A Democratic Revolt Brewing In The House?

He is unsympathetic and has a right wing agenda. Could tolerate the previous afternoon slot compared to the other "circus" but when Mac was "parted with" leaving Gaydos to do solo, I started listening to music. Or, better yet, it could also be that you're far more liberal! Liberals, on the other hand, favor more government involvement because they believe there are several areas where the private sector -- especially if left unregulated -- needs checks and balances to ensure consumer protection. Chad tries to make him hear his side but he's seems so bummed he has to share his "show "  he never listens to. I wish we would get the full story. Other topics Roberts talked about included his confirmation before the U.S. Senate after being nominated to the Supreme Court.

So bummed they have recently changed so much. One of their slogans is 'conservative sociology with liberal politics.' Conservatives call for the devolution of powers to the states, and believe locally-tailored solutions are more appropriate to local circumstances. I no longer listen, and I hope others don't either.

Archived. Monica Lindstrom is fantastic when she is on. Now finally, consider, that within each of the above factions there are conservative, moderate, liberal, and progressive factions, and this can change from issue to issue. I used to be excited to listen when it was Mac and Gaydos. What is Liberal. Its morning guy Darrell Ankarlo is a bigoted blowhard. My response to them as well as to right-wing bluenoses who want to rid the word of nekkid pictures for different reasons is the same: Fuck you.

Gaydos voice gives me a head ache  and His views are so unrealistic he no concept of reality.

Apparently the news media thinks that we are all third class citizens and we have no brains between our ears.

They believe that governments are prone to corruption and inefficiencies and that the private sector in a free market can achieve better outcomes than government bureaucracies, because they make better decisions on resource allocation. When I was in college a few moons back, feminist radicals would periodically try to get Playboy banned from the college bookstore. [3] The roots of conservative liberalism are to be found at the beginning of the history of liberalism. I don't remember the shutdown. I do not like the replacement for Pamela Hughes and Bruce St.James!

Chad Benson had his own show and has now toned himself down to partner with Gaydos who is horrible on his own. He described the process as not being “very edifying.” He also told the audience that he believes the judicial branch is the “most transparent” of the three branches of government. Christian. social liberalism), conservative liberals draw upon pre-modern sources, such as classical philosophy (with its ideas of virtue, the common good, and natural rights), Christianity (with its ideas of natural law, the social nature of man, and original sin), and ancient institutions (such as common law, corporate bodies, and social hierarchies). He forces himself to be middle but always seems to fall off point as he stumbles along. The events such as World War I occurring after 1917 brought the more radical version of classical liberalism to a more conservative (i.e. ET: Nevada slipping away from Trump. All rights reserved.

That being said, the media is trying very hard to pull us into their struggle for viewership ratings.

This test is not based on any scientific study whatsoever. Non-Christian. Why  obama. Associated Press HOUSTON (AP) - U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts said Wednesday that people shouldn't think the high court's justices make The primary focus of libertarians is the maximization of liberty for all citizens, regardless of race, class, or socio-economic position. It has really gone downhill in the last several months. To keep us divided. They also differ in usage in different countries and over time. Peter Ditto explains how #morals shape our worldview.

[UPDATED] Military Ballots Found in the Trash in Pennsylvania—Most Were Trump Votes, Are the Dead Coming Back to Life To Vote Again In Michigan? 3 years ago. [specify][3], Neoconservatism has also been identified as an ideological relative or twin to conservative liberalism,[4] and some similarities exist also between conservative liberalism and national liberalism. It was soo annoying. We have low approval ratings. But just how liberal or conservative are you. Call into the show, if you can get past the screener. This guy tried to lull us moderates in when he came on...turns out just a talking head for the ultra right  Every day he repeats his mantra that covid is really only affecting the very old and those in nursing homes. I could not handle Bruce and pamela - Bruce is super opinionated, and will not even discuss the other side and Pamela only talks about her daughter and just sits and agrees with Bruce.Mac is gone, which is fine, but why is Gaydos still there? Today I heard Chad say there is nothing wrong with social media  and yet, I will leave out politics, social media has done nothing but create havoc in peoples lives. Riot declared in Portland as Antifa holds ‘march of terror’. Disappointed in management and how all of this was handled. How do out-of-the-ordinary positions affect later voting? Went away on business for a week and now Bruce and Pamela are gone in the morning. I know there's a few conservative talk radio stations here. Lydia Denworth He is overly rude and disrespectful to the people he criticizes on the radio. Careers, All rights reserved. Posted by. But that does not mean I am not prone to my liberal perspective. It means following Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, and Edmund Burke rather than Locke or Kant; it usually includes a deep sympathy for the politics of the Greek polis, the Roman Republic, and Christian monarchies.

In contrast, liberals believe many citizens rely on government services for healthcare, unemployment insurance, health and safety regulations, and so on. There are difficult topics and too much PC which hampers free speech.

43 other reviews that are not currently recommended. Chad was excellent alone, but has clearly backed off his strengths to work with Gaydos. in any way, shape or form while going to college at ASU.

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I quit listening to this non-sense when Broomhead came to the station. "News updates" are now also very poor. Too bad I used to truly enjoy this station. Don't get me wrong, KTAR is the radio station I love to hate. Framing the task that way allowed the researchers to look at neural processing as a function of whether the information was expected or unexpected—what they termed congruent or incongruent. Instead, get your ideological helmet on and get in the game. Working man. It is intended for fun only so do not treat the result too seriously :) Sign Up ›. But with local journalism's existence under siege and advertising revenue setbacks having a larger impact, it is important now more than ever for us to rally support behind funding our local journalism. Granted they are describing the two extremes, these are very narrow views. There's DAAAVE RAMSEY midday AND evenings. Conservative versus Liberal comparison chart; Conservative Liberal; Political Views: Right-wing, anti-federalist. With many conservatives believing in "trickle-down" economics, they favor a small government that collects fewer taxes and spends less. Get rid of Jim Sharpe or Mac and Chad and I am done. After that ruling, Roberts became the focus of criticism from some of the nation’s leading conservatives while liberals applauded his statesmanship.

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In those countries, where the conservative parties were Christian democratic, this conservative brand of liberalism developed.[1][7].

Thank god for Sirius because local radio in Phoenix is horrible and KTAR is leading that pack of fools.

Are your political views based on facts or your morals? Roberts, who was appointed by President George W. Bush, made headlines when he voted with the liberal justices in that 5-4 landmark decision. Too bad you decided to make so many changes. As a result we are literally watching that come to pass!!!! You might be … No more KTAR for me! Capitalist. azcentral.com/story/ente…. The different schools of economic thought found among conservatives and liberals are closely related to America's anti-federalist and federalist history, with conservatives desiring little to no government intervention in economic affairs and liberals desiring greater regulation. But, as realists, conservative liberals acknowledge that classical and medieval politics cannot be restored in the modern world. Regrettably, the station's only local talk worth listening to these days is the Thursday 'war room' segment of Mac & Gaydos (w/ Pat McMahon, Gayle Bass, et al) and weekend hosts like Jay Lawrence and Tony Femino.

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