I thought I was pretty informed about ambergris vs. amber, but I found I still had plenty to learn. Dragons sleeping on rocks that drool ambergris into the ocean? However, the ones worth purchasing are few and far between. Awesome, a lumpy dark fecal matter found floating on the water called floating gold! When chosen I certainly am interested in Dusita Issara, the Aftelier Fragrances Fragrant Companion Kit and also in that rising phoenix group vial. For the unlucky 1%, the beaks remain in the digestive system and are coated with layers of a waxy substance called ambreine. Thank you for so fascinating story. Ambre Sultan is also a versatile perfume perfect for both formal and casual wear. He came home from the beach clutching this piece of something and refusing to let it go. I would love to own: Joanna Bassett Opulence, Thank yuou for the article and the draw. – Phoenix Botanicals Vanilla & The Sea –All Natural 5ml I’m in the US but will be back to the Philippines soon. Parfums Dusita Issara. I am in Australia, I learned of the interesting journey of the sharp beaks of the cuttlefish. I didn’t realize that whales die after passing the ambergris though I thought they just passed it and then went on with their life. Phoenix Botanicals Vanilla and the Sea The air and water, salt and sand, all of these combined are intoxicating, and are especially precious when captured in a bottle. Whalers found an icky black substance, recognized as crude ambergris, in the intestines of whales they caught. Thank you for the lovely review and for the generous draw as well. Ambergris was long thought of as whale vomit, but it is actually passed as fecal matter. Although launched only in 2013, this perfume has done well to garner quite the fanfare. – Phoenix Botanicals Vanilla & The Sea Very interesting article, thank you! If I would win, my choices: I love the smell. As for the draw, I would like: Very interesting! At that time, it seems they couldn’t decide whether it was vomit or poop. It is highly desirable to the perfume … Aftelier Fragrances Fragrant Companion Kit containing Ambergris, This is quite an interesting article on Ambergris.

I hope someone puts ‘stinky and ephemeral’ on my tombstone. The amber notes are brilliantly blended with coconut water and rose, resulting in a sophisticated scent that leaves you feeling warm and comfortable.

Rodrigo Flores-Roux SR VP of Givaudan-Fine Fragrance. Sounds really novice but I didn’t know there were synthetic alternatives for ambergris. My choices would be Vanilla and the Sea, Issara or RendezVous or a mini vial of Silver / White Ambergris Tincture. Ambergris in the wild looks like nothing more than a slightly rough rock, bringing to mind the meaning of its name, ambergris, or grey amber. Thank you for the excellent article on one of my favorite notes in the perfume industry. From the origin to the fragrance to the pronunciation, there are many answers. I had no idea that the whale dies at the time of ambergris expulsion – I didn’t know it was such a violent procedure, although I understand that it is completely natural and has nothing to do with mankind. Parfums Dusita Issara How diverse is ambergris that one has to have some many different synthetics to mimic it. – The Rising Phoenix Group, Copyright © 2020 Cafleurebon. DSH Rendez Vous, 2. I am in the US and I would like to thank everyone involved for the chance!

AMBROCENIDE© also goes through from top to bottom like ‘an elegant shimmering dagger.’ Then there is AMBER EXTREME© from IFF that pulsates in the center of the perfume and helps fill in for woody notes. Parfums Dusita Issara (Pissara Umavijani) A fresh fougere 50ml Parfum Extrait, DSH Perfumes “Animalic, sexy and salty Rendez Vous” mini flask Eau de Parfum (Dawn Spencer-Hurwitz)photo does not represent a mini flask, Anya’s Garden Fairchild –All Natural 4ml (Anya McCoy) Floral-Marine-Chypre, Aftelier Fragrances Fragrant Companion Kit containing Ambergris tincture All Natural (Mandy Aftel), Thanks for putting together all the bits and pieces of information regarding ambergris. I would love to have the chance to win Parfums Dusita Issara, or Phoenix Botanicals Vanilla & The Sea. To be eligible for our Ambergris in perfumery draw, please be sure to register if you have not done so. Ambegris is rare, even illegal in some countries. Aftelier Fragrances Fragrant Companion Kit containing Ambergris Master Perfumer Maurice Roucel of Symrise wrote in his January 1, 2011 interview with Michelyn (about IFRA regulations) on Ambergris, "It is a stupidity to forbid this material. 4) The Rising Phoenix a mini vial of Silver / White Ambergris Tuncture I dearly love the smell of the seaside. Fascinating! I hoped for vomit. Thanks for the draw. Parfums Dusita Issara Parfums Dusita Issara Never cultivated, only found, improving as it ages, and soaking in fragrances of sun, sea, and air, it is an aromatic like none other. Amber Absolute features notes of amber accord, African incense, patchouli, sandalwood, and labdanum. In order to recreate important odor components of ambergris, fragrance chemists went to clary sage, cistus/labdanum, and balsam fir. Speaking of chemical content, the three major components isolated from ambergris are … Kilian Amber Oud opens up with a cozy amber scent that lingers throughout. Perhaps the epitome of this world of wonders is ambergris, with its exotic origins in the digestive tract of sperm whales, and its surprisingly delicate, almost unearthly aroma.”. it would be too strong for summertime wear. My choices in case I win: Dec 21, 2019 - Ambergris is a solid, waxy, flammable substance of a dull grey or blackish color and is produced in the digestive system of the sperm whale.

