Conrad was born circa 1832, in Hessen. A person suffering from these "black outs" might leave home for hours or even weeks and behave like someone else entirely. Next month, a Georgetown, Ind., antiques and art firm will offer about Its subject was a woman with multiple-personality disorder, a dubious and faddish facet of human psychology developed as a behavioral theory. Shirley Jackson's book was a sensation. after Mason's death. The serious downside to Sybil is it allowed a debunked psychiatric "treatment" called "repressed memory recovery" to flourish.

As a means of identifying with Dr. Wilbur, she related that long ago she had wanted to be a psychoanalyst like Wilbur. FMSF opportunists attempt to cash in. ", Mark Miller & Barbara; Kantrowitz "The Real Sybil: Kentucky art teacher was 'Sybil', scholar confirms. Shirley Ardell Mason lived quietly in Lexington for more than 20

Peter Swales, a Mattie Atkinson came to marriage late in life by the day's standards – she was almost 27 years old at the time of her nuptials, a bit long in the tooth to start a family.

Visitors to this page since October 9, 1999: Descendants of William Brown HAGEMAN, Aletta "Althea" Quick STRYKER, and Magdalena Voorhees STRYKER, Moses Cutting JOHNSON and Zerilda "Jane" WILCOXEN, Descendants of Elijah Willcockson and Charlotte Calloway, Elizabeth WILLCOCKSON and Benjamin CUTBIRTH. Credit: Shirley Ardell MasonShirley Jackson's 1954 novel The Bird's Nest (about multiple-personality disorder) was made into a film in 1957 called Lizzie. Even though she made it up, it gave her a psychiatrist as a lifelong friend, she became independently wealthy, and it allowed her to pursue her art. Who Was Sybil? She also had some small gallery showings of her art. AliasThe woman who would become Sybil, the world's most famous psychiatric patient, was a neurasthenic lass from Dodge Center, Minnesota (a town about 85 miles SSE of Minneapolis). Professionally, Dr. Wilbur clearly understood something was wrong with Shirley and she believed through session work they could get to the root of her emotional and mental problems. Shirley, a fairly gifted natural artist, had refined her techniques in commercial art in college and in New York. She was from the same small town as her future husband, whom she married in that same small town on February 16, 1910. personalities.

But one has to wonder these days: are the buyers of her artworks really buying the art? Her father, Walter Wingfield Mason (a hardware store clerk and carpenter born in Emmetsburg, Iowa, on September 21, 1884), doted on his baby girl, and all indications are Shirley would have an unremarkable life. Dr. Wilbur moved to Lexington. Suddenly, everyone was talking about multiple-personality disorder, and pop psychology again became a favored topic of pseudo-intellectuals.Credit: Shirley Ardell MasonDr. After the book and movie, there was a huge increase in

as much money as the name up in the corner.". Unfortunately, when this practice was at its peak, in the late 1980s throughout the 1990s, several people were jailed for alleged molestations they committed against their children that never really happened.

It's the reputation of the artist.

Shirley was a vegetarian, and this friend took her routinely to a health food store, or to the bank. air.". She saw Dr. Wilbur when she could.Credit: APMeanwhile, the cash cow of Sybil was waiting in the wings. Shirley Ardell Mason was born Jan. 25, 1923, in Dodge Center, Minn.,

"They were fast friends.

She also displayed an early talent for painting and drawing.Words such as "sullen" and "withdrawn" generally indicate an abused child.

Please don't base your judgement of multiplicity, or these pages, on Sybil. It was at the University of Nebraska that she met the woman who would steer her life from then on, Dr. Cornelia B. Wilbur.Dr. ), 4th-Great Grandparents of Mary H. Johnson, George BOONE III and Mary MOGRIDGE of Devonshire, England, immigrated to Pennsylvania on 19 September 1717 (O.S. Shirley Ardell Mason was born in this ordinary Midwestern town on January 25, 1923. She kept a journal at Wilbur's suggestion; she wrote that her nights were spent fantasizing and tossing with insomnia. Dealing with the Great Depression and the harshness of surviving was more critical than worrying over a possibly abused little girl.Out into the WorldThe overprotected Shirley Mason managed to survive her home life, and graduated from her local high school. Was Sybil's Story Bogus? Spiegel recalled that in those sessions Shirley asked if he wanted her to switch to other personalities.

