Cuthbert was ranked No. Nearly 10 years after saying goodbye to GUIDING LIGHT‘s Reva Shayne, Kim Zimmer now considers herself to be “semi-retired.” But in actuality, she’s got a whole lot going on! In 2012, Cuthbert was host of the American Music Awards. [28] She also had a small role in Paris Hilton's music video for the song "Nothing in This World". Sin-Chung's plan B is called in, and the driver extracting them is none other than undercover C.T.U. Once freed, Kim and Teri are sent to a safe house. [29], In 2007, Cuthbert appeared in Captivity, a thriller centered on a fashion model taunted by a psychopath who imprisons her in a cellar. She also reprised her role as Kim Bauer in 24: The Game and again guest-starred in five episodes of the seventh season and in two episodes of the eighth season.

10 in 2004,[55] No.

"[20] The Movie said: "The performances are always professional and understated in their believable cogency, particularly Cuthbert, a talented, beautiful young actress who has proven time and again just what a multilayered and promising future she has ahead of her. 54 in 2006. "[22] Reunited with the FBI, Kim gives the laptop to Renee and tells her to track the signal for where Tony is hiding. When he proves ready to kill her, Jack tells her to shoot him, which she does and later Kate Warner is sent to pick up Kim who is overwhelmed. Jack comes over frequently and visits with his granddaughter Teri. Though it received negative reviews the film was a box office success, which grossed $70 million worldwide. She then pursues a career at the Counter Terrorist Unit in Los Angeles.[2].

Elisha Ann Cuthbert (born November 30, 1982) is a Canadian actress and model. She escapes with the computer, but with a large burn on her right arm.

Edition ranked her No.

"[36], In He Was a Quiet Man, Cuthbert played Vanessa, a quadriplegic; she starred alongside Christian Slater. Although both girls escape, Kim is re-captured and taken to Ira Gaines, who holds her in an attempt to control her father. She had reservations about taking the part but director Luke Greenfield persuaded her to accept the role. Under the guise of "having to use the bathroom" with Chase covering for her, Kim sneaks away and sends the call to CTU therefore exposing Madsen's plan to create artificial earthquakes. Kim escapes and returns, safe, to CTU, and embraces her father at the end of the day. "[35] The View London said: "The worst Cuthbert struggles to make her character sympathetic because the script doesn't give her anything to work with, while Daniel Gillies is too creepy-looking to convince as a potential love interest. The man from the couple Kim is sitting with kills the FBI agent in the airport bathroom and takes his gun. She is rescued by a survivalist.

Kim appeared towards the end of the seventh season. 25 in 2007, No. She became internationally known for playing Kim Bauer in the series 24 (2001); Danielle in the teen comedy film The Girl Next Door (2004) and Carly Jones in the 2005 in of House of Wax (2005).

The series was also nominated for 28 other awards including the Satellite Awards for Best Series comedy television or music. Cuthbert was nominated at Teen Choice Awards in two categories Choice Movie: Actress – Action / Adventure / Thriller and Choice Movie: Rumble. 43 in 2009, No. [37], In 2008, Cuthbert appeared in My Sassy Girl, a remake of a Korean film, starring with Jesse Bradford. Kim and her friend, Janet York, sneak out of their homes to meet college men Dan and Rick, who eventually kidnap the girls. [38], Cuthbert reprised her character Kim Bauer in the seventh season of 24 for five episodes.

Elisha Cuthbert, Actress: The Girl Next Door. Cuthbert digs into the role of Carly with strength, determination, and horrified realism; you believe as you watch her that she is going through these things and forget all about the actor playing the part, which is the biggest compliment of all.

She survives a Sentox nerve gas attack at CTU and is locked inside the situation room.

Kim stabs the person holding her in the leg with a pen and her captor gets shot.

While Jack focuses on finding Kim, Chase at one point breaks his cover and tells Kim to warn CTU. From 2011 to 2013, Cuthbert starred as Alex Kerkovich in the three seasons of the ABC comedy Happy Endings. Later when she goes back to the Mathesons house to pack up her belongings, Gary appears, having shot her police escort. After Jack's "death", Chase leaves Kim. Liev Schreiber and Alison Pill reprised their roles from the first film. Kim tells Jack to be careful as he heads back inside CTU. [41] It was expected for Cuthbert to play the role of Trixie in sports action- comedy film Speed Racer (2008), but Christina Ricci was eventually chosen.[42]. No matter how much hair and makeup I do, it's not going to happen."

She is reunited with Jack after arriving at CTU with Barry Landes, a clinical psychologist.

