Greg MTS off-road. Sorry, we are not available at the moment. Trim your perforated window films, graphics and much more without a knife.

It is however important to discuss at length with your vehicle graphics installer what the requirements of the wrap job is as in most cases, the tape may not work for every single wrap installation, although it works for many.

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The Advantage of Using Knifeless Tape To Wrap Your Commercial Vehicles. Grommet Alternatives Tools & Accessories Sign ... Knifeless Tape.

* That’s why some manufacturers are challenging their suppliers to eliminate the knife by delivering cartons that can be opened without the use of a knife or sharp object. For more information about knifeless vehicle wrap tapes, visit. WHAT IS TAPE ART As the term suggests, Tape Art can be considered an art that is made out of any kind of adhesive tape. Essentially, it creates a dry edge that allows the consumer to easily grip the tape and remove it by hand, reducing the risk of product damage and worker injury attributed to knife cuts.

Finish Line 1/8in Knifeless Tape. Well, a simple solution to this scenario would have been if you had chosen the knifeless vehicle wrap tape. The knifeless tape is placed on the substrate before the adhesive vinyl is applied and once this has been done, the thread at the center is pulled through the graphic for a bladeless cut. With the knifeless vehicle wraps, a filament is run down the center of the highly flexible tape which can be used around curve such as the fenders and wheel wells.

Availability:: In Stock Product Code: KNIFELESSPLT164. Send us a message and we'll get back to you shortly.

From the design/review department all the way through to install, even when we needed to rush one of the trailers we needed done.

Knifeless tapes for precise trim lines on vinyl and laminate products when vehicle wrapping or signmaking from Walsh Graphics, leading supplier of banner tapes sign making tapes, sign vinyl’s, digital print media and sign making tools in Ireland and North. as they present businesses with the needed protection against additional cost of repainting service cars. Cork: +353 (0) 21 4524744 Dublin: +353 (0) 1 9695291 . The ShurSEAL® solution features Folded-Edge® Technology, which folds both edges of the packaging tape along the length of the carton as it’s applied. I put 100% trust in their creative process and let go.

The difference is in the application method – in which the edges of the packaging tape are automatically folded while the tape is applied, making it effortless to achieve seals that can be removed by hand. Even seemingly minor injuries can cost employers upwards of $40,000!

Qty: Description 3M Knifeless Perf Line Tape. For business owners who choose not to fall victim to the scenario described above, there is the need to consider the use of knifeless cutting tape for your fleet.

Language . Knifeless Finish Line Vinyl Wrap Cutting Tape 50 Meter Roll (164 Ft) for Stripes and More,Knifeless Tech Systems,Finish Line Review ... (164 Ft) for Stripes and More can be an excellent alternative that you should Knifeless Finish Line Vinyl Wrap Cutting Tape 50 Meter Roll (164 Ft) for Stripes and More. This saves time, money, and frustration, as even small cuts can have a major impact on operational efficiency. Until I remembered FleetWrap HQ.

The tape must also have sufficient tensile strength to prevent shredding or tearing as it is stripped off the container.

Below are some of the advantages of the knifeless vehicle wrap tapes.

Be sure to ask your vehicle wrap team if they make use of knifeless vehicle wrap tapes as this could save you a lot of pain and extra cost.

While this is a brilliant idea, there is the need to know that there are several types of knifeless tapes, especially produced by 3M manufacturers. Whether your fleet is large or small we are here to help. Never risk cutting into a vehicle's paint again.

He asked many personal questions about me and my company and I was blown away by how he incorporated who I was and what we stood for into the logo, down to the ribs of the fish being my three kids, the fishes eye being an X because I am old but not dead yet, the smile on the fish as opposed to the normal frown because I am following my dream to start my own company and am very happy, many many other things that meant so much to me. ", We had a great experience working with everyone on the team! Thank you for your message, we ll contact you very soon !

“We are hearing more and more in the market that manufacturers are challenging their suppliers on knifeless-open cartons, putting some suppliers in a bind as they figure out how to comply with these requirements,” said Bradley Dunlap, Product Marketing Manager for packaging tapes at Shurtape.

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