640. May 2020. can you share some of your snow? So what makes a lich different from any other member of the undead?

The Cat Sìth as depicted in “More English Fairy Tales” by John Dickson Batten (via Wikimedia). It turned out that the man was a womanizer. Bastards of the Bestiary: Eight Mythological Creatures Too Gross, Sad, or Monstrous to Be Loved. It’s demeanor in its afterlife is necessarily vicious for it tries to harm the people it had loved in its lifetime in order to gain a comrade and finish its tasks. While some believed the Cat Sìth was a type of feline fairy, a common Celtic legend proclaimed that Cat Sìths were in fact witches who were capable of morphing into a magical cat eight times. In addition to behaving as an incubus or sucubus and performing its owner’s every wish, the Liderc immensely enjoys hoarding riches. No purchase necessary. The flesh becomes necrotic, shrivels. 1870-90) (via Cornell University Library). Found in the folklore of several South African tribes, the Impundulu, or “Lightning bird,” is a human-sized vampiric bird said to cause lightning by setting its own fat on fire. It’s possible that rising vapors sometimes created mirages; pockets of gas may even have been responsible for disorientation and hallucinations. Grotesques from Reims, France, photographed by Joseph Trompette (ca.

And this is how folklore and myths came into existence. All rights reserved. In Inuit lore, the Ijiraq was a kidnapper of children, accused of stealing little ones to hide and then abandon in the Arctic cold. Why did he see another man like himself in still water? To believe in them and other djinns is to acknowledge there is a world beyond our own. Oddly enough, certain areas traditionally associated with Ijiraq activity are also home to large deposits of toxic sour gas, sulphur smoke, and geothermal activity. Lichs are said to be either cadaverous with desiccated body or completely skeletal. La Llorona stands for ‘The Weeping Woman’ is a Mexican ghost. Abura-Akago is somewhat similar to Abura-sumashi who was an oil stealing spirit. Horrified by such an inhuman act he left her. In one version it is an evil dwarf-like creature posing as a human baby, in another it is an actual demon child. Of course he knew nothing of the principle of reflection, and he supposed that he saw a real double of himself. A Fetch may only be visible to the person it is imitating or may be visible to everyone except the person who it’s imitating. They haunt only their own graves, and they cause pestilence and misfortune on those who have wronged them. So how does the Fetch look? She bore two children from him and that was the death knell of her happy days. This is a unique creature which is said to be completely corporeal; therefore it’s not a ghost. Later this fire-ghost turned into an infant spirit who feed on lamp oils. It looks like you! Image Credit: xenothere.deviantart.com. Stories of ‘doubles’ and ‘fetches’ abounded in 18th and 19th century folklore, with authors often employing the double as a means of showing the main character the error of his ways. When it gets displeased it knocks on the walls, throws pans and plates and squalls. Akago is a spirit from Japanese folklore creatures that haunted the province of Omi, now known as the Shiga Prefecture. It is said to be a medium of venting out the suppressed desires in women. So it appears Voldemort was a Lich. One kind of Malagasy ghost is the Kinoly, a ghoulish version of the ancestor ghosts who preys upon the living. It is New Mexico’s most famous ghost. Its special power is pinching known as ‘dødningeknip’ which means ‘dead man’s pinch’. Bal Bal is a Filipino monster and eater of the dead. The coffins were carried over the church wall instead of through the church’s gate, and carried three times around the church itself. What is the story about the circus? It has been depicted as a goblin, a stout heavy looking little man. Its sight is usually considered a bad omen of impending death though it is also believed that if the ‘double’ appears in the morning rather than the evening, it is instead a sign of a long life in store. As the legend goes the Bal Bal appears like a night bird with a distinct cry which is audible every night. The creature was said to have suckers attached to its hands and feet that it would use to drain its prey of blood, much like a giant leech. The Ijiraq could take many forms, including that of a half-man, half-caribou monster called Tariaksuq, generally only seen when looked at from the corner of one’s eye. Abura-akago is claimed to appear as a fireball which floats into a house, takes the form of an infant and quickly licks the oil out of an andon lamp, and flies away again.

The Tiyanak also enjoys confusing travelers into losing their way, leading them deeper and deeper into the Philippine jungle with its cries. It is a legend that most cities in Mexico claims to be its own.

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