When Finn told me about Kevin and the lions in the Sanctuary, we decided to help.  =  Finn and I were excited and ready for our own midnight safari drive, but our mums had different ideas and put a stop to this unexpected adventure, reasoning, “What if the next close-up is with a herd of elephants or the car breaks down?” We had to hand it to them, our car was not exactly up to a midnight off-road drive, but we were disappointed nevertheless. Once the cubs were no longer able to do their “cub duties” of being cute and adorable, they disappeared, some into breeding farms and the rest just disappeared or went sold to the hunting industry. A huge thank-you to Kevin and Mandy, Taheer, Shani, Caroline, Rodney and our parents for our amazing African adventure! Our plan was to spend a few days in a game reserve with an expert safari guide, tour the Kevin Richardson Sanctuary and visit the Endangered Species Centre. The care and devotion he shows for her in these videos is awe-inspiring, as viewers can see Naiobi before, during and after her surgery. Kevin Richardson, the lion whisperer, is one of the most well-known lion conservationists in the world. He cared for more than 26 lions, many hyenas, leopards and other animals even though he had little help. Kevin has been a Craghoppers ambassador since 2017, and relies on his Craghoppers kit for comfort and protection as he travels and works. These lions – Thor, Charlie, Lola, Neige, Ndira and Jubari – were about our age (talking lion years here) and just as happy and keen to run up and down the fence as we were. Through education, awareness and funding, Kevin is striving to prevent the rapid decline of large carnivores in Africa. We were to meet the hyenas and watch them get fed. Richardson had a gift for interacting with all sorts of animals. That night, we decided to venture outside the safety of our fenced camp to go for dinner – rookie mistake! We sent the proceeds to the Kevin Richardson Foundation and were rewarded with an Insta Shoutout from Kevin in which he thanked us for our contribution.

We were going to meet Kevin!!! References: https://www.lionwhisperer.co.za/, (function( timeout ) { But he’s not stopping there. Please reload the CAPTCHA. four He even named the toad, “Paddatjie” which means little frog. Taheer gave us a truly mind-blowing tour of the sanctuary. As a follower of Kevin, you can expect to see astounding footage of him caring for animals, forging an unbreakable bond of trust between himself and the carnivores. Finally, in 2013, with the help of numerous donors, he was able to establish “The Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary” in Welgedacht Game Reserve, South Africa. We learned so much during our stay in Africa, and we now feel ready to shake things up and lead the way in educating our peers on this important cause.”. Thankfully, we have parents who support our cause and were willing to organize a trip to Africa for us. A self-taught expert, he’s done everything in his power to educate himself on the proper way to handle big cats and wild animals. ×  He recently took to Drakensburg on a hike in the middle of winter armed with just his fitness and his Craghoppers clothing. At the age of sixteen, through Stan Schmidt, he was introduced to the world of zoology where he started on the path in becoming a “self-taught zoologist.”  However, after pursuing 2 years of zoology in university, he quit the course and started lessons in marine biology which also ended unsuccessfully. South Africa - Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary +13.

Despite Kevin’s, and others attempts, African lions are still considered as a vulnerable species with a decreasing population. One of the memories we will never forget is running alongside the teenage white lions, albeit on the other side of a tall fence. The Rra Ditau complex is a way for people to get up close to the wildlife native to South Africa. The sanctuary, now home to the animals that Richardson bought over from the Lion Park , is on a privately owned plot comprising 1,200 hectares of rolling grassland.

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