KMEL was a top-rated station in 1980 with a tightly formatted approach,[3] and along with newer rival KSFX, helped force legendary rival KSAN to switch to country music. Paul was in demand as a remixer. Included: Next, Busta Rhymes, Puff Daddy, Nas, Mase, KMEL All-Star Jam 2000

Want to see other lists from the Discogs Community? Psychedelic poster artist Victor Moscoso created the station's mascot: a camel wearing headphones. [9] Controversially, KMEL canceled its Sunday night Street Soldiers public affairs program but later reinstated the show. By

Naftaly continued underneath Rivers. Wu-Tang, Nas, Biggie, etc). KMEL reports as rhythmic contemporary per Mediabase, even though they're not a rhythmic contemporary station (another urban station on the rhythmic panel of Mediabase & urban panel of Nielsen BDS was WJHM in Orlando, Florida until morphing to rhythmic and was moved over to BDS' Rhythmic panel in February 2012. And with crowds that can get as large as 22,000 attendees, Summer Jam is often the biggest musical event of the year for both radio stations and their listeners. [citation needed]. While any longtime urban contemporary stations in other major cities (like WPGC-FM in Washington D.C. and KPRS in Kansas City) had to introduce songs typical of what is played on rhythmic radio stations to reboost ratings, KMEL programming executives decided not to revert to its rhythmic/urban roots; it remained urban and instead the playlist rotation was tightened as of 2010 in order to keep the longtime station from changing formats. Top 10 DJs Of The 90s News | 0 The 90’s was a period of success for the club scene in the UK, venues such as Manchester’s Hacienda, Pacha and Space were taking the the 90’s youth by storm and for the first time DJ’s became superstars in their own right. Rhythmic top 40 was no exception as the gerne had been split between urban/hip hop leaning (i.e Hot 97, Power 106, KMEL, WPGC, etc), and dance-pop leaning (B96, Power 96, KTFM, etc), although there were few stations like KYLD San Francisco and Z90 San Diego that fell in-between. The station was alternately known as "KMEL Jams" in the mid-1990s. Continue reading "Off the Dome Freestyle Comp 1994 [Via Sway & Tech – KMEL & DJ Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito – WKCR]" Tags. [9] The fierce competition over the coveted 18-34 "urban" listening audience continued for another four years until the passage of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 expanded the limit of radio stations that a company could own. For the San Francisco Bay Area, it all began in the summer of 1987, but fifteen years later in 2002 it would all come to an end. 2 = Part 15 station with notability. Cook, however, claims his departure was due to his political views, including his having aired statements from California Congresswoman Barbara Lee and rapper Boots of The Coup voicing opposition to the War in Afghanistan. Pebbles, The Fat Boys, Stevie B, Expose, Dino, Al B. By the end of 1993, many rhythmic stations like Hot 97, Power 106, and KMEL Jams focused more on hip hop-based hits rather than dance-based hits although there were some rhythmic stations like Power 96 Miami and B96 in Chicago continued to be dance-friendly throughout the mid-to-late 1990s. In early 1987, KMEL hired popular club DJ Cameron Paul … It is owned and operated by iHeartMedia. Search. This contributed to the brief decline of KMEL's ratings since the station has a specific audience target. Rhythmic top 40 was no exception as the gerne had been split between urban/hip hop leaning (i.e Hot 97, Power 106, KMEL, WPGC, etc), and dance-pop leaning (B96, Power 96, KTFM, etc), although there were few stations like KYLD San Francisco and Z90 San Diego that fell in-between. The station played mostly cuts from about 30 top rock albums, interspersed with a few lesser known songs such as on the "Fresh Kamel Trax" feature highlighting new albums at noon and at 8 pm.

In addition, I was adding tracks were featured in the mixes of KMEL's Paul Cameron (also of remix service Mixx-It) during the late 1980s.The tracks cover from the following genres: Synthpop, Dance-Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Pop Rap, Booty Bass, House, Techno, Latin Freestyle, New Jack Swing, Garage, Electro-Funk, Euro-dance, Hi-NRG, Dancehall/Reggae, etc. Naftaly created a new slogan for KMEL, "The People's Station", reflecting its community outreach programs and prime-time public affairs shows. KMEL is rebroadcast on the following FM Booster: By introducing their music, KMEL established many artists careers in the late 1980s and 1990s, including Mariah Carey, En Vogue, Tupac Shakur, Digital Underground, DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince, MC Hammer, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Timex Social Club, Tony! In the 1990s, KMEL's DJ Alex Mejia put together a show called "Westside Radio" which featured Ice Cube's West Side Connection. Included: Lucy Pearl, Jay-Z, Da Brat, Little Kim, Missy Elliott. KMEL also competes with Urban adult contemporary ("Urban AC") formatted KBLX (now owned by Entercom). The 10:00pm hour of that shift is known as "The Ten O'Clock Booty Call" with the remaining two hours devoted solely to slow jam love songs dubbed as "The KMEL Lounge".

