s.5a is still a solid anti-air tool, just note that S. Dio’s jumping hurtbox can be a little bit deceptive on the uptake, which can leave you susceptible to cross over j.s. Jumping is a lot safer, but there is still a large threat behind it so tread carefully. Note that it can be blocked midair unlike the Special versions of the move. Close and Far. Outside of a limited amount of situations, jumping in this matchup is quite risky, so staying grounded a majority of the time approaching with dash blocks is ideal. Advantage may change depending on height. From all of Jotaro's attacks, this version of the super charges the quickest. Instant Jojo! Knocking him out of flight/hover will give you time to get the life lead or momentum back in your favor. You may like. It can also be canceled with the S button. This makes tech chasing a phenomenal way to quickly rack up damage and secure the life lead. Jotaro turns to the side and the Star Platinum punches the opponent rapidly. Chaka players may look for s+j.c after CC in an attempt to reset a combo and therefore scaling. It does a very high amount of Stand Gauge damage. Approaching can be a little obnoxious at first as 3b, 5b, 236b, and 66s can catch your dash-ins, so staying just outside of range and being on point with whiff punishes using s66a, s5b, 6b, and s214aa is effective in swinging the lifelead back in your favor.

+ Very strong and fast normals, including the fastest jab in the game+ Very good mixups and okizeme thanks to his Star Finger attack+ Fast movement+ Can easily cause stand crash with and without meter+ Strong supers+ Long and stylish combos+ Fast meter gain+ Relatively easy to preform Touch Of Deaths utilizing stand crash+ Has both simple and difficult combos, - Low Stand Gauge, meaning he can be Stand Crashed easily- All of his attacks are considered physical hits, meaning they're susceptible to Counter attack specials- No long-range attacks- Many whiffed attacks can be easily punished, including some supers- Has somewhat tight links. j.s.c is important in attacking SS and double jump can cause SS to whiff entirely. Can be quite a volatile matchup but it is infinitely harder for B. Pol to open you up and win neutral compared to Jotaro’s vast arsenal of tools. JP Jotaros to watch: SQ, WJ, BBC (retired), OraOra. Obviously you shouldn’t gamble that the Alessi will just get mixed up on offense, so the most consistent method of securing damage is clean punishes, where damage is guaranteed when the situation arises. Don’t over extend and know when to back off and play back. Jotaro grabs the opponent while Star Platinum punches them away. Become comfortable with tools such as s.j.c and s.66a to catch airborne approaches. Now the party of 5 travels to Egypt together to find and stop DIO before Holly dies due to her Stand. Same as j.A. j.C, S+5C, d.s.5A, s.5A > 5B, WC s.5A > 5B xx s.214B > s.214C, d.5C, d.5A, 2A, Instand Dash S+5A, s.5A > 5A xx s.214A > s.214C, 623[A/B], j.C, ]A/B[, d.5C (while Stand is on screen), S+5C xx s.214AA Early Cancel* s.5A > 5B xx s.214B !SC, j.s.A xx j.s.236AA, j.C, S+5C xx 214B[C] Early Cancel s.5A > 5B xx s.214B > s.214B !SC, cl.s.5C xx s.214AA, 3C xx 214S {(623A, 5Bx3, 236AA) 6B before 623A, j.C immediately after third 5B}, j.C, 2B xx 236S > s.214B > s.214B !SC, s.2C ~ s.214A xx s.214B, d.2B xx 214AA Cancel 6B xx 214B, hh.C, 5A, 6B xx 214AA, j.C, S+5C xx s.214AA Early Cancel xx s.2C xx s.236C(4), d.5C xx 214B[C], 5A, 5A, 6B Cancel 236S > s.214B > s.214C, j.C, 5C(1) xx 214AA Cancel 5A, 6B xx 214S {5A 5B 623A}, d.2B xx s.214AA Cancel 5A, S+5C !SC s.214AA Early Cancel, d.s.5C xx s.214AA Cancel 2B xx 214AA. d.s.5A s.5A s.5A s.5B s.236C(2) s.214A !SC d.s.5C 214S {TS}... d.s.2A s.236C(2) s.214A s.214B !SC [cl.s.5C s.214A s.214C], j.C 5A 6B 236S s.214A s.214B !SC [cl.s.5C s.214A s.214C]. 2A 2A 6B xx 214B hyperhop j.C 2A 6B xx 214S {ABC x N} d.j.C sideswitch 2A x N j.C 5A 6B xx 214B hyperhop j.C 5A 6B xx 236S > s.214B > s.214A - Variation of BnB starting with two low hits. If you tandem your opponent in the corner, you don't have to do d.j.C and you have the option of doing 5A/2A after every 5C or doing repeatedly doing 2A. You don’t want to over extend on pressure, as one mistake is usually the round.

