The meaning of this surname is ‘One thousand hills’. The meaning of this surname is ‘earthen house’ and is mostly found in Tokyo and west-central Japan. It means ‘increase wisteria’ and is mostly found in the southeastern seaboard and Ryukyu Islands. It is listed in Shinsen Shojiroku and is mostly found in the Kyoto-Osaka area and in the Ryukyu Islands. It also means ‘one thousand years’ from the Ryukyu Islands. Locals made offerings to the tengu to avoid their mischief, and there are still festivals in Japan dedicated to them today. Some of the famous name bearers are Kenji Baba (footballer), Otman Baba (Sufi saint). Some names also reflect the birth order.

This surname means a ‘seashore peninsula’, and is mainly found in western Japan and the Ryukyu Islands. Also known as Katou or Katoh, this is one of the most common Japanese surnames. Her ghostly, deformed face appeared everywhere to haunt Iemon. Many of the surname bearers are Miura or Ishii family descendants and are found in eastern Japan and Ryukyu Islands. The name bearers are mostly found in west Japan. The following is a list of demons, ghosts, kami, obake, yōkai, yūrei and other legendary creatures that are notable in Japanese folklore and mythology. We use cookies to collect information from your browser to personalize content and perform site analytics.

The meaning of this surname is ‘village in the field’, ‘field village’ or ‘wilderness village’. This is the fourth most common surname in Japan and means ‘dweller in the rice fields’.

Prominent in the island of Shikoku and Ryukyu Islands, this is used both as a name and a surname. Tengu are impish mountain goblins that play tricks on people, featured in countless folktales and considered purely evil until about the 14th century. It is an ancient and very common surname listed in the Shinsen Shojiroku. It is more profound in northeastern Japan.

As oni are known for their ability to shape-shift, the demon at Agi Bridge appeared to the man as an abandoned woman. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! Much of this list is comprised of hannya, which in Noh theater are women whose rage and jealousy turned them into oni while still alive. Some of the important name bearers are Japanese actors Osamu Adachi and Yumi Adachi. Terrified by her monstrous form, Anchin sought refuge in a temple, where monks hid him beneath a bell. This Japanese surname refers to a Japanese wisteria village, and is found in western Honshu and the Ryukyu Islands.

The Adachi clan was a samurai family.

In Japanese, the letter A means ‘peace’ and be means ‘multiple times’. The Japanese character for Nishi means ‘west’ and O means ‘male’. The name became famous thanks to Anest Iwata Corporation, the manufacturer of air compressors. Delightful! A few noteworthy name bearers are Shintaro Ikeda (badminton player), and Yukiko Ikeda (actress).

Mostly found in central Japan and the Ryukyu Islands, the surname means ‘moat’. A few noteworthy name bearers are Akira Kurosawa (acclaimed filmmaker), Kiyoshi Kurosawa (film director), and Toshiaki Kurosawa (swimmer). This is another popular surname and means ‘shepherd field’ or ‘pasture field’.

The meaning of this Japanese surname is ‘western village’.

Ai means ‘sympathize’ and Kawas means ‘river’. Found in western Japan and the Ryukyu Islands, this surname means ‘river in front’. Tatsuya Fujiwara is a famous name bearer. This Japanese surname means ‘island’ or a ‘land that is separated from its village’. The oni greeted them with a banquet of human flesh and blood, and the disguised warriors offered Shuten Dōji drugged sake. It means a ‘large grove’. Last names are a great way to connect with our roots. These clans grew into small kingdoms, which were then united under one ruler who gave each clan a designation according to their societal status. They are deeply rooted in history and have a beautiful meaning. This Japanese surname is found throughout Japan and the Ryukyu Islands and means ‘rice paddy near the lake’. Gaki – Starving ghosts of especially greedy people. Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. After the demon passed out, the warriors cut off his head, killed the other oni, and freed the prisoners. It means ‘hill on the side’ and is listed in the Shinsen Shojiroku.

This common surname means a ‘new village’. There are an estimated 300,000 Japanese last names. This surname is derived from a Japanese clan, who were the descendants of Emperor Seiwa and are a branch of Ashikaga clan and Shiba clan. Their names are often more guttural and harsher sounding though, and can be hard to pronounce at times too. Uma-no-ashi – A horse's leg which dangles from a tree and kicks passersby. These clans grew into small kingdoms, which were then united under one ruler who gave each clan a designation according to their societal status. The aristocratic Goto family played a prominent role in the development of the Japanese culture. Shuten Dōji is described as more than 50 feet tall with a red body, five horns, and 15 eyes.

Some of the name bearers have samurai connections and is also listed in the Shinsen Shojiroku.

