A TLZ can be used for the landing of an aircraft (in terms of the Royal Air Force, this could be a Hercules carrying supplies or troops or any of their other helicopters, such as the Merlin, Puma or the Chinook).

If that piece of metal had not held until we reached LZ Ross, it’s possible that eight additional names would have joined the 58,000+ on our Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, DC.

By Vietnam Veterans Home Page Map Team. (Div Arty ORL BT 063 470) (named after 4th Inf Div unit nicknamed "Blue Cacti" in Task Force Oregon) (Also listed at AT055470 in Frederick Hill COARS). [2] The total U.S. losses for their 3 days at Loon was 24 dead and 37 wounded. (Photo courtesy of the author.).

The cannon cockers (artillerymen) were forced to redistribute ammo by crawling from one gun section to another under a hail of enemy direct fire and spinning shrapnel from the exploding dump. I’d have to autorotate if it did. Landing in a “hot” landing zone, where people you’ve never met are trying to kill you, can raise the curtain on a show every bit as intriguing and entertaining as the civil punishment of being stoned must have been in Biblical times. Thank you in advance! After our maintenance crew arrived and sling-loaded the bird back to Red Beach in Da Nang—hoisting it out beneath a Marine CH-53 helicopter—one of them took me aside.

Thirty-five miles North of Chu Lai.

Later. War]  [Iraq War] The NVA's 95C regiment suffered hundreds of dead, many more wounded, and six were captured alive. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

This Dust-Off crew worked throughout the night evacuating wounded from different battles within their AO.

In Que Son Valley. reunions]    Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account.

(DIVARTY ORLL BT2966031), North of LZ Ryder) (Div Arty ORLL AT945405.

That’s what John did with me. Landing Zone CHARLIE BROWN to LZ BRONCO came under an intense attack by a heavily armed enemy force 13 kilometers north of Tam Quan City. My Lai also known as Pinkville massacre, or Song My massacre. But, at that precise moment, a cooling sense of well-being swept over me. John alerted the Firebirds to our dilemma and one of them edged close enough under our blades to confirm that we were leaking oil all over the sky. All 1,200 “horses” expired at once. This 2001 revised list of coordinates for Landing Zone (LZs), Fire Bases (FBs), Fire Support Base (FSBs), and Camps was compiled from a variety of written, oral, and electronic sources. Companies from the 1st Battalion 4th Marines replaced the 2/4 Marines on Loon on 4/5 June. That also includes those grunts on the ground, who had the toughest job of all, in seeking and confronting an elusive enemy while fighting for freedom for so many Vietnamese citizens who ended up with none of their own.

As we topped the trees, at about 75 feet, AK-47s—Soviet assault rifles used by the North Vietnamese Army—and other automatic weapons “hosed us down” from just beneath and to both sides of the aircraft.

As part of the May Offensive, PAVN General Chu Huy Mân Commander of Military Region 5 ordered the 3rd Division to attack the 1/50th Infantry in Bình Định Province with a series of large-scale ambushes. That’s why I couldn’t feel any force trim pressure against my hand. as major units moved. (AT934242 Div Arty ORLL), Near My Lai on Batangan Peninsula. From May 62 through Mar 73, Army air ambulances evacuated between 850,000 and 900,000 allied military personnel and Vietnamese civilians.3 This was accomplished by a total of approximately 1,400 commissioned and warrant officer Dust Off pilots.

Then John bottomed the collective control—which governs the pitch of the blades—with his left hand and we transitioned into a smooth, 4,000-foot-per-minute descent. Hill 411 is West of Quang Ngai City along Song Tra Khuc river. (Div Arty ORLL BS928220), Refugee camp North of Quang Ngai along the river. It had broken off in his hand. 3rd Marine operation Starlite. [1], The initial landing at Loon on 3 June was met by the People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN) with small arms, mortar and artillery fire. I will never forget him, our special friendship–both in and out of the cockpit–on three continents, or all of the other soldiers I met and interacted with in Vietnam so long ago. 2. written. Learned (ORLLs), After Action Reports, Annual Historical Supplements, unit 6:55 am. Contact Davo with your unit Every waking day, even over 50 years later, I remember my Dust Off compatriots who endured and gave so much of themselves in our fight to save lives.

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