). Frequent guest DJs were also rappers, including Ice-T, Ice Cube, Kid Frost, LA Dream Team, Snoop Dogg, and Rodney-O & Joe Cooley. With so many AOR stations in the Bay Area, KMEL faced stiff competition. updated about 1 month ago, This list was originally titled "Hot 97 NY & Power 106 LA (1986-1993)" as this list primarily focused on the dance-leaning years of prominent rhythmic Top 40 radio the US during the late 1980s and early 1990s, such as WQHT Hot 97 in New York, and KPWR Power 106 in Los Angeles, Other successful rhythmic/crossover/CHRUrban stations during this period included KMEL Jams & KSOL (now KYLD) in San Francisco, long-defunct Hot 97.7 in San Jose, WPOW Power 96 & WHQT 102 in Miami, WIOQ "Q102" Philadelphia, WPGC in Washington DC, defunct WHYT 96.3 in Detroit, Z90 in San Diego, KTFM-FM in San Antonio and WBBM-FM (B96) in Chicago (I made a separate list for that station).When stations like Power 106, Hot 97, and Power 96 launched in 1986, the music/trade magazines like Billboard and Radio & Records saw them as urban contemporary rather than Top 40 (ironic as many of those station would evolve or change into urban/hip hop stations during the mid-1990s onward). “Anybody growing up in the bay listening to KMEL, you know that Cameron Paul is one of the greatest legendary DJs to ever do it,” says Big Von, at KMEL-FM iHeart Radio. Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam headlined at KMEL Summer Jam #1 and two short years later, the KMEL Summer Jam had become the largest radio concert in the country, lasting for two days at a time and raising over a million dollars for local charities. When Michaels left, Keith Naftaly had been recognized as the Music Director of the Year by the Gavin Report, and this helped him rise at the age of 24 to the position of program director in June 1987. Paula Abdul, Milli Vanilli, Stevie B, Dino, The Boys, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, Too Short, Tony Terry, Afro-Rican, Sweet Sensation, Troop, Tony Toni Tone, Run DMC, Martika, Safire, Tommy Paige, Flame and headliner: New Kids On The Block, KMEL Summer Jam IV (1990) Per Nielsen BDS reports, they are urban contemporary, KBFB in Dallas/Fort Worth are rhythmic contemporary stations per Mediabase reports, but they report on the BDS urban panel despite being the only rhythmics in those areas where there are existing urban contemporary stations (WKYS/WERQ and KKDA-FM). When I was a kid I listened to WABC, the flagship station in the NYC area with a number of now famous DJs including "Cousin Brucie". [18] Bay Area artists Too Short and Digital Underground also got early airtime on KMEL.[12]. KMEL finally dropped the AOR format at Noon on August 25, 1984, and flipped to a mainstream CHR format designed by new program director Nick Bazoo, brought in for the purpose from WEZB in New Orleans.

At the 100.3 The Beat Summer Jam, violence between rival gangs spilled onstage at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Irvine, CA, ending that show and making headlines around the world. [20], On October 1, 2001, radio personality and hip-hop activist David "Davey D" Cook was terminated, due to what the station said were consistently low ratings. Celine Dion and the like) that the dance-leaning stations would play. I lived in the SF Bay Area and there were a number of stations there that were memorable including KMEL and KOME ("cum"). It was the 106 KMEL Summer Jam, a Hip-Hop and R&B concert series that at one point was the largest radio concert taking place on the west coast, if not the entire country. In 2002 however, bad press and/or violence marred three of the nation’s biggest summer jams. KMEL's mixshows have long contained exclusive hyphy music which can seldom be heard over the airwaves elsewhere in the country. That same year, KMEL signed popular New York radio personality and San Francisco native Alex Bennett. In early 1987, KMEL hired popular club DJ Cameron Paul away from rival KSOL because of his sizable following. Mark McKay covered the mid-day slot, while Howard Hoffman took the afternoon drive time shift, Sonny Joe Fox covered evenings, Licia Torres spun tunes at night, and Mark Todd carried the overnight shift.

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