Description Discussions 0 Comments 10 Change Notes . While performing this move, Jotaro can freely move around and attack the opponent. You can easily copy the code or add it to your favorite list. For some reason, the ora extension can be somewhat inconsistent on Avdol. However, since Alessi-Jot is comprised of majority small stages, as well as Alessi not being able to manipulate his jump arc makes him prone to Jotaro’s strong anti-air and air to air buttons. The last hit does not combo.s.5A>5A>5B>2C - Two jabs, a hook, and a hard knee that knocks down. jojo muda muda vs ora ora. Rubbers slow movement means many Rubbers rely on jump-ins such as j.A j.S to close the distance.

Jotaro also cannot move while charging the attack. This transition is very helpful to know but is by no means essential. Try to search for a track name using the search box below or visit the roblox music codes page. Can combo into s.236+A.s.2A>2B>2A>2B>2C - Five low hits, ending with a knockdown.s.2A>5B>5C - String starting with a low punch.

Air-UB is used for Special attacks that cannot be blocked midair. If an attack with more active frames connects late, the advantage will be bigger. https://jojoban.fandom.com/wiki/Jotaro?oldid=3493. When being pressured by Midler, understand what moves aren’t cancellable, and which ones are punishable.

Difficulty Duration - Length of an action. This can greatly reduce the amount of blockstun from most attacks if done as early as possible.Air Recovery - Any combination of A/B/C + Direction after being hit in the air will perform an Air Tech allowing you to recover away, towards or in place from the air. You can use Jump C, 6B, or 2A for the Star Finger mixups, and it has to be done before releasing the attack button used for Star Finger. Regarding that s214aa is VERY strong in this match-up as Alessi has large lingering hurtboxes on most of his stand on moves and even some stand off.

Also, it does no Stand Gauge damage and won't work against characters with Stand On, so make sure you caused a Stand Crash before using it.B Link - Star Platinum delivers a powerful elbow strike that launches the opponent. Instead, understanding common patterns and punishable strings from the opponent is a very important aspect in securing damage. Overhead is used for attacks that cannot be blocked while crouching. Can be useful during blockstrings as it can lead to a Stand Crash.C Link - Star Platinum performs an insanely fast smash that causes the opponent to either instantly hit the ground or to fly into the wall.

Additionally, stand off in general is very useful in this matchup, along with buttons like 6b 66a and 2a. Blazing Fists can only hit once or twice.

To combat this pet may mix up or frame trap you with a low, which can be called out by grab. Spooky Scary Skeletons - MLG. Don’t over extend stand on pressure as rubber guard cancel can convert on stand crash. Additionally, due to S. Dio’s slow wake up speed, Okizeme is quite easy and potent. A notable example is 236c, which can be pushblocked and immediately punished. Good setup for okizeme, unless your opponent has a fast wakeup. Jumping kick. Against GC, you can do the same and whiff punish or simply tick grab before the opponent can GC. What makes this worth mentioning is the fact that this move can be done near instantly from stand on using s+5A. An important part of your kit in many stages of the game, try to apply it as well as you can. Coco Jumbo(ココ・ジャンボ,Koko Janbo)is a side character and ally featured in Vento Aureo. Extremely safe on both block and hit, Star Finger grants Jotaro some very safe 50/50 play. It is loaded with I-frames, and can be held to be later cancelled or released, removing a large amount of risk for using the move and creating a mix up oppurtunity. Track Roblox ID Rating [10K] Ashe - Moral of the Story [favsoundds Remix] 4805195742 Copy. Use Jotaro's Theme and thousands of other assets to build an immersive game or experience. d.j.C to link the first 5C into 5A and to get to the other side of your opponent. You are able to get a full punish simply by pushblocking j.5s and doing 2a or s5a.

Additionally, you can stand off pressure him to some degree as his supers are either stubby or slow in terms of punishing 66a strings on block. Once you get really comfortable with the Pol’s offensive patterns, you incorporate options such as 7 s.j.b to call out both an SS 663c and a bait. The main key concepts to keep in mind is to punish overextensions on block. Typically when CC is blocked, they will try to space themselves in the Far region to gain access to 6b over head which confirms. By having a strong first layer you can start to put some of the options that require the opponents respect of your strings. Unblockable after 517F. You have a much better time when the Kak is forced to approach, but it's still threatening. Please download one of our supported browsers. (Only for Active/Remote Stand characters)Custom Combo - 214+S allows you to do your normal and special moves with added speed allowing them to link together, unlike tandem you rush out with your character instead of your Stand and there is no window to input buttons, instead, you do the inputs while rushing forward. Share this page: Track Roblox ID Rating; JOJO Ceasar pose sound. So, avoid doing that combo as a startup. (Note that a more detailed explanation will be synthesized soon.) For further information, including information on how to withdraw consent and how to manage the use of cookies on Roblox, please refer to our, The Roblox installer should download shortly. After this move connects, you can combo with s.5A.

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