Before "Sybil" appeared, MPD was considered a rare mental disorder, LEXINGTON, Ky. -- certain mystique to it and always will," Boultinghouse said. Wilbur told Shirley, on the contrary, that she was strong and brilliant, and more therapy would help her realize her dream of being a psychoanalyst.During her days not in session, Shirley went to Teachers College. Decisions had to be made about Shirley's back-story. Dodge Center residents did not report any clear indications of abuse on the girl except for Mattie's constant haranguing. Shirley had graduated from the University of Nebraska, and she followed in Dr. Wilbur's wake to New York, a haven for artists. Shirley's little girl voice referred to herself in the third person, and under questioning from Wilbur revealed she was another person inside Shirley named "Peggy". Equally popular was the 1976 TV movie based on the book. Wilbur never divulged any information about Sybil's true identity. Schreiber ran with the project, and the result was a 1973 runaway best seller. In 1941 she journeyed from home to attend what is now Minnesota State University, roughly 70 miles due west of Dodge Center in Mankato, Minnesota. an assistant art professor at Rio Grande College in Ohio in 1969 and That's all changing with a book scheduled for publication in 1999 and ), 5th-Great Grandparents of Mary H. Johnson, 6th-Great Grandparents of Mary H. Johnson. She uprooted and moved to Lexington, Kentucky, in 1973, too. "multiple-personality disorder," or MPD. explosion. time. Anti-FMSF | After Dr. Wilbur's death, the fragile Shirley became even more reclusive. Shirley complained of blackouts and disturbing behaviors that included disappearing for hours when her parents took her around town on errands. [Seconal was later determined to be habit-forming (it is now typically prescribed for no longer than two weeks) and Daprisal eventually proved so addictive that it was taken off the market].

Discovered later was a letter Shirley had written to Dr.  Wilbur in 1958, disavowing she had any multiple personalities, claiming she was just acting out to please Dr. Wilbur (meeting the doctor's expectations). A few weeks before her death she had also finally told this friend the truth about who she really was.

Politics |

She had artistic talent, and she grew as an artist over the years. to her.... From a community point of view, she just vanished into thin In 2003, for example, a number of these were displayed at Vanderbilt University Hospital, and several other pieces were auctioned in New York. Bizarrely, she left the bulk of her estate to a Seventh-Day Adventist TV minister. disorder.

disease. Her cancer spread rapidly, and her close friend arranged for nursing care at Shirley's home round the clock.

She had one close friend who drove her places as needed.

Shirley's insomnia worsened and so did her menstrual pain. Feeling adrift without Dr. Wilbur, Shirley felt she could not live without her sensei. Former neighbors said they started thinking the quiet and We will post very prominent announcements when they do, and you will be able to buy the book from our books page. similarities between her and Sybil when they first read Schreiber's Schreiber came up with the pseudonym "Sybil Isabel Dorsett", and she titled her book simply Sybil. book. Until now, the identity of Sybil, who has been called the most famous

By 1984, an international society devoted to the

In 1990 Dr. Wilbur herself diagnosed Shirley with breast cancer. The majority of these materials were painted or drawn by several of her "personalities" early in her therapy years with Dr. Wilbur (and signed by the personality in question or attributed so). Dr. Wilbur then took a job in New York City in 1949. When Dr. Wilbur In her will, Wilbur left Mason $25,000. However, a few sources note an unverified surname for her ("Hageman"), and it is possible Mattie was married once before marrying Walter Mason.Mattie Mason exhibited classic paranoia symptoms and the persecution complex of one suffering from a schizoaffective disorder. Catherine was born on April 7 1839, in Ohio.

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