All rights reserved. Of course he means to win this November, but if somehow he falls short, no one should expect him to go gentle into that good night. As a general rule, no human being can regularly upstage an incumbent president of the United States, but an inexhaustibly energetic once-and-future President Trump could certainly give it a shot. While Trump complains about a few disloyal and discordant voices disrupting the mighty amen chorus at Fox News, a new TV operation could offer wall-to-wall, 24-hour coverage delivered exclusively by adoring acolytes (Judge Jeanine? Surely, they’ve got to be kidding, but unfortunately they’re not. But Medved feels the committee’s questions merit a follow-up: why this man, if he is so morally questionable, could spend so much time as an intimate associate of the president, and why would he keep him close? There’s no doubt after this testimony; nobody is questioning the idea that President Trump authorized these payments.”, “This is all uncharted territory,” Medved said. One such payoff reportedly was given to porn star Stormy Daniels. “My feeling here is, watching Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows and some of the Republicans on that committee — who are all advertised as Christian Conservatives — just basically treating this like a football game without any recognition that we have some accounting to do for corruption on our side, it’s very sad, it’s depressing to me,” he said. Inslee and Former Vice President Joe Biden. It may sound like an impossible dream, but it’s actually a surprisingly plausible scheme to bring much-needed balance to Olympia. “But I do know some of the players here. Michael Cohen was once the president’s personal lawyer and spent more than 10 years serving him in the Trump business organization. Should the U.N. Opinion polls show that over two-thirds who say our nation is on the wrong track, with less than a third of us who sense we’re moving in the right direction. Michael's column is a widely distributed, insightful read about what's really going on in this country. And what are we fighting for by defending this very, very flawed chief executive?”. The same familiarity factor could facilitate a return to power in 2024.

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Follow Michael. So far, President Grover Cleveland, another well-padded, combative New Yorker, counts as the only president to win two nonconsecutive terms. A little noted detail in a new national poll raises questions on its report of a solid, steady Biden lead. With the brute power of the state, resistance is futile – unless we succeed in defeating this idiotic proposal by a landslide margin. At 81 and 84 respectively, at the end of a prospective first term, Biden and Sanders would both face pressure for retirement, forcing the Democrats to field a candidate who lacked the undeniable advantage of incumbency. Chances are that even in defeat, the "Orange Menace" would maintain unshakable control of the Republican Party and continue to inspire his tens of millions of loyal followers with boisterous rallies, confrontational media appearances and world-girdling tweets. Contact him via Twitter @MedvedSHOW. The only president to accomplish this feat. Second, giving an impulsive president “Four More Years” would bring far more suffering. Cohen testified in 2017 to a Senate committee that negotiations with Russian officials to build a Trump Tower in Moscow had ceased when the president took office. He called the president a racist, conman, and a cheat.

Oct 20, 2020. Even our greatest chief executives, from Washington and Jefferson through FDR and Reagan, suffered significant setbacks in their second terms, paralyzed as lame ducks whose encore agendas never match their first term achievements.

After political campaign work, including a position as an aide to Congressman Ron Dellums, Medved worked in advertising, and coordinated a campaign to recruit more African Americans and Hispanics to the police departments of San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley. If President Trump wins,... Read More.

His title was “lawyer,” but he was commonly referred to as a fixer for Trump, paying off women Trump allegedly had affairs with to keep stories quiet, among other duties. “Even those people who are very strong supporters and great admirers of President Trump should pause for a while and think about if this is the fight we really want to have. “He was accused of racism, multiple felonies; credibly accused because there is documentary evidence here to go along with Cohen’s testimony. His decade as a reality star made him a media darling long before he descended that fateful escalator in 2015 and helped him dispense with 16 lesser-known GOP wannabes. The president reportedly despises the quotidian details of actual governance, so it’s likely he’d enjoy four years of a well-publicized (and surely profitable) permanent campaign more than the daily grind of a second term. Listen to Michael Medved weekdays from 12 p.m. – 3 p.m. on KTTH AM 770. That also means a new beginning for my party, the GOP, and I hope to participate in many meaningful Republican victories in the future. He might not have succeeded in building a big, beautiful wall during his first term, but he did manage to build the Trump name into the best-known brand in the galaxy. Kellyanne? With another term of Trump, there is no chance. First, because a triumphant Trump would view his upset victory as the justification for more divisiveness, crushing deficits and chaotic governance. But they still ardently hope this blistering brawl will damage the president’s reelection drive and rescue America, permanently, from a demagogue they despise. A House committee hearing Wednesday with Trump… Medved: Michael Cohen’s remarks undermined both himself and Trump’s defenders, “As a Conservative, I’m just feeling so embarrassed by the Republicans on the committee,” Medved said. Listen Commercial FREE | On-Demand. After his first year of law school, Medved left to work as a head speechwriter for diplomat Joseph Duffey in his unsuccessful bid for U.S. Senate, and then for four years as a speechwriter and political consultant.

For the most part, Jay Inslee has been a mediocre governor, and I disagree with his climate obsession and his itch to raise taxes, but in two terms, he hasn’t yet managed to wreck the state of Washington. A House committee hearing Wednesday with Trump’s former lawyer proved to be a very bad day for the president, according to Medved. Medved argues that Republicans should start making high-level deals between the president, the vice president, and other DC officials to organize the next presidential campaign without Trump — he should finish his term, but not run for a second. Michael Medved backs both GOP, Dems in 2020 Voters Guide, Gov. Cohen said he was through lying and covering for Trump, and brought documented evidence to back up his allegations. For two reasons, a second term would bring disastrous consequences. For 32 years, from 1980 through 2012, I only … Joshua Freed, a conservative Republican, is running as a write-in candidate and it’s not altogether inconceivable that he could win. With two powerful, well-funded Democrats dividing their party’s vote, Freed could prevail with 35 to 36%. Michael Medved. Trump’s incomparable name recognition would give him a powerful edge on any 2024 opponents, Republican or Democrat. Michael Medved is the only major nationally syndicated host of Salem Media — a fast-growing player in conservative, Christian radio and online media — who is vehemently anti-Donald Trump… This time, I am voting for Joe Biden, not because I feel confident that he will reconcile the nation’s warring tribes but because I believe there’s at least a chance that he might.

At this point, it is obvious that Democrats don’t expect to win the impeachment fight. Sex ed for kindergartners? Before you fill out your 2020 ballot, find out how KTTH’s Michael Medved is voting in the 2020 election. If your local school district wants to devote countless hours teaching very young children about the birds and the bees, then on a local basis you can at least stand up to them and demand a change. Choose the plan that's right for you. The Pollster Who Thinks Trump Is Ahead.

Login Join. During his 2016 campaign, speculation suggested that Trump’s real goal involved not the White House but establishment of a Trump TV Network as a rambunctious, populist alternative to Fox News and the "fake news" outlets he so gleefully derides.

Michael Cohen’s remarks undermined both himself and Trump’s defenders, called the president a racist, conman, and a cheat, Ross: No need for interference, Americans are trying to suppress their own votes, Despite fewer cars on roads, Puget Sound traffic congestion still difficult to predict, Seattle police arrest 7 Wednesday night at Capitol Hill demonstration, Sign up to receive the most popular email.

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