least one Commission. Heading there, you'll be able to sign up for the fishing tournament. 1800 Exp, 1000 Gols, 60 Workshop Reputation, 20 Relationship with Albert.


On the morning of the Saturday, Presley will be outside your Workshop explaining that Gale has secured funding for the Dee-Dee Transport and 5 commissions will appear on the Commerce Board. But I'll leave the glasses with you" , you'll have to wait until the next day for the additional +10 Relationship reward. You will need to do a lot of mining in the Abandoned Ruins #1. You'll also unlock. You'll then need to collect/craft the materials to craft the Stone Furnace. This has a pair of Worn Gloves inside. You'll then be able to craft the Planter Box from the Worktable - Furniture Tab. So at this point, you're going to have completed Bridge to Amber Island, but you are not going to progress any further. He'll ask you to craft six of them. Then head to the Research Center and speak to Petra.

If you don't manage to complete them all on the Saturday, you'll be able to complete the last ones on the Sunday as well. You will need to go and speak to her at the Portia Times.

You'll then need to find and tell Arlo about it. The rebuilt relics can be then be placed in your Workshop (and you may get stat bonuses from doing so), or you can donate them to the Portia Museum when it opens. Mission Index. 4000 Exp, 1500 Gols, 150 Workshop Reputation. Your aim is to get the spiciness above 85, and keep it there for for 10 seconds. You'll have 28 days from accepting the task to complete building the Crane, so it's worth focusing on getting it done. You'll then have to defeat 3 x Level 10 Bandirats.

Once you've done that, go back to Presley in the Commerce Guild. Ehrlich. Isaac Tea Table +10. A cutscene will start upon approaching him. In order to complete all of the commissions, you will need: After the Fireside meeting where Mint is introduced, there will be a meeting to discuss the project. There are also catch chances for the three types of fish - Common has a 64% catch rate, Emperor - 32% and King 4%. After some time, Mei will ask for a camera, initiating the mission News Camera. You moved into a small town called Portia. She'll take them from you, and in return, you'll be given blueprints for crafting stations what you are going to need. In the ruins you can obtain the Sand, Copper Ore, Tin Ore and Small Engines. This guide will show you how to earn all of the achievements. There is also a chance you will come across Purple Orbs while in scanner mode. The bucket used by Gust to wash his brush is full of water. This means you have mail. You'll then dive deeper into the mine.

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