Happy sleuthing, hopefully everybody will have their own unique life experiences / ways of looking at things that might reveal insight into obscure parts of this case that others may overlook. He also secured an illegal secret NPA which granted immunity to any and all potential co-conspirators.

Ok for a second assume that’s right - what’s that have to do with teeth?

When I contacted Mr. Epstein, he readily agreed to an interview. During our conversation, Mr. Epstein made no secret of his own scandalous past — he’d pleaded guilty to state charges of soliciting prostitution from underage girls and was a registered sex offender — and acknowledged to me that he was a pariah in polite society. Play it now. After his arrest and suicide, I’m left to wonder: What might he have told me? He said he’d witnessed prominent tech figures taking drugs and arranging for sex (Mr. Epstein stressed that he never drank or used drugs of any kind). The millionaire pedophile's death at Manhattan's Metropolitan Correctional Center - while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges - was officially ruled as a suicide by hanging. The charges brought against the two officers were the first in connection with Epstein's death while awaiting trial on charges of sexually abusing teenage girls. They were supposed to walk the six levels of the unit to count every inmate. “That’s M.B.S.,” he said, referring to Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia. About a week after that interview, Mr. Epstein called and asked if I’d like to have dinner that Saturday with him and Woody Allen. As his biographer, I’d have no choice but to spend hours listening to his saga. Pictured above is his broken hyoid bone. In addition to the count, officers assigned to the unit Epstein was in are required to walk around every 30 minutes to ensure inmates are 'alive and accounted for', according to the indictment. Funky post I know, but I’ve been doing some of my own research and I’ve noticed there’s only a few pictures where he is shown smiling. At the same time, he seemed unapologetic. After they discovered Epstein dead, the officers allegedly told a supervisor they had 'messed up' and 'didn't do any checks' in the hours before he killed himself, according to a criminal complaint. Jeffrey Epstein - now known to have been a prolific pedophile and an important cog in an int. Everyone, he suggested, has secrets and, he added, compared with his own, they seemed innocuous. LIFELINE: 13 11 14 www.lifeline.org.au . The handwritten note found in Epstein's cell, which was found alongside a ball point pen, contained complaints he seemingly had about prison conditions. He told me that he had good reason to be cryptic: Once it became public that he was advising the company, he’d have to stop doing so, because he was “radioactive.” He predicted that everyone at Tesla would deny talking to him or being his friend. Then early this year Mr. Epstein called to ask if I’d be interested in writing his biography. But I digress. The Day Jeffrey Epstein Told Me He Had Dirt on Powerful People.

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