I had an issue and your rep took care of me as fast as possible.

Rant... People really need to stop buying Microtechs if repair turn around is still 3 months and more. When I needed a blade, it was right there, ever faithful in its duties. I have had a UTX 70 for years now, love it. Due to our Service Personnel knives being built to order, we do not currently accept returns or refunds on these knives. Thank you for producing such outstanding blades. At this time others showed up to help pull her out along with her pet, and both occupants got away with very minor injuries. They thanked me for my service and even included a patch! (You must log in or sign up to reply here. The RSK (Rescue Services Knife) for fire, rescue, and first responders in Red. Offered to all law enforcement, United States Armed Forces, and First Responder service personnel, at a drastically discounted price and backed by our Lifetime Limited Warranty, you’ll never have to worry about your knife losing its edge in the line of duty. I sent it back. (If you have a previous version MicroTech Laptop software, you’ll need to uninstall it first.)

How the poster above can be so nonchalant about a 90 day turn around is beyond me. The L.U.D.T. I currently own 5 Microtechs.

It's been sharpened so much that it has practically become a spear point. The knife came back today. 25 years in Special Ops, and this is one hell of a knife. Without that knife this could have ended up a tragedy instead of a feel-good story. See how we select our steels for 2020 and use the best local metals available, such as Carpenter Super Steel out of Pennsylvania. started by Shmackey, Feb 4, 2018. We specialize in tactical, automatic, and OTF knives. knives in this program are equipped with a tanto blade and optional serrations. Great job on your product, it's truly a life saver. We continue to push boundaries and improve on what we already know works. Background: I did flush it out with naphtha, and that did the trick for a little bit. Hats off to you all on your time and effort that goes into designing your knives! I have nothing but good to say about Microtech. Just want to say thanks to all the great guys that work at Microtech for making such outstanding products. One a Halo V custom and another a Select Fire . I will definitely recommend your products in the future. Just wanted to drop a note to say your customer service is absolutely outstanding! They sharpened the blade and fixed the chip. MICROTECH LAPTOP SOFTWARE The MicroTech v4.1 software is compatible with all MicroTech laptop tune-able ECU’s & Windows based software up to Windows 10. The L.U.D.T. This version also includes a tactical black blade and hardware. We also use M390 and Elmax, making every blade we produce superior quality. Discussion in 'FEEDBACK: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!' Hands down my choice of EDC. (All Service Personnel) in Tactical Black, O.D. But I was sharpening it the other day and I think enough "sharpening dust" got in there that it's on the fritz again.

Microtech Knives is a leading knife maker, located in Asheville, NC. The RSK (Rescue Services Knife) for fire, rescue, and first responders in Red. I chipped the tip of my Socom Elite Tanto. ). The USB driver must be downloaded to enable the USB Laptop Adapter to work (not required […] Microtech has definitely stepped up their game as far as repairs are concerned . In 2020 Microtech® Knives has grown into a leading cutlery brand, always evolving and moving forward using the latest technology, ancient blade principles, and maximum field testing to ensure we never compromise.

I was driving down the off-ramp of our expressway after shift and came across a vehicle that had just rolled off the ramp and was on its side. Thank you guys! From the cold snow filled winters in the field, to the highlands in RC North Afghanistan, back home to the hot summers in Texas, and down to the muggy state of Louisiana; it has yet to have failed me. I was an Infantryman in the Army from 2009-2015 and started carrying an Ultratech S/E (#22910) since 2010. The vehicle was on fire. You guys are nothing short of being truly legendary! I crawled inside the car from the top and once again put the Microtech to work and cut the seatbelts so I could manipulate her body and legs to get her out before the passenger compartment caught fire.

Every time they design a knife, whether it is a fixed blade or an automatic, they spend a lot of time and effort in the design and especially in the testing stage. Congratulations to the team from the X-Men RX7 & welcome to the MicroTech EFI 6️⃣ second club 6️⃣ back to back 6️⃣ second passes in a row 6.92 @ 198mph 6.97 @ 198mph 6.73 @ 202mph 6.81 @ 201mph 6.71 @ 204mph 6.83 @ 203mph Josean Colon behind the wheel … Amazing quality, money is most definitely worth it!

No questions asked. Green, and Tan chassis. Springs are still super crisp, blade point has never been broken, pocket clip is still solid, and 99% of the finish is all still intact. I explained in my letter to them that I chipped it. I currently own 4 of your knives and I am saving up for another one. My first one I ever owned (Troodon) I got back in 2010 and lost it in the woods. I'm a full-time career firefighter in the Chicagoland area, and it just made sense to carry my Microtech Troodon D/E Stonewash knife on me in case of an emergency. (All Service Personnel) in Tactical Black, O.D. Thank you for serving us by making such amazing edged masterpieces!! The SOCOM Elite Manual in Tactical Black ( Tanto Serrated / Non Serrated and Drop Point Serrated / Non Serrated). I just found that knife in late 2018. In operation since 1998, BladeForums.com has led the industry since Day 1. The UMS (Uniformed Military Services) knife in Black. Browse our Frequently Asked Questions, read articles, or submit a new ticket for warranty work.

I went to the car, remembering the knife had a window punch on it, and broke all the windows to get the occupants out. The original LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) knife in Blue. I picked it up almost 9 years later after it had been in the crazy weathers of Missouri and had no signs of any weathering and functioned great! Green, and Tan chassis. The UMS (Uniformed Military Services) knife in Black. *Product availability is subject to change based on production cycles and without notice.

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