Mort's first major role is in "Two Feet High and Rising." Mort is so cute and popular that he was put on the cover of the zoo brochure in The Penguin Stays In the Picture. The Penguins of Madagascar #1 - Operation: Weakest Link; Rico's Bad Day.


In the zoo, Mort still has his negative personality. He likes things even if he doesn't know what they are. He loves King Julien's feet which started when he saw King Julien using them to kick some Fossa in the first episode of All Hail King Julien. Mort is so cute and popular that he was put on the cover of the zoo brochure in The Penguin Stays In the Picture.

In the first Madagascar game, however, he seemed to be intelligent like King Julien. He laughs hysterically a lot.

Not many animals in the zoo know who he is, but all of the main characters do.

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He is also apparently part spider, as he can produce webs.

Visitors to the zoo comment on how adorable he is just as much as they do on Private.

If I even give a half-ass attempt at something, I excel at it, and it's gotten to the point of total apathy.

In "Daddy Julien," Mort is shown to have a tendency to take offense at being called "old," when he states in a low peeved tone, "I'm not really THAT much older.". Despite looking and acting very childlike, Mort is older than King Julian, as revealed in the All Hail King Julien series. (In Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, while being chased by a shark and laughing at the same time, he says "Why am I laughing?!?") It's all just boring.

I've long since moved on to solving problems in fictional universes because there are more variables. Well, you know how all the non-age-specific questions (so not stuff like children's books/television) are so easy it's laughable?

Dr. Blowhole's Revenge: He tried to rescue King Julien and he helped the penguins defeat Dr. Blowhole and his Lobsters. The point is that the world just bores me. send you an email once approved.

My mother once tested at IQ 160, and I am far above her. The Big Squeeze revealed his name to come from the Latin root mortem, meaning dead. I hear or men who spend their entire lives trying to crack the secret of pleasuring women; well, I'm gay (more of a functional asexual these days, though) and one day in high school I got bored and figured that all out with a lesbian who had fallen in love with me.

Like in Madagascar, Mort loves to touch feet, especially King Julien's. I am tired of living among babies who can barely figure out how to wipe their own ass.

Mort Garson was born in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, the son of Russian Jewish refugees.

Additional Appearance(s) Because of that, he always volunteers for anything that involves King Julien (ex.

Mort's eyebrows are some of the thickest in the All Hail King Julien series. His tail looks somewhat skinnier in The Penguins of Madagascar.

It's just a pile of shit that isn't worth your time. During the events of "Exiled", it is revealed that Mort is an immortal transdimentional being and all of his alternate personalities are dimensional counterparts who he defeated and absorbed their life essence.

Mort is a character that appears in the Madagascar films, the Penguins of Madagascar and the TV series The Penguins of Madagascar and All Hail King Julien. In my senior year, I took on my entire Genetics class in a Jeopardy-style tournament (9 buzzers against 1) and demolished them. Also, it is revealed that Mort sucked out his grandmother's life force, and she now lives inside his mind."

While the character he admires and reveres, King Julien, dislikes him the most, the zoo inhabitants dislike Julien and care more for Mort (although not by much).

Movies MortimerKing Julien (reignal name as King of Madagascar)Prince Falcon (reignal name as Prince of Madagascar)Dread Pirate MortSad Eyes (Skipper) While the character he admires and reveres, King Julien, dislikes him the most, the zoo inhabitants dislike Julien and care more for Mort (although not by much). Mortdecai

Prince of Kingdom of Madagascar (formerly)King of Kingdom of Madagascar (formerly) After Koto's death, they share kisses and marry each other. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I am tired of being treated like a fool by people who assume my own intelligence is as pitifully limited as their own.

Can be very jealous as seen in Lemur See, Lemur Do when he was jealous of Lemmy, in Right Hand Man when he was jealous of Clemson and Operation: Neighbor Swap when he was jealous of the bunnies, Muffy, Buffy, and Fluffy.

(i.e. Grandpa Mort (grandfather, consumed)Grammy Mort (grandmother, consumed)Zora (ex-wife)Pam (ex-wife)11 unnamed deceased ex-wives Unnamed grandchildrenAunt Trudy (aunt) Who is Mort?

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Although King Julien despises him, he actually enjoys Maurice and Mort worshiping him, as he has confessed many times.

This explains Smart Mort. The entire world is so boring that I've tired of it. He didn't want to be himself before, but in the end, he is happy of what size he is.

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