Putting it on your doors or windows would keep out unwanted influences, while allowing positive energy to flow into your home. The spheres of Metatron’s Cube represent the ‘Feminine’ whilst the straight lines represent the ‘Masculine’. Metatron’s Cube is composed of 13 spheres held together by lines from the midpoint of each sphere. It feels like the tender space between breaths in, TAURUS FULL MOON {+Blue Moon in the Northern Hemis, THE GREAT RESET ⁠ You will likely feel strong tingling in your extremities, some light disorientation or dizziness, and a desire to “go the extra mile” in pursuing your intuitive nudges. Looking through the complexity to find the simple shapes, and to see the interplay between them, can be very soothing. Some consider Metatron’s Cube as a holy glyph also. Repeat out loud this intention: Hi Metatron! Each Archangel is a Sacred Keeper of an element of Creation and hence takes Gods LOVE and expands the field of Creation infinitely in all directions of time and space.

As I mentioned, Metatron’s powerful healing energy often appears in sacred geometric light formations. Also, this sacred geometry element has many sacred geometry jewelry jewels related. The Archangel of Inspiration, Who is Archangel Raphael? The texts mentioned above place Metatron in the second position to YHVN in spiritual hierarchy. Pingback: 5Ds of ELLAMENTAL « ELLAMENTAL MASTER BUILDER 1440° ∀ΦΨΠ.

tesseract. An idea that wasn't exactly wrong, as early humans used these shapes to build classic structures like the Parthenon and the Great Pyramids, and modern humans saw that these sacred shapes repeat all the way down to the molecular level in nature. Crystal Light Healing® Sacred Ancient Wisdom Course is the study of the 13 Sacred Keys of Creation through Metatron’s Cube. The Flower of Life is a sacred geometry figure, and its name refers to Metatron mentioned earlier and in apocryphal texts, like the Book of the Palace and the Second Book of Enoch. Thus your Soul Star projects our a holographic image (the auric field) that creates your physical body through the separation of the Elements, hence creating your primary Chakras – Energy Centres 9 to 3.

When called upon Metatron may use these shapes merged into one, or individually depending on what will most serve. As you overlook the empowering sight before you, a star, as big as the sun comes into view.

*Note: By downloading the challenge, you will be opting-in to receive marketing & discounts from the Black Feather Intuitive – you can opt out at any time!*. The Metatron’s Cube contains three octahedrons – one inside the other, spaced at a Phi Ratio. Visualize a beautiful indigo light shining like a beacon from your third eye. Have you ever sensed the urge to change a negative thought, or pattern of thinking into a positive one? Each of them keeps an element of creation. This is where the two photos of the Andromeda Galaxy come into play. Once ascended, Metatron was given the all-important task of keeping a scribe of all choices made in heaven and on earth in a universal archive referred to as the Book of Life or the Akashic record. The necklace is one of the most used jewels of the metatron cube. Projections of a double tetrahedron, stellated octahedron and an octahedron. Most people know that Archangel Raphael is the Archangel who oversees healing… However, did you know that Archangel Metatron could be a huge ally on your healing journey as well? And it also serves as a personal portal of energetic light into other dimensions of the Universe, when used in meditation. By imagining the symbol not as a stationary thing, but moving in a clockwise direction, it repulses and disperses negative energy while acting as a kind of battery for you to draw energy from. As Metatron's cube spirals down along your spinal column, feel dense energy, toxins and blockages releasing and your vibration naturally elevating as a result.

There’s nothing specific you need to do, see, or experience for this to work…. Thus the 13 Archangels (ie the 13 Spheres of Metatron’s Cube) are present through all levels of creation from the highest vibrational frequency pulses at the central core of God/Source through to the densest of physical matter. At your Soul Star level, you are a spark/fractal of Source energy, thus you are all of the five Elements (Earth, Fire, Air & Water) coming together as one through Spirit. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Here is your chance to get access to my exclusive freebies! Given that the center of each of the circles is a node. It can be particularly useful for those who need something to hang on the wall above their work desk, as it will be the first thing you see when glancing up from your work and trying to think of what step to take next with it. I now know that Archangel Metatron is a high-level spiritual being, who serves according to Divine will and who teaches those who are ready how to access their spiritual light and power.

A seventh… His presence is much more intense, often overwhelming, than others such as Michael, who often communicates with an almost Earth-like presence. Therefore, you just need to have the means to call on him. You may wish to che. The aim is to deduce de three dimensional structure of the Cube. Since very ancient times, it has been believed that God created the entire cosmos according to a specific geometric plan. Many people turn to Metatron on their journey to discover their own spiritual and personal power. They enter this life often overwhelmed and confused by the negativity and heavy energy that permeates, which can cause them severe problems – emotionally, physically, mentally, socially, and energetically. It is made up of all the Platonic Solids, but it also has thirteen circles in it to represent the thirteen archangels (with Metatron's circle at the center). You can use it to focus your intention and energy for the purposes of healing yourself and others of any malady. It also opens human eyes to the expanding field of creation in every direction of space and time. Therefore, infinitely expand Creation field in every direction of time and space. This is a field of very high vibrational frequencies with a capacity to ripple out all through Existence, leading to the creation of physical matter, sound, and colour. Focus your awareness within, and ask Metatron to assist you in clearing your chakras and healing your entire being. developed the entire Cube of Metatron tonal system. Healing modalities like The Melchizedek Method feature Metatron’s healing characteristics & techniques, and can shift your life in ways that allow for more freedom, self-confidence, and a deeper understanding of who you are within this Divine universe. Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world. Metatron's Cube is a symbol that's meant to represent the journey of energy throughout the universe, and of balance within the universe. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. These 13 energy centres or experience are what breathe our Light Bodies into existence, creating the Double Merkabah Body of Light of our Auric fields – the field of OmAhOm. We revere Metatron as one of the most powerful Archangels, as he represents all of our abilities to access spiritual power and achieve ascension. Click Here For A Free Angel Message Channeled By Melanie! He helps them uncover how that power can serve the greater good on Earth. *Note: By downloading the e-book, you will be opting-in to receive marketing & discounts from the Black Feather Intuitive – you can opt out at any time!*. Through light work and energy cleansing, he can assist you in releasing what no longer serves you – physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically. Take a moment to bathe in that sensation. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. As a result, one can get a better understanding of the tree of life by studying Metatron’s Cube. Love in this context is an acronym for Live One Vibrational Energy. As Above So Below Meaning – Full Quote Origin and Phrase Significance, Books of the Bible in order – Old and new testament order Book list, Samael the lightbringer, Demon, Fallen Angel and Archangel, Walmart Online Shopping home page – walmartonlineshopping all departments – www.walmart.com, Paracelsus von hohenheim – father of forensic toxicology – quotes, Open PDF File – Reader, Opener, Converter – Free Download, CDR File extension – What is and how to open it, The Flower of Life Meaning, Symbol, Pendant, Ring Jewelry – Sacred Geometry, Fruit of Life Meaning and Sacred Geometry. The Flower of Life is a sacred geometry figure, and its name refers to Metatron mentioned earlier and in apocryphal texts, like the Book of the Palace and the Second Book of Enoch. Consequently, it depicts the weaving together of male and female polarities in creating the ONENESS field of the infinite ALL. One common thing Metatron's Cube is used for is as a meditation aid.

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