Different models carry different amounts. Kevin contacted me because he’s a Garand shooter. I have long suspected the reason so many post-World War II gun writers stated accurate loads were usually found a few grains below listed maximum was the abundance of military surplus 4895. The M1 Garand was easily the best main battle rifle of the Second World War, and it was praised by the GIs who carried it, but also by General Dwight D. Eisenhower who had described it as the weapon that won the war.

Notably, a Johnson LMG was carried by Ernesto "Che" Guevara during the Cuban Revolution. 95 $19.95 $19.95.

During their initial production run, everyone from Winchester to General Motors produced the Carbine for the United States Military. For the Garand, the army decided to reproduce the original 150-grain ballistics, partly because it recoiled less and partly because the ammunition was somewhat lighter. View cart for details. M1A™ 20-Round Magazine - 7.62x51mm NATO (.308 WIN) / 6.5 Creedmoor Price: $54.95 M1A™ 15-Round Magazine - 7.62x51mm NATO (.308 WIN) / 6.5 Creedmoor However, a modified version of the Thompson submachine gun – the M1A1 version – was carried by officers, NCOs, and scouts throughout World War II. Neither is acceptable, both are dangerous, & a sorry waste of one of the finest rifle receivers ever made. Friend Kevin Thomas got wind of the VV-N150 news and sent an e-mail saying we needed to discuss VV-N150 in the Garand. Kingston, NY 12401, © 2020 Numrich Gun Parts Corporation.

Find the M1 Carbine magazines that you have been looking for today with Numrich Gun Parts. brass. (The “z” denotes the use of U.S. powder rather than British Cordite.). They seemed like a good choice partly because of their weight. Keep an old veteran on the firing line with KCI’s 15-round M1 Carbine magazine!

The powder was so versatile and affordable many handloaders used it for all their rifle loads. Carbines are often considered to be simply shorter versions of a rifle, but with the M1 firearms, this is not the case. Consequently, many handloaders did find the finest accuracy with lower-than-maximum charges while many of today’s powders shoot best when loaded right up there. Get it as soon as Thu, Nov … Some of these include .22 LR, 5.56-millimeter NATO, and 9-millimeter. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. That will better preserve them and keep them in working order. The “basic load” carried by an infantryman was 88 rounds – an eight-round clip in the rifle, and 80 more in a bandolier. To get a proper heat treat is very difficult, especially when doing 1, or 5, or 10 at a time. The gas-port plug underneath the muzzle can be replaced with an after-market model to shoot commercial .30-06 ammunition. As a result, the same loads in military brass create more pressure, a real no-no in the Garand. There are a few replica M1 Carbines that fire other cartridges.

w/Moderate to Heavy Surface Rust).

This light machine gun, which was fed from a left side-mounted 20 round magazine, had an adjustable rate of fire of 200 to 600 rounds per minute. Magazine, .30 Cal., 15 Round, New (Mil-Spec; GPC Mfg), Magazine, .30 Cal., 15 Round, Parkerized, Used (w/ Surface Rust; G.I. The down side is that the receiver could become a hand grenade, or a wet noodle. This led to more research, and it turns out the M1 and IMR-4895 coevolved during the years leading up to World War II. The carbine was shorter, lighter, and easier to carry. Those same companies also produce magazines alongside other manufacturers like ProMag and Auto Ordnance.

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