Cuthbert looked to her younger cousin as her inspiration in portraying a teenager. At the beginning of Season 8, Kim is staying in New York. Unbeknown to Jack, she is dating Chase Edmunds, another CTU agent who is partnered with Jack. There she is put in contact with Jack, who is flying the bomb to the desert for safe detonation.

Her highest ranking was No. Kim is eventually taken to the abandoned water facility in Burbank being used as Madsen's bargaining chip. 7 in 2009. However, Rick and Jack Bauer assist them in an escape. She initially resents her father for not "trusting her enough" to let her know he was still alive, but Chloe O'Brian tells Kim that of the four people who did know Jack had faked his death, all had been targeted for assassination that very morning; two were now dead and one critically injured. She began her Hollywood film career with small roles in Old School which grossed $87 million. Kim tells the policemen that she has nothing to do with the drug deal and that she is Jack Bauer's daughter. [1] In 2013, Maxim magazine named her "TV's most beautiful woman".[2]. Nina attempts to shoot Kim but Jack kills her before she can. [50], In 2013, she appeared on the cover of Maxim; they named her TV's Most Beautiful Woman. This is complicated by the pursuit of Gary, who has inflicted medical problems upon Megan, which only causes additional issues with their escape. [34] The critic Stephen Whitty of the Newark Star-Ledger said, "When, in the last few minutes, Cuthbert finally slipped her bonds and began looking for her tormentors, I knew exactly how she felt.

[52] Six episodes of the show were ordered on 9 May 2014, and it debuted mid-season in early 2015.

After leaving the FBI, she is seen talking with her husband Stephen who asks her if she told Jack about his granddaughter, Stephen and Kim's daughter, Teri. She's overshadowed by the strong work from the rest of the cast, notably Chad Michael Murray and especially Elisha Cuthbert, who gives the film a strong dose of enthusiasm with her Jamie Lee Curtis-esque performance. 24 was the first great television series of the 21st century, as it captured the fear and the violence of the era, as well as the overwhelming sense of helplessness felt by so many Americans during those first post-9/11 years. She was ranked No. The View London said: "Cuthbert is surprisingly good, too – aside from being drop dead gorgeous, she also proves herself a capable comic actress in the Cameron Diaz mould". She was a judge in season two, episode two of Project Runway Canada. Elisha Ann Cuthbert Phaneuf (born 30 November 1982) is a Canadian actress and model. Jack and Kim blast their way out of Madsen's base and eventually drive back to CTU. Cuthbert's next film was the indie film The Quiet. Seeing her turn into wax would be as bad as seeing that happen to Glenda Farrell (the star of the 1933 version). Elisha Cuthbert’s big break came when she got the role as Kim Bauer on the series ‘24’. The following year she starred in the Canadian television movie, Lucky Girl, and was awarded a Gemini Award for her performance.[8]. 14 in 2003, No. She has the distinction of being the only character other than Jack to appear in both the first and final season of 24 and at 79, appears in the fifth highest number of episodes of all characters throughout all eight seasons. "Extraction"). While Miguel and Kim are being transferred to another station, Miguel starts a fire that causes the crash of the transport vehicle. Jack is allowed to leave but Kim stays with the Drazens. As Kim is being driven to CTU in a police car, the car is attacked and Kim is recaptured. [citation needed], In 2015, Cuthbert joined Seann William Scott in a sequel to the 2011 comedy Goon.

Nina's death set the stage for the series' 'no one is safe' philosophy, and helped shape Jack Bauer into the twisted sould we all know and love. She played Kim Bauer in the series 24, Darcie Goldberg in the 2003 college comedy Old School, Danielle in the 2004 teen comedy film The Girl Next Door, and Carly Jones in the 2005 remake of House of Wax.As of June 2019, she plays Abby Phillips in the Netflix Original Series The Ranch. She dropped out of Santa Monica High School but obtained an associate degree in Computer Programming at Santa Monica College.

[6] She made her first televised appearance as an extra in the horror-themed series for children, Are You Afraid of the Dark? The policemen confirm this and release Kim.

: DiManno", "Elisha Cuthbert Marries Dion Phaneuf: Her Wedding Dress Revealed! operative Chase Edmunds. 10 in 2013. When Jack discovers the plot to detonate a nuclear bomb, he tries to relocate Kim, requesting that she be evacuated if he returns to CTU. Elisha Ann Cuthbert Phaneuf (born 30 November 1982) is a Canadian actress and model. In the opening episode of 24: Live Another Day, Jack is being interrogated by the CIA. [30][31] She was nominated for a Razzie award as Worst Actress[32] and Teen Choice Awards for Choice Movie Actress: Horror/Thriller for the movie. Cuthbert's performance received positive reviews from critics.

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