Though most all other Luciferian groups continue to perpetuate the falsifications of Lucifer=Satan, the Luciferian Order remains distinguished. The LRS is anarchical in nature, meaning there is no hierarchy and there are no titles. The Luciferian Order consist of various levels of membership. Noting here, that many Luciferian  groups have adopted, as well as plagiarized many of the core philosophies of the Luciferian Order, as their own.

Albeit, the Luciferian Order remains exclusive and distinguished from any other Luciferian group. The Luciferian Order strictly adheres to and advocates Luciferianism as the Light of Consciousness, Conscious Evolution and Intellectual Illumination.

11 Luciferian Points of Power. This mistranslation falsely associated Lucifer (Latin) with a Hebrew religion and their “Fallen Angel” mythos. Membership in this grade is open to any who have enough Desire, Determination and Strength of Will to obtain a copy of the official Self-Initiation Rite [See below for the Self-Initiation Rite] and to perform it sincerely.

A15: Originally, the Luciferian Order (aka Ordo Luciferi) was developed as a Degree based Initiatory Order. It is the gateway to he Temple. Each individual will have their own conception of what this stage means to them. One should not be ignored or denigrated in order to prioritize the other, and neither impulse should be denied as corrupt or sinful. Within the Resource Section can be found a small sampling of resources available to members.

Members of the Primus grade are self-aware, conscious entities actively engaging and affecting the world and reaching beyond the world of the senses into higher spectrums of being. There is no Membership for the Assembly of Light Bearers. An Illuminatus will be accomplished in all of the previous grades and have overcome the major dualisms of their own existence. Within the Resource Section can be found a small sampling of resources available to members.  By joining this group, one becomes a prospectus of the Luciferian Order, for further affiliation and advancement. The Adeptus degree represents the second level of Self-Knowledge. Luciferianism is the embodiment of knowledge and power that acknowledges the Principle of Lucifer as the "Light of Consciousness." Incipio is the stage where the initiate will study the concepts and teachings of others that have walked the path before them while exploring a personal understanding of what it means to be a Luciferian. The Luciferian Order is itself non-dogmatic, yet expectantly, structured on the principles of noblility, honor, reverence and empowerment through ascendency. When and if one acquires the degree of Magus (Master), they come into the possession of officially recognizing members up to the degree of Magus. The lies of Lucifer began in 1611, with the release of the King James Version (English translation) of the Holy Bible, wherein Lucifer is falsely associated with the Hebrew ideology of Satan. The Luciferian Order : Unite and Enlighten. How do you become a Luciferian? As the first legally recognized Luciferian Reverend of this order, it is my responsibility to ensure these. Within the Luciferian Order, all information and knowledge is Light . The Luciferian order?

Azerate is the hidden name of the "eleven anti-cosmic gods" described in the book. The Luciferian Order consist of various levels of membership.

Within the Luciferian Order, all information and knowledge is Light . The 11 Points of Power is where it begins and is the single most important step towards the Luciferian Path.

The Luciferian Order hosts a labyrinth of online websites for its members. Initiates are encouraged to write articles on their experience with the Rite and on their interpretation of the various symbols encountered in the Rite and to share these articles.

Cookies help us deliver our Services. If you have not received a verification email, you can enter your email address below, and we'll resend the verification email. Illuminatus VI° - “The realm of the Conscious Light of Self-Attainment made manifest by an Illuminated Being.” This represents the stage of Apotheosis for those on the Left Hand Path and complete Unity with the Cosmos for those on the Right Hand Path.

Mentorship from higher level members is to be considered a luxury for the Magi as they are expected to be fully capable of directing their own path from this point onwards. Serving as a dedicated body of occult knowledge; the Luciferian Order remains adherent to the Arcanum of Light and Knowledge exemplified within a logical and justifiable Luciferian Philosophy. There is no Membership for the Assembly of Light Bearers. The Luciferian Order maintains the highest standards for its membership. It is the Secret Science of the Self-Sovereign; an ever evolving path of Self-Actualization. Below is the membership form: form_1.pdf Noting: in all other biblical translations and even in the KJV, this one verse is the only place Lucifer is ever mentioned. Since its inception in 2005, the Luciferian Order has been instrumental in developing core philosophies of modern Luciferianism. The Facebook Group of the Luciferian Order, is a first step to determining if the Luciferian Order is right for you, and if you are right for the Luciferian Order. The Luciferian Order’s mission remains the advocacy of a reverent and honorable ideology of Lucifer (lux=light, ferre=bearer) as a “Bringer of Light”; wherein members become aspirants bearing the Light. The Luciferian Order maintains the highest standards for … Magickal Paths. Is it a legitimate church/order? However, by becoming a member of this Facebook group, does not make one an official member of the Luciferian Order.

Practice | The journey ahead will test and challenge potential seekers of membership. Though members are at liberty to practice and utilize their own methods and systems for Self-Mastery, the Order itself serves as an initiatory structure and network which empowers its members through honorable endeavors and a nobility of character. The Luciferian Order is strictly adherent to the advancement and advocacy of Intellectual Illumination

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