This name is taken from the village of Wada in the Miura peninsula, and means ‘harmonious rice paddy’. It is written in various ways with meanings such as ‘north field of trees,’ and ‘many happiness’. What are some cool Japanese last names? This surname means ‘field’ or ‘plain’, and is found in Musashi as well as the Ryukyu Islands. Singer Rina Aiuchi is a famous personality with this surname. This surname means ‘one who lives near the bridge’, and is one of the common Japanese last names. This surname is listed in the Shinsen Shojiroku. Additional Sources: Japanese Ghosts & Demons: Art of the Supernatural; Japanese Demon Lore: Oni, from Ancient Times to the Present; "How the Demon at Agi Bridge in Omi Province Ate Somebody," from The Demon at Agi Bridge and Other Japanese Tales. Hamaguchi Osachi (the 27th prime minister of Japan) is a famous bearer of this name. it means ‘three horses’. This Japanese surname means a ‘new place of residence’. It is commonly found in central Japan and in the Ryukyu Islands. Some of the notable personalities with this surname are Naohito Fujiki (actor and singer), and Saburo Fujiki (golfer). Some of the noteworthy name bearers are Koyu Ohara (film director), and Reiko Ohara (actress). This name means ‘bell tree’ and might have derived from Japan’s pampas grass, Susuki, because this surname is also known as Susuki. FamilyEducation is part of the FEN Learning family of educational and reference sites for parents, teachers and students. They are known to lead people away from Buddhism, tie priests to tall trees and towers, start fires in temples, and kidnap children. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. Some of the noteworthy name bearers are Haruchika Noguchi (the founder of Seitai), Osamu Noguchi (the founder of Japanese kickboxing), and Soichi Noguchi (astronaut). Get in touch! Pronounced as Da-Te, this surname which means ‘intelligent’. In the west and in Shikoku, it is known as ‘earth well,’ and in eastern Japan, it is known as ‘earth habitation’. Some famous personalities with this surname are Hiroaki Nagasawa (politician), Yoshiaki Nagasawa (bicycle builder), and Kazuki Nagasawa (football player). These are the descendants of Shiba branch of the Minamoto clan and took the name from a village in Uzen. The meaning of this surname is ‘increasing rice paddy’ and is found throughout Japan and the Ryukyu Islands.

M In ancient Japan, clans were organized by the Kabane system, which determined each clan’s political and social standing. It means an ‘ancient valley’. This Japanese surname is also known by the names Gotou and Gotoh. This name has variations such as Ikarashi and Isoarashi. Some of the famous name bearers are Hikaru Kawabata (wrestler), Makoto Kawabata (musician), and Yasunari Kawabata (writer). It means a ‘city river’, and is a common surname throughout Japan. I need a JAPANESE BOY NAME that means would fit his personality, or his kind, since he's a demon. This surname means ‘Japanese clover field’. The Japanese characters for Ya mean ‘eight’ and gami mean ‘god’. In this Japanese surname, the word eno means ‘hackberry’ and moto means ’base’. The meaning of this name is a ‘peaceful hill’. A few families with this surname have samurai connections. Futu means ‘a pair’ and ba means a ‘leaf.’. This name is used as both the first and the last name. It means a ‘black swamp’. In this Japanese surname, Ama means ‘rain’ and Miya means ‘shrine’. Kunekune – A tall, slender strip of paper sheet that wiggles on rice or barley fields during hot summer. If you are fascinated with the Japanese culture and their names, then go ahead and use one of these names for your baby (maybe as a nickname?). Many legends say the tengu were hypocritical priests who must now live the rest of their lives as mountain goblins as punishment. Kyōrinrin – Possessed scrolls or papers. The surname means ‘village in the middle’. She appears in snowfall and glides without feet over the snow like a ghost. Many families of this warrior class migrated to places like Hawaii, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, and California. REMEMBER TO PUT THE MEANING OF THE NAME!!!! It is listed in the Shinsen Shojiroku. There are many variations of this popular Japanese tale. The meaning of this surname is ‘eight trees’ taken from a valley in Tajima by an ancient Kusabake family. The name bearers are found mostly in central and west-central Japan. This page was last edited on 4 November 2020, at 14:50. Kenji Adachihara is a renowned football player. A few noteworthy name bearers are Hiro Matsushita (champ car racer, chairman of Swift Engineering and Swift Xi), Tadahiro Matsushita (a member of the House of Representatives of Japan), and Sayami Matsushita (archer). Here are just a few tales of demons, ghosts, and women you don't want to mess with. Visit our Privacy Policy for more info. Mitsuhiro Abiko (Japanese sprinter) and Tomomi Abiko (pole vaulter) are its famous bearers. The meaning of this name is ‘Stony paddy field’. The meaning of this surname is ‘pine tree village’. The to in Sato is a Japanese character for Fuji, which indicates connections with the Fujiwara clan and Sa means a bureaucratic title.

It is listed in the Shinsen Shojiroku. It even appeared in place of his new bride’s face, which caused Iemon to accidentally behead her. Japanese names associated with season: Winter In this final article of the series of Japanese names associated with seasons, I’m introducing names associated with winter. This story begins as so many horror stories do: With an overly-confident man who boasted to his friends that he didn’t fear to cross Agi Bridge or the demon rumored to reside there.

Below, is MomJunction's list of hundreds of Japanese baby names along with their meanings. A notable name bearer is Hara Takashi (the 19th prime minister of Japan).

When I saw darker I mean something that doesn't involve being pretty or something like that but instead somethings that involves shadows or rain or …

In Japanese martial arts, such as karate and Judo, Hajime is used as a verbal command to begin. This name means ‘three bays’. In this surname, Hana means ’flower’ and busa means ’room’. This name was taken by one of the branches of Taira clan who lived in Ichikawa-go in Kai. The meaning of this is the ‘river cape’. This surname is a combination of Ichi which means ‘one’ or ‘town’ and hara which means ‘field’ or ‘meadow’. Ha means ‘feather’ or ‘wing’ and Da means ‘rice paddy’. It needs to be Japanese since I'm using the Japanese culture and names for all of the Character names. This surname belongs to the noble clan, who were the descendants of the statesman Nakatomi no Kamatari.

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