The story is well and truly in dilemma. Topic: Kensuke’s Kingdom-Chapter 4 Part 1 10. I live life in peace.’ Ironically, Kensuke has the last laugh. Although Kensuke forbids Michael to light a fire and banishes him to one end of the island, he continues to provide fish, fruit and water. rrñchael morpurgo K e s u kees . Morpurgo captures the fear of being abandoned in the ocean with this opening sentence. Chapter 3 Ship’s Log *Chapter 4 Gibbons and Ghosts EXTRACT: p.49-54. But it will come. How does Michael Morpurgo use the differences between light and darkness to create feeling in the novel? The forest does not sound an inviting place. The story is beautifully narrated in the first person by Michael himself, and includes samples of his drawings. Michael thinks he is going to drown and might not survive. Life is for living.’. Michael finds joy in throwing sticks for Stella and swimming in the afternoons but for the most part of each lonely day he sits on a hilltop, ‘looking out to sea and hoping, sometimes even praying too, for the sight of a ship.’ His faith keeps him going. How is the ball used by Michael? In the Postscript, we discover that Kensuke’s wife and son had not been killed when Nagasaki was bombed. ‘I stay here. He is becoming more resourceful by the end of this chapter by sleeping in a cave and trying to make fire to keep warm, to cook on , to keep the flies away and hopefully passing ships would see the smoke and rescue him. Friend for food, rain water off the leaves for drinking and foe for animals that may attack and eat Michael. I’d love to update with new chapters a lot quicker but not everyone is as fast as you are with your thoughts and replies! It is quite sad when the balls goes missing again and it makes you wonder what happened to it and did it save michaels life. And that’s the thing. I spoke it from my head, down my arm, through my fingers and my pencil, and on to the page. (If you’re struggling, please comment below and I can explain several ways you can get the file transferred). Michael has been drawn away from his boat and this makes the story very exciting. ( Log Out /  Today we have Jessica reading chapter 4 of our class novel, Kensuke’s Kingdom by Micheal Morpurgo. ‘He taught me all this entirely without speaking.

Eddie had signed the football with his name. After nautical training with Barnacle Bill, mother and father set sail around the world with Michael and his ‘one-ear-up and one-ear-down black and white sheepdog’, curiously named Stella Artois. We happy people. We’re also waiting for volunteers to read Chapter 7 onwards. 0 Likes. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

They form a close bond as Kensuke gently passes on his fishing skills and knowledge of how to survive on the island.

At the beginning of the book the football is just a simple gift but as the book goes on the author hints more andmore about this special ball and about the memories it holds until it seems the ball is the most crucial part of the story. Kensuke’s Kingdom was Winner of the Red House Children’s Book Award 2000. At last, Kensuke begins to speak English and tells his story to ‘Mica’ – about his wife and son, the war, the poachers, and about how he rescued Michael and Stella Artois from the sea. Read more of chapter 4. ‘He stood up and came towards me, now out of the smoke. Extracts from the ship’s log, spanning ten months from September to July, describe in words and pictures the thrill of sailing past Africa, playing football in Brazil, spotting sharks, elephants in South Africa as well as the boredom of baked beans. Reflection – Black and white; light and dark. ( Log Out /  Change ). ( Log Out /  What role has the football played in the story so far? Read the descriptions of the island in Chapter 4. Who rescues Michael?

Mr Garley. It’s all getting rather interesting…. I love how the author hints at the potential dangers on the island and leaves it to our imagination as to what might possibly be out there… Also this chaper has to be one of my favrioute so far there are so many great sentences my favrioute though is probaly ” I was alive. The poignant smell of vinegar reminds Michael of fish and chips, and his father. At the moment the forest is unknown. You need to crop the video into smaller sections and transfer them separately via, Broad Heath Primary School, Hanford Close, Coventry, West Midlands, CV6 5DP. Kensuke and Michael manage to hide the majority of the friendly orang-utans in their cave but are unable to protect the gibbons. With the opening extract included, this comprehension resource includes questions and answers for this popular text by Michael Morpurgo. Michael and his family are having a wonderful time. Summary of the novel - In detail.

I am inspired by the descriptions in the book and it makes me want to read on. Home Fourth Class kensuke’s Kingdom Chapter 4. ‘You are like son to me now. Emperor must stay in his Kingdom, look after his people.’ Finally, Kensuke secures Michael’s promise of silence. I think Kensuke’s Kingdom is a very good book. Will it be friend or foe? Title: Microsoft Word - Kensuke's Kingdom Chapter 4 part 1 Answers.docx Stella Artois was alive. What do you think…? We fish. It is important that Michael becomes resourceful. Michael is eleven when his father loses his job at the brickworks and uses the redundancy money to buy the Peggy Sue. The football came from Michael’s best friend Eddie Dodds and as he gave it to Michael he shouted lucky mascot. The reader is left to ponder the time frame of the story and decide for themselves if Kensuke was right to remain in his Kingdom. Mum is the skipper and Michael is responsible for scrupulously maintaining the ship’s log. She is Michael’s companion and friend. Where did it come from? Michael has a huge challenge to overcome. ‘I stay here. Fourth Class. Emperor must stay in his Kingdom, look after his people.’ Finally, Kensuke secures Michael’s promise of silence. I really like the fact that the football seems quite unimportant to the story at the beginning but becomes something of a charm for Michael and actually saves his life. We stay together.’ Michael is very fond of Kensuke but he cannot simply forget his mother and father and becomes troubled by despair at ever leaving the island. Michael has mixed feelings of scared and relief in this chapter. Filed under Beyond a Book, Kensuke's Kingdom, The football is Michaels Lucky Football and reminds him of his best friend and home. I think the forest is both friend and foe. I think the ocean washes Michael up on to the beach with help from the ball which keeps Michael afloat. The football is Michaels Lucky Football and reminds him of … How is he feeling? There was always so much I wanted to say.

Read along using the following online pdf:, P.S. Kensuke’s Kingdom is the story of an ordinary boy who is taken on an extraordinary adventure as full of ups and downs as the waves on the sea. Anora, were still waiting for chapter 5 to be sent in. I would go down, down to the bottom of the sea and lie in my grave amongst the seaweed and the sailors’ bones and the shipwrecks. Life must not be spent always hoping, always waiting. He was a man.’.

He’s facing life and death decisions. The problems that Michael has had to face include nearly drowning, no food and water, gibbons, spooky eyes and being separated from his mum and dad. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Morpurgo’s writing at the beginning of this chapter drives the story forward but also engages us in reflection: And always I looked for the grey glint of dawn, but it would not come and it would not come. Hello, Mr.s Ahmed, we are having trouble sending the video I have put into two videos and I have cropped it and we have tried the link you gave us but the link keeps on adding more hours to send the link so what should we do now. I live life in peace.’ Ironically, Kensuke has the last laugh. He was not an orang-utan at all.

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