I live in the USA. Ambergris is the most mysterious perfume ingredient, so I am happy I could extend my knowledge a little. Pierre Guéros, Perfumer at Symrise, reminds us that “There are a lot of ‘ambery’ notes, that could go from vibrant ambery woody notes (very popular right now especially in masculine fragrances, like AMBROCENIDE©, NORLIMBANOL©, AMBERMAX© or KARANAL©, to woody, smoky leather ambery notes (derivates from cistus/labdanum like ambrein or hydrocarboresin) and finally the classical ambery – Guerlinade accord (coumarine, vanillin, cistus once again).” He further states that AMBRINOL© (AMBRINOL S© from Symrise) is a key substitute for the ambergris tincture with its marine and animalic note". My choices are the following: – Parfums Dusita Issara (Pissara Umavijani) Ambergris adds tenacity, radiance, sillage, lift, marine and woody notes, and a very special beauty to perfumes. My choices are Issara, Rendez Vous and the mini vial tincture My choice if I am announced as a winner: If I won, i’dlike, Parfums Dusita Issara, DSH Perfumes Rendezvous and Aftelier Fragrances Fragrant Companion Kit. JK De Lapp of The Rising Phoenix Group Photo of Grey Ambergris. This, then, is where the magic occurs. The Rising Phoenix Group mini vial of Silver/White Ambergris Tincture (natural) To describe ambergris, we need to talk about its origin, which remained a mystery for centuries. Thank you for the generous draw!

This was such an informative and interesting article! I came to know that ambergris is salty, almost dry, a bit oily and doesn’t smell sweet. There really isn’t a thing as an amber note as it is usually an accord created with multiple notes. During the dry-down period, you will also notice a few spices and a touch of oud. Fascinating article. I live on Europe. It is highly desirable to the perfume industry because of it's sweet, musky scent and its ability to cause the scent to bind to the surface of the skin. Now I find out it’s neither. Aftelier Fragrances Fragrant Companion Kit I live in the USA…. I’m in the US. I would chose: Your email address will not be published. Thank you!

I just recently learned about the front end-vs-back end debate lately…I’d always thought of it as “whale vomit” until then. I am in the USA. Aftelier Fragrances Fragrant Companion Kit Hehe. Its scent will remind you of a chilly evening when you cover yourself up in the coziest cashmere blanket you own. This By Kilian perfume is, by no means, an overwhelming powerhouse. Dior Ambre Nuit boasts a top note of bergamot, middle notes of ambergris and Turkish rose, and a base note of Cistus labdanum. Parfums Dusita Issara Ambrox© and Ambrinol© are used to capture the smell of real ambergris. My choices are: Dusita Issara, DSH Rendez Vous, Phoenix Botanicals Vanilla and the Sea or JoAnne Bassett Opulence edp. Part of the Tom Ford Private Blend Collection, this amber perfume is best worn at night during the colder months.

Natural Perfumer Anya McCoy of Anya’s Garden has this to say about ambergris: “I first started using ambergris in 2002, and I still have some of that vintage tincture.

I’m in the UK. I actually will say it both ways but the more common is probably ambergris with a silent ‘s’ rather than saying the ‘s’ at the end. Peshawar, Pakistan. Wow, I had no idea that the real ambergris can be so expensive!

WORLDWIDE: Parfums Dusita Issara (Pissara Umavijani) A fresh fougere 50ml

That was an interesting article to read and I have found out about the involvement of the cuttlefish in this procedure. I was wondering about that for some time now. This was an extremely complex piece to write so thanks for reading everyone! So much information and so clear. Very interesting article. If I were lucky enough to win I’d love to try the Aftelier Fragrant Companion kit, or the DSH Perfumes Rendez Vous and perhaps most exciting the Rising Phoenix ambergris tincture. I live in the EU, Spain. I live in the USA.

I’m in the US.

As its name suggests, this Tom Ford perfume is heavily based on amber. Lumpy, dark, fecal, and unattractive, the waxy and fatty ambergris floats on the ocean.

I would love to see how it smells in its’ raw form.. if I were to win, I would like to win the Fragrant Companion Kit. I very like to read about perfume ingredients, and this one is one of the most interesting. Phoenix Botanicals Vanilla & the Sea. Both the stinky black mass and beautifully cured silvery ambergris contain the sharp beaks of cuttlefish, a primary prey item of the sperm whales. Rendezvous and Silver/white tincture for me.

I also LOVED the photo of beach-found ambergris. The Whalers Joseph Mallord William Turner. An amazingly detailed and truly informative article! This is the sort of thing which I come to Cafleurebon to read. 3) DSH Rendezvous – Aftelier Fragrances Fragrant Companion Kit containing Ambergris tincture There were a number of theories: perhaps it was a blend of labdanum, aloe-wood, and civet; the dried foam of seals; the excrement of a sea bird that lived on sweet herbs; the product of some kind of undersea fountain; a mixture of beeswax and honey from shore-dwelling bees; or perhaps a truffle growing at the bottom of the sea.

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