With over 50 swaps under our belt, it’s safe to say we have learned a lot along the way. “And GM is not exactly thrilled with people like me trying to make things work that are not supposed to be there. Click below on your state to find a shop close to you that can perform an LS swap into your vehicle today!

Owner David Lampe is not only an LS enthusiast like us, but he’s a generous guy who loves endlessly chatting all-things LS.

In addition to our 6 acres of parts we also have instant national parts locators to get you that hard to find part.

Lampe cut his teeth at a high-performance machine shop. At Zero2Sixty Performance, Lampe explained that his typical builds cost around $16,000-18,000 for used motor swaps, and $21,000-plus for crate engine swaps. Preorder Armageddon's New LSX Turbo Manifolds! 2-year warranty from American Powertrain included, American Powertrain ProFit Magnum installation kit, Includes transmission mount, pilot bearing, reverse light harness, speedometer conversion, shifter knob, console shift pattern plate, modular reverse lock-out harness, modular reverse light harness, American Powertrain aluminum bell housing, American Powertrain LS flywheel bolts, grade 8 race-ready, Science Friction billet steel 168t flywheel, Science Friction 1126 Stage 1 Mean Street duo clutch kit, Includes standard clamp load flex-formed pressure plate, 26-spline ceramic/Kevlar weave rebound hub disc, alignment tool, 530 ft.-lb. Based in St. Petersburg Florida, Z2SP is an all-service LS swap shop that specializes in turnkey LS swaps, LS swap wiring, LS swap mounts, turbo and supercharger builds, and custom fabrication. Due to a very high volume of customer inquiries, we ask that you use the e-mail below to contact us, we provide THE HIGHEST quality ls swaps to quickly and affordably convert your vehicle to modern ENGINE technology and reliable operation, .

These three questions will help make the decision for you when it comes down to price and time required to finish the installation. The days of being limited to carbureted engines or having to spend numerous hours figuring out ECM programming procedures have long since past. Other driveline-related parts? For more info on LS conversions and what makes our swap kits the best in the industry click here. "LS Swap Masters truly saved me from abandoning the muscle car hobby and my beloved car. Based on your vision, we'll develop our recommended build plan. “We had a Jeep that came in here and the guy says, ‘You know, I need you to look over the wiring, it doesn’t run. And, we talk about the scope of the build. . And the LS motor is really no different than that. GM late model engine swap kits for cars and trucks.

How about the transmission? “Installation and everything are typically about three weeks,” says Lampe. Based on Zero2Sixty Performance’s Instagram and Facebook pages, they swap everything from LS and Coyote motors into cars and trucks, domestic and foreign. After 2017, you’re into the Gen V LT engines.”. After a few LS engine swaps, we decided to focus all of our attention to this wildly popular platform.

At the time, LS engines were new, so he learned to build the motors and tune with software like EFI Live and HP Tuners. At the time, he said, “Everybody’s been swapping 350 engines, big block engines forever. Steve, Jerry, and Linda were there to get my car back in shape the way I wanted it, and always with a smile. This tank houses either single or dual high pressure EFI fuel pumps and can be mounted to the frame rail or underhood. Deciding to swap your current engine for an LS engine is not a difficult decision; you only need to look at horsepower gains and part availability in order to be convinced of the benefits of an LS swap. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Generation F-body includes: Camaro, Firebird, Z28, Trans Am, and Formula. We’ve done so many that we’ve got it down to what works with what and what we can use as far as accessory drives and pans.” Along these lines, there are two components that make an LS swap easier vs harder. The best solution when you want to use your existing Non-EFI fuel tank. This article’s mostly aimed at those who are new to LS swaps, but seasoned swappers may find interesting nuggets as well. “You still have to connect the powers, grounds, and outputs,” notes Lampe. Another shameless plug, we use Tanks, Inc. on everything for the most part. You may have a leaky fitting or something. When you bring Z2SP a used motor, they typically do engine work like replacing the camshaft and valve train, but the bulk of the process — “installing the fuel system, fabricating exhaust and other bits, making AC lines, installing gauges or steering lines” — is all pretty universal regardless of whether or not you pull a junkyard motor or open a crate from Chevy. I can’t figure out why.’ Came into the shop, we hooked the battery up to it, and the battery literally starts smoking. If you’re looking for an LS Swap kit for your car or truck, you’re in the right place. Purchase separately to get what you need. Do you just want to make a nice, reliable daily driver? The LS conversion kit you've been looking for. We race on used parts so you can have the confidence to drive on used parts. 2006 GTO LS2 Swap Kit 6.0L and 4L65E 4 Speed AUTO 58k $ 6,999.99 Select options 2013 Charger 5.7L and NAG1 HEMI Swap Kit 370HP 395LBFT 61k Base Price: $ 6,499.99 Select options 2014 F150 3.5L Ecoboost and 2wd 6R80 365HP 420LBFT Turnkey Swap Kit 60k According to Lampe, “the factory differential will withstand a decent amount of power no matter what. No one wants to destroy a new engine, build a car that doesn’t run or, worse, burn down their ride. As Lampe mastered those systems, he branched out to other hi-po applications, working on everything from Chevy to Mopar to Mustangs.

So as far as challenging, that would probably be the hardest thing for us is to make the late model stuff work.”, Lampe says this complexity question started fairly early, with cars like 2001 E46 BMWs, but it’s an issue that makes swapping decade-old Bimmers or Toyota 4Runner much harder than OBD I or early vehicles. Solid driver. So, for instance, this truck was Chevy crate, LS3 495 HP and a 6L80 transmission. The big thing with these engines is, although the wiring is scary to some people, it’s really very simple to make one of these engines work and all you really need is a 12-volt switch, a constant power, and a ground.

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