Recently, Hill appeared in the star-studded cast of "The Beach Bum" (2019). This unnamed partier answered the door when the cops came to break up Jules' party, then looked on amusedly as Fogell/McLovin pretended to get arrested. Before "Superbad," the actor was well-known for playing George Michael Bluth on the hit Fox comedy series "Arrested Development.". Tulip Mania Explained,

Also Read: Seth Rogen Tweets 10 Facts About 'Superbad' on Its 10th Birthday. Don't remember a blonde. Her name is Laura Seay. Η Yahoo αποτελεί μέρος της Verizon Media. You may recognize this famous actor, but you may not remember his character: Greg the soccer player. [Jules and Seth go off leaving Evan and Becca], Release Dates Evan It's implied that she'll give him one more chance. 10 Best Zombie Movies (Where The Outbreak Actually Ends), Star Wars: 10 Ways The Sequel Trilogy Squandered Luke, Leia & Han, Samuel L. Jackson's 10 Best Characters Ranked From Heroic To Most Villainous. : To... About Us | Copyright Inquiry | Privacy Policy | Contact Us. : Maybe we could get some food. Alright man. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? All Rights Reserved. Additionally, he has done voice acting for the "Trolls" and "How to Train Your Dragon" franchises. In addition to his success on the screen, Rogen has worked in the animated side of the industry. He also voiced Fishlegs in the "How to Train Your Dragon" film series. Yeah, gimme a call. Greg appears onscreen briefly to scold Evan for messing up their gym class soccer game. Mindy checks Fogell's ID right before the liquor store gets robbed. His next role will be as Greg Sestero in "The Disaster Artist.". | Old enough. Best Frisbee, How much does does a 100 dollar roblox gift card get you in robhx? This guy works at the liquor store where Fogell/McLovin attempts to use his fake ID. Outside of film, the actor worked on CBS' "The Great Indoors" and Comedy Central's "Blark and Son.". Jules is the love interest of Seth in the teen comedy Superbad.

: Despite Fogell's fake ID having … Evan She does get a black eye, however, after Seth accidentally head butts her. Some of his latest projects are the Hulu series "Future Man" and the comedy "An American Pickle. McBride went on to become a major player in the Apatow company of actors, playing a larger role in Pineapple Express, the next film that Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg would write, as the seemingly invincible pot dealer Red. Becca is Evan's crush, and she likes him back. In addition to writing for Screen Rant and Comic Book Resources, covering everything from Scorsese to Spider-Man, Ben directs independent films and does standup comedy. Hader has since appeared in such a wide range of movies as Tropic Thunder, Inside Out, Paul, Trainwreck, and even last year’s It: Chapter Two. However, the producers believed he looked too old and rejected him for the role. : Evan drove me here though, so... Jules Becca Old enough for what? Jonah Hill, who appeared in a supporting role in Knocked Up, had read the script and insisted that he was perfect for the role of